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THE SCENE amami spa & resort

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THE SCENE amami spa & resort / Kagoshima Amami Oshima・Kagoshima remote islands 24


This is the southernmost island slightly removed from Hanga city on Amami Island. Feel the quiet and beauty of the island's nature with your whole body. In that kind of extraordinary place resides THE SCENE: Amami Spa & Resort.

The blue ocean and the white sandy beach makes a lovely contrast and the sun shines proudly here. Spend your time leisurely listening to the sound of the waves on the private beach and relax your mind.

Meals are prepared under the watchful eye of our famous chef and we hope you enjoy the regional dishes made with fresh Amami vegetables and fish. Through a special slow-cooking method, the savory taste of ingredients like chicken rice and boiled Berkshire pig are brought out.

We wish for this to be your most favorite trip. If there is any way to make your island trip more wonderful, please contact the concierge.

Occasionally have a meal while watching the sunset on the beach with tables and seats lined up. We use all of our effort to research where to explore nature and what time to see the stars in order to make this an unforgettable Amami trip. At a well-kept secret resort known to few, do only what you want to do. We hope you have your fill of time just to yourself.      
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Other Facilities4.2/5

Mr./Ms. N.I(40)

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Standard Double

とてもステキなロケーション、スタッフの皆様はとても感じがよく、思い出に残る旅ができました! レンタカーでホテルに向かっていくとどんどん秘境感が増していき、ほんとにホテルがあるのか心配になりました(笑)たどり着いた時は、まさに秘境のリゾート... Read more とてもステキなロケーション、スタッフの皆様はとても感じがよく、思い出に残る旅ができました! レンタカーでホテルに向かっていくとどんどん秘境感が増していき、ほんとにホテルがあるのか心配になりました(笑)たどり着いた時は、まさに秘境のリゾートって感じで嬉しくなりました。 建物に入るととてもいい匂い…廊下も、アメニティに至るまでいい香りで本当に癒されました。 食事もとても美味しかったです。 パンにつけるオリーブオイルが美味しいと伝えたら、銘柄等教えて下さりありがとうございました。 屋上のドームソファは寝心地よく、夜空が見渡せて最高でした。 天気が曇だった事が残念でしたが、雲間から月や星を見られて良かったです。 ひとつ気になったのが、部屋の洗面台の下にタオルが入ったカゴがあったのですが、動かしたら髪の毛が出てきました。 所々掃除が行き届いていない感じを受け、少し残念でした。 お部屋のアップグレードしていただき、ありがとうございます。 また是非伺いたいと思います!

Very nice location, the staff were very nice and we had a memorable trip! When I went to the hotel by rental car, I became more and more concerned about the existence of the hotel (laughs) When I got there, I was really happy with the feeling of a resort of the unexplored. Very good smell when entering the building ... The corridor was really healed with good smell to the amenities. The food was also very delicious. Thank you for telling me the brand etc. when I told you that the olive oil to be added to bread was delicious. The rooftop dome sofa was comfortable, with the night sky overlooked. It was disappointing that the weather was cloudy, but it was good to be able to see the moon and stars from the clouds. One thing that bothered me was that there was a basket of towels under the washstand in the room, but when I moved it, my hair came out. I felt a little disappointed with the feeling that the cleaning was not perfect. Thank you for upgrading your room. I hope to see you again!

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Mr./Ms. K.K(Private)

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Stayed in

Room type


Standard Double

GW中に三泊しました。ロケーションは素晴らしく、子どもも安心して遊ばせておける遠浅のプライベートビーチは国内でも恵まれた立地です。また施設内に温泉があり、海からあがってすぐにシャワー代わりに温かい温泉を利用できるのは気持ちが良いです。SPA... Read more GW中に三泊しました。ロケーションは素晴らしく、子どもも安心して遊ばせておける遠浅のプライベートビーチは国内でも恵まれた立地です。また施設内に温泉があり、海からあがってすぐにシャワー代わりに温かい温泉を利用できるのは気持ちが良いです。SPAではストレッチ(油木さん)の施術に夫妻ともにはまってしまい、お人柄含めて旅のなかのハイライトとなりました。あいにく天候には恵まれませんでしたが、ファミリーでの休暇先として国内リゾートではポテンシャルが高いと感じています。 一方で、設備面と接遇面では改善の余地があると感じました。まず設備面では、建物の老朽が激しく、オーシャンビューの窓の開閉ができない仕様のため、部屋の湿気と臭気が気になりました。睡眠にも影響するためこちらはぜひ改善していただきたい点です。また、接遇面では、全体的にトレーニング不足でした。ニコニコと暖かく接してくれようとしてはくれるのですが、実際のサービスは画一的で、お仕着せ感が否めませんでした。宿泊前のメールでのやりとりはとても気安く気遣いを感じただけにもったいない気がします。オイルマッサージは高級感を打ち出そうとされていますが残念ながら水準に達していませんでした。一層のこと、高級ホテルサービスらしさを目指すよりも、もっと肩のちからを抜いてローカル感を出したほうがリラックスできるのではないかと感じます。実際、少数いる地元出身のスタッフの方のサービスは自然体で心地が良いものでした。 上述の通り国内のリゾートとしてはポテンシャルが非常に高く、良いポイントがたくさんあるのでまた時間をおいて再訪してみたいと思います。

