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ホテル森の風 鶯宿 四季彩 Hotel Morinokaze Oshuku

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Hotel Morinokaze Oshuku / Iwate Shizukuishi 14


Shizukuishi in Iwate Prefecture has Oushuku Onsen. 
Located there is Oushuku, a spa resort hotel that has a view of Mt Shuho Iwate. No matter what season it is, the beautiful scenery will greet you. 

The guests room [Shikisa] comes with an outdoor bath and is a place that is comfortable and will help you relax. The outdoor bath runs for 24 hours, therefore you can take a bath whenever you like. Please enjoy it to your heart's content. 

There are two types of large baths that will make you want to stretch out your arms and legs: a Japanese style bath and a western style bath. There is nothing obstructing the view of the splendid nature while you enjoy your bath. 

Iwate has a "treasure chest of ingredients" that are used unsparingly in the meals at this hotel. Please enjoy being around the hearth. In this special place, surrounded  by delicious food, there will bound be lots of conversation. 

In this inn that changes with the seasons please take a moment to heal yourself.  

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Mr./Ms. Y.Y(42)

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Japanese room

Reluxのサイトを見てこれまで宿泊してきたお宿が全てとても満足度高く、今回も昨年末から同等金額のお宿ということでとても期待していたんですが、お食事が夜も朝も期待外れで残念でした。 夜は創作和食ということでしたが、基本的に冷めていて、... Read more Reluxのサイトを見てこれまで宿泊してきたお宿が全てとても満足度高く、今回も昨年末から同等金額のお宿ということでとても期待していたんですが、お食事が夜も朝も期待外れで残念でした。 夜は創作和食ということでしたが、基本的に冷めていて、大人数で訪れた時の職場の宴会プランかと疑うほどのクオリティ。朝ごはんも白飯は粒が壊れてお米同士がくっついていて、ちょっと正直食べるのがきつかったです。それに朝ごはんのお品書きもなく、これ何だろ?と恐る恐る手をつける状況でした。 コロナ禍ということで試行錯誤しながらのサービスを繰り返されているのかと思いますが、他のサイトでも非常に評価の高いお宿だっただけに、とても残念でした。特に、宿での楽しみは温泉とお食事と思っていたので、お食事については尚更残念でした。

Reluxのサイトを見てこれまで宿泊してきたお宿が全てとても満足度高く、今回も昨年末から同等金額のお宿ということでとても期待していたんですが、お食事が夜も朝も期待外れで残念でした。 夜は創作和食ということでしたが、基本的に冷めていて、大人数で訪れた時の職場の宴会プランかと疑うほどのクオリティ。朝ごはんも白飯は粒が壊れてお米同士がくっついていて、ちょっと正直食べるのがきつかったです。それに朝ごはんのお品書きもなく、これ何だろ?と恐る恐る手をつける状況でした。 コロナ禍ということで試行錯誤しながらのサービスを繰り返されているのかと思いますが、他のサイトでも非常に評価の高いお宿だっただけに、とても残念でした。特に、宿での楽しみは温泉とお食事と思っていたので、お食事については尚更残念でした。

Mr./Ms. M.A(42)

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Japanese room

部屋のテーブルの下に髪の毛があった。 夕食時、次のお料理がなかなか出てこなかった。 夕食、朝食時のコーヒーが煮詰まった味がして、美味しくなかった。 セルフコーヒーのところにはミルクがなく、湯上がりアイスのところにはアイスがなく、補充を... Read more 部屋のテーブルの下に髪の毛があった。 夕食時、次のお料理がなかなか出てこなかった。 夕食、朝食時のコーヒーが煮詰まった味がして、美味しくなかった。 セルフコーヒーのところにはミルクがなく、湯上がりアイスのところにはアイスがなく、補充をもっとちゃんとしてほしい。 接客が素晴らしいだけに、なんだか残念でした。

There was hair under the table in the room. At dinner, the next dish didn't come out easily. The coffee at dinner and breakfast tasted boiled and it wasn't delicious. There is no milk in the self-coffee place, and there is no ice cream in the hot water ice cream, so I want you to replenish it more properly. It was a shame because the customer service was wonderful.

