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Mr./Ms. L.W(69)

Select Date:2017-03-29

the hot springs are excellent, but the food and service are quite old style. the rooms and building are not maintained t... Read more the hot springs are excellent, but the food and service are quite old style. the rooms and building are not maintained to its best, a bit lack of maintenance. we have crab as dinner but the crab has no crab taste. besides, too much food. can be less but quality better

the hot springs are excellent, but the food and service are quite old style. the rooms and building are not maintained to its best, a bit lack of maintenance. we have crab as dinner but the crab has no crab taste. besides, too much food. can be less but quality better

Mr./Ms. N.K(28)

Select Date:2019-01-14

サービスがとても丁寧で、気持ちよく泊まることができました。 お料理は特に汁物が美味しく、メイン料理はもちろん、お汁が朝夕の楽しみでした。 ただ、蟹がちょっとパサついていたのは唯一残念な点でした。

Service was very polite, I was able to stay comfortably. Soup is particularly delicious soup, main course as well as juice was fun in the morning and evening. However, it was the only disappointing thing that the crab was with a little Pasa.

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Mr./Ms. T.T(29)

Select Date:2018-12-02

接客は丁寧な方ばかりで、気さくな感じもあり親しみが感じられました。部屋も綺麗で、良いか悪か分かりませんが家にいるみたいにリラックスできて居心地良かったです。ただ部屋の壁が薄めなのか、掃除の音や隣りの部屋にいるお子さんの泣き声がとても良く聞こ... Read more 接客は丁寧な方ばかりで、気さくな感じもあり親しみが感じられました。部屋も綺麗で、良いか悪か分かりませんが家にいるみたいにリラックスできて居心地良かったです。ただ部屋の壁が薄めなのか、掃除の音や隣りの部屋にいるお子さんの泣き声がとても良く聞こえて来ました。今回、半露天風呂付きのお部屋だったのですが半露天風呂!?って感じで、ただの風呂付で窓が開いて外が見える程度。思っていた半露天風呂ではなかったのが少し残念です。大浴場や露天風呂は綺麗に掃除されているようで、古さは気になりませんでした。

Hospitality was only polite person, there was feeling, and familiarity was felt. The room was beautiful, I do not know whether it is good or bad, but I was relaxed like I was at home and it was comfortable. I just heard the sound of the cleaning and the child 's crying in the next room very well, whether the wall of the room was thin. This time it was a room with a half open-air bath but a half outdoor bath! What? It is like feeling, just having a bath and the window opens and you can see the outside. It is a bit disappointing that it was not a half outdoor bath I thought. The public bath and outdoor bath seemed to be cleaned beautifully, so I did not mind the oldness.

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Mr./Ms. Y.K(55)

Select Date:2018-09-16

お湯がとにかく素晴らしく、何度も何も足を運びました。こんなに素晴らしいお湯ですので、もう少し設備に気を配っていただけたら、またすぐにでも行きたい!気持ちになると思います。いくつか、お願いしますね。お風呂の脱衣場がカビ臭く、きっと壁紙の所為で... Read more お湯がとにかく素晴らしく、何度も何も足を運びました。こんなに素晴らしいお湯ですので、もう少し設備に気を配っていただけたら、またすぐにでも行きたい!気持ちになると思います。いくつか、お願いしますね。お風呂の脱衣場がカビ臭く、きっと壁紙の所為ではないかしら。お風呂のよしずが古く傾いていました。お風呂のお庭もお掃除道具が出たままで、お手入れされていない感じです。露天風呂へ向かう人工芝が痛すぎです。すごくよいお風呂ですのに、気を遣われていないようなもったいなさを感じてしまいました。お風呂後の麦茶は美味しいですし、居心地良かっただけに、そこが残念です。よろしくお願いします、また次回までに。

Hot water was great anyhow, and I went many times over and over. Because it is such a wonderful hot water, if you give a little more attention to the facilities, I want to go there again soon! I think that it will make you feel. Some, please. I wonder if the dressing room of the bath smells mold, probably due to the wallpaper. The good point of the bath was leaning old. In the garden of the bath it is feeling that cleaning tools are still left and are not being cleaned. Artificial turf towards open-air bath is too painful. Although it is a very good bath, I felt such a waste that I did not care. Barley tea after bathing is delicious, and it is regrettable just because it was comfortable. Thank you, again by next time.

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Mr./Ms. S.H(Private)

Select Date:2017-09-29

非常好既服務,雖然言語不通,不過都盡心盡力為客人設想,住得非常舒心。 酒店房間非常好住, 明顯係近期翻新, 夠大夠光猛,房內露天浴池可以夜晚望星,日頭望河, 都係一流享受。 溫泉好正, 左湯竟然有兩層, 彷投入堂可窟既浴池可以居... Read more 非常好既服務,雖然言語不通,不過都盡心盡力為客人設想,住得非常舒心。 酒店房間非常好住, 明顯係近期翻新, 夠大夠光猛,房內露天浴池可以夜晚望星,日頭望河, 都係一流享受。 溫泉好正, 左湯竟然有兩層, 彷投入堂可窟既浴池可以居高臨下, 好歎。  有兩個小小建議。  1)食物份量太豐富, 真係飽到上心口, 可以為女眷適當減少份量就好。  2)延長蒸氣房時間, 一泊兩食的話, 基本上日頭冇得蒸。   

Very good both services, although the language barrier, but are dedicated to the guests envisaged, live very comfortable. Hotel room is very good to live, obviously the Department of the recent renovation, enough light enough, the room open-air bath can be late at night, the river, all the first-class enjoyment. Hot springs is good, left soup even have two layers, imitation can be put into the hall can be cave can be condescending, sigh. There are two little suggestions. 1) food is too rich, really tied to the upper mouth, can be appropriate for women to reduce the amount of weight like. 2) to extend the steam room time, a park of two food, then basically the sun had to steam.  

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Mr./Ms. K.M(48)

Select Date:2016-08-05


Thank you very much for your help. I enjoyed enjoyable 3 generation trip.

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Mr./Ms. Y.H(44)

Select Date:2016-05-16

まず始めにスタッフの方々の人柄は良く、1歳児同伴でも嫌な顔ひとつせず皆様親切にご対応頂けた事、大変感謝しております。 大浴場は広くリラックス出来て、久しぶりにゆっくりする事ができました。 ただひとつ、致命的な事が料理です。(特に夕食)正... Read more まず始めにスタッフの方々の人柄は良く、1歳児同伴でも嫌な顔ひとつせず皆様親切にご対応頂けた事、大変感謝しております。 大浴場は広くリラックス出来て、久しぶりにゆっくりする事ができました。 ただひとつ、致命的な事が料理です。(特に夕食)正直申し上げてこれまで行った中でダントツで最低な食事内容でした。最初から最後まで何ひとつ美味しい物が無く、ドリンクも古臭いラインナップでびっくりしました。お造里の鮮度などひどいものだし、焼物ののどぐろもあのサイズのものを出すならもっと安い魚でいいものを出して貰える方がよっぽど満足します。しかも味付けも悪い…。牛の変わり揚げも本当に酷かったです。このメニューを真剣に考え試食し提供したものなのか疑問です。正直申し上げて、パーキングエリアで食べた食事の方がずっと美味しかったです。料理が最低な事で全てが台無しになる位のレベルだと思います。料理が美味しくないとお酒も進まないし、この旅行を楽しみにしていただけに本当に残念でした。このような厳しい感想を述べ事は私の人生で初めてのことです。そのレベルであった事を真摯に受け止めて頂ければと思います。

First of all, the personnel of the staff members are good, I am very thankful that I was able to respond kindly to everyone without making a disagreeable face even with a 1 year old child. The large bathroom was able to relax widely and I was able to relax slowly after a long time. The only thing that is fatal is cooking. (Especially dinner) To be honest I went up so far and it was the lowest meal content in Dantotsu. There was not one delicious thing from the beginning to the end, and the drink was surprised at the old line lineup. It is terrible, such as the freshness of Odori, and if you put out something of that size in the saucepin of the pottery, the more cheapest fish and you get the good ones are very satisfied. Moreover, the seasoning is bad .... The change of cows was really terrible. It is doubtful whether this menu was seriously thought and tasted and offered. To tell the truth, the meal that I ate in the parking area was much better. I think that the level of the dish is the lowest thing and it will ruin everything. If the food is not tasty, alcohol will not go on, and I was really sorry just because I was looking forward to this trip. It is my first time in my life to express such a stark feeling. I think that you can take it seriously that it was at that level.

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Mr./Ms. T.Y(61)

Select Date:2016-01-25

今回は観光よりも宿でゆっくりくつろぐことを主目的に伺いましたが期待以上の満足感を覚えました。 大浴場が素晴らしく、様々なタイプのお風呂を楽しめたし泉質の良さも感じられました。 過去に多くの旅館を利用しましたが、一番長い時間風呂場に居たと... Read more 今回は観光よりも宿でゆっくりくつろぐことを主目的に伺いましたが期待以上の満足感を覚えました。 大浴場が素晴らしく、様々なタイプのお風呂を楽しめたし泉質の良さも感じられました。 過去に多くの旅館を利用しましたが、一番長い時間風呂場に居たと思います。 大規模な旅館なのに家族的な雰囲気で居心地が良く、従業員の方皆さんの温かい気持ちが伝わって来ました。 またいつか泊まりたいと思います。

This time I asked the main purpose to relax slowly at the inn than sightseeing but I felt more satisfaction than expected. The large public bath was wonderful, I enjoyed various types of baths and I felt the goodness of spring quality. I used many inns in the past, but I think that I stayed in the bathroom for the longest time. Even though it is a large inn, it is comfortable with a family atmosphere and employees have conveyed the warm feelings of everyone. I would like to stay again someday.

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