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Mr./Ms. T.O(50)

Total points

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Room type


Japanese room

4連休の初日、小学生2人を含む家族4人で利用させていただきました。 部屋が掃除が行き届いていないです。バスタブ、空気清浄機周辺に髪の毛やホコリがありました。 お風呂は源泉かけ流しと謳っているものの、大浴場は確実に循環式でした。露天風呂は... Read more 4連休の初日、小学生2人を含む家族4人で利用させていただきました。 部屋が掃除が行き届いていないです。バスタブ、空気清浄機周辺に髪の毛やホコリがありました。 お風呂は源泉かけ流しと謳っているものの、大浴場は確実に循環式でした。露天風呂は源泉かけ流しかもしれませんが、塩素臭があり真偽は不明です。客室付き露天風呂は確実に源泉かけ流しなのでしょう。 朝食は大人は和食中心で質、量ともに普通の印象です。ご飯が東北にしてはイマイチなお味でした。子供のメニューはご飯のおかずになるようなものがなく、ご飯よりはパンに合う洋食でしたので、パンを用意して欲しいものです。 夕食は宿泊料の割には貧素です。焼肉用の牛肉は霜降りで高級そうでしたが、それ以外は味はいいのですが、どうも地味な感じです。豪華さを少し出した方がいいかもしれません。量は他の施設より少ない印象ですが、私としてはちょうどいい量でした。 接客・サービスは最高です。お出迎えやチェックイン、荷物の移動、どれをとっても大満足でした。花火も無料で楽しめ、縁日の射的では玉をサービスしていただいたり、至れり尽くせりでした。 その他の設備はロビーも広く、ガーデンもきれいで心が洗われました。 総合的な評価としては、お風呂さえ目をつぶれば満足いくかな、といった印象です。ちょっと価格とのバランスが悪いのでもう少し安ければ大満足といったところでしょう。

On the first day of the four consecutive holidays, it was used by four family members, including two elementary school students. The room is not well cleaned. There was hair and dust around the bathtub and air purifier. Although the bath is touted as flowing from the source, the large communal bath was definitely a circulation type. The open-air bath may only flow from the source, but it has a chlorine odor and the truth is unknown. The open-air bath with guest rooms is surely a free-flowing source. Breakfast is mainly Japanese for adults, and the quality and quantity are normal. The rice tasted not good for Tohoku. There is nothing like a side dish of rice in the children's menu, and it was a Western food that goes well with bread rather than rice, so I would like you to prepare bread. Supper is poor for the accommodation fee. The beef for grilled meat seemed to be marbling and high quality, but other than that, the taste is good, but it seems to be sober. It may be better to add a little luxury. The amount is less than other facilities, but it was just right for me. Customer service and service are the best. I was very satisfied with the pick-up, check-in, and luggage movement. You can enjoy the fireworks for free, and at the shooting of the fair, you were served a ball, and it was exhausting. The lobby was large and the garden was clean and refreshing. The overall evaluation is that if you close your eyes even in the bath, you will be satisfied. It's a little unbalanced with the price, so if it's a little cheaper, you'll be very satisfied.

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Hotel Morinokaze Oshuku


Iwate Prefecture Iwate-gun SHizukuishi-cho Oushuku 10-64-1 [View map]

check-in / check-out time

14:00 / 11:00

CI/CO time may be different depending on plan.

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Number of guest rooms

221 room(s)


Please contact the hotels/ryokans directly for more details.
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- Japanese style bath. Operating Hours: 5am~10am, 11am~12am
The Japanese style bath has three types of baths: Indoor communal bath, semi open-air bath, and an floating open-air bath. From the floating open-air bath, please enjoy the view of Shuhou Mount Iwate (often called the Fuji of the area) and Mount Himegami: there will be nothing obstructing your view. You will want to stretch out your arms and legs in the communal bath. There is also a dry sauna that you may use. 

- Western Style bath. Operating Hours: 5am-10am, 11am-12am
The Western style bath has three types of baths: Indoor communal bath, semi open-air bath, and a floating open-air bath. While in the floating open-air bath, you will feel like you are floating in the air and you can also enjoy the view of the majestic Shizukuishibonchi. The indoor bath was designed with the motif of European palaces. Please take your time and relax in this wide luxurious place. 
*Tuesday and Wednesday are cleaning days, therefore the baths will be available from 12pm. 
* There might be changes on the cleaning day. Thank you for your understanding

- Private bath
There are three types of baths that you can reserve: rock bath, cypress bath, and an urn bath. 
Operating hours: 3pm-12am (final entry 11pm) 50 min limit. 
Fee: 2,000yen (Does not include tax. Includes entrance fee) 
* Extension fee: additional 15 mins, 500yen (tax not included)   
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Other facility information

Please contact the hotels/ryokans directly for more details.
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- Festival Hall 
Every night on the second floor of this hall, please enjoy free performances of [Taiko (Japanese drums)], [Mochi making] and [Folk entertainment].     
There are also carnival corners such as target shooting and other games. 
*The schedule and time of events may change.

- Flower and Garden Mori no Kaze
63,000 sq meters!! Hotel Mori no Kaze Oushuku has the largest authentic garden park in Japan. Please enjoy a moment of deep peace and the scenery that changes from season to season. 
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- This plan does not include the bath entrance fee of 150yen.  

- Only small or medium sized dogs are allowed. 
In the pet room there is air conditioning, pet bath, and entrance for pets. There are cages in this room that owners can rent. It is the owner's responsibility to feed and take care of their pet. (Pets are not allowed into the hotel) Fee for 1 night stay is 3,240yen. Please bring a copy of your pet's vaccination certificate when you come. 
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  • Bath tax
  • Children allowed
  • Room service
  • Transportation service
  • Parking area
  • Hot spring
  • Fresh hot spring
  • Room with outdoor spa
  • Public spa
  • Private spa
  • Indoor pool
  • Outdoor pool
  • Esthe/Spa facility
  • Fitness facility
  • Barrier free
  • 5 min walk from station
  • Pets allowed
  • Breakfast in room
  • Dinner in room
  • Open air bath
  • Night view
  • Ocean view
  • Cottage
  • Coupon

The accommodation features are general descriptions of the facility. The amenities and breadth of service will differ between each accommodation. For details, please confirm directly with the accommodation.


Access by public transportation.

By car
From Tokyo Approx 2hr 55min
Tokyo Station -(Tohoku Shinkansen Approx 2hr 13 min)- Morioka Station (Car Approx 30min/ Free Shuttle Bus Approx 40min) - Hotel Mori no Kaze Oushuku Shikisai 

From Sendai Approx 1hr 20min
Sendai Station - (Tohoku Shinkansen approx. 40min) - Morioka Station(Car Approx 30min/ Free Shuttle Bus Approx 40min) - Hotel Mori no Kaze Oushuku Shikisai 

*There is a free shuttle bus from Morioka Station. Please check the official website for more details. 

By Airplane
From Osaka Approx 2hr 15min
Osaka Airport (Plane approx. 1hr 20min) - Iwaki Hanamaki Airport (car approx. 55min) - Hotel Mori no Kaze Oushuku Shikisai 

From Nagoya Approx 2hr 5min
Nagoya Airport (plane approx. 1hr 10min) - Iwaki Hanamaki Airport (car approx. 55min) - Hotel Mori no Kaze Oushuku Shikisai 

From Shin Chitose Approx 1hr 50min
Shin CHitose Airport (Plane approx. 55min)Iwaki Hanamaki Airport (car approx. 55min) - Hotel Mori no Kaze Oushuku Shikisai 


Iwate Prefecture Iwate-gun SHizukuishi-cho Oushuku 10-64-1

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