I stayed for 3 nights in GW. The location is excellent, and the distant shallow private beach where children can play safely is a privileged location in the country. There is also a hot spring inside the facility, and it's nice to be able to use a warm hot spring instead of a shower as soon as you get out of the sea. At SPA, both Mr. and Mrs. were involved in the treatment of Stretch (Mr. Ogi), and it became a highlight of the journey, including personalities. Unfortunately, I was not blessed with the weather, but I feel that there is a high potential at domestic resorts as a family holiday destination. On the other hand, I felt that there is room for improvement in terms of equipment and service. First of all, on the equipment side, the building's old age was so strong that it wasn't possible to open or close the windows of the ocean view, so I was concerned about the humidity and odor of the room. We want you to improve here by all means to affect sleep. Also, in terms of service, overall training was inadequate. I was trying to get in touch with Nico Nico warmly, but the actual service was uniform and I could not deny the feeling of tailoring. I feel sorry for the exchange of the mail before the accommodation only because I felt very carefree. Oil massage has been tried to launch a sense of luxury, but unfortunately did not reach the level. Furthermore, rather than aiming for luxury hotel service, I feel that it would be more relaxing to have a sense of locality with more shoulders. In fact, the service of a few local staff was natural and comfortable. As mentioned above, the potential for a domestic resort is very high and there are many good points, so I would like to visit again later.

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Mr./Ms. S.A(34)

Total points

Stayed in

Room type


Deluxe Room

奄美大島空港から、約2時間かけて辿り着いたこのホテルですが、道中の透き通る海や力強い木々達を見ながら期待を高めておりました。 宿泊した感想は、残念ながら期待値を上回ることはありませんでした。 以下、良かった点、残念だった点を記載... Read more 奄美大島空港から、約2時間かけて辿り着いたこのホテルですが、道中の透き通る海や力強い木々達を見ながら期待を高めておりました。 宿泊した感想は、残念ながら期待値を上回ることはありませんでした。 以下、良かった点、残念だった点を記載します。 [良かった点] ・客室 お部屋は白を基調にした清潔感あるデザインで、大きな窓から見える海景色がとても気持ち良かったです。 ・リフレクソロジー マッサージを受けましたが、リゾートホテルの割に価格が良心的でした。 ・プライベートビーチ これは大変良かったです。人も少なく、海も透き通っていてとても綺麗でした。 ・スタッフの対応 皆さん丁寧で、爽やかな方でした。 [残念だった点] ・外観 建物が殺風景すぎて、到着した時、強い不安を感じました。海外の安いモーテルのような印象です。また、正面にある時代錯誤のハート形のプールが景色を台無しにしていると感じました。 ・お風呂 温泉も楽しみにしていましたが、本当に酷かったです。 ここで一番がっかりしました。 温泉は別館と案内され、行ってみると本当に海の家のシャワーブースのような簡易的な作りで、入り口を開けたら即脱衣所があり、小学校時代プールの授業を思い出しました笑 女性用も同じ作りのようです。 そしてこれまた残念だったのが風呂場も小汚く、とてもこの価格帯のホテルのお風呂ではないと感じました。更に入るタイミングが悪かったのか、お湯が36度と、生ぬるく、一つしかないため結局シャワーだけ浴びて少し震えながら部屋に戻りました。いっそのこと温泉は無い方が満足度が上がると思います。 ・料理 味は、可もなく不可もなく、ですが盛り付け方が下手でパスタは東南アジアの屋台で出てくるワイルドな盛られ方になっており、これはないなと話していました。 全体的に、厳しい評価をさせていただきましたが、二人で約10万円出して泊まる宿を他と比べると、相対的にこのように感じました。 感覚だと、二人で5万円くらいが妥当な金額ではないかと思いました。

It is this hotel which it reached from Amami Oshima airport for about 2 hours, but it was raising expectation while watching the transparent sea and powerful trees in the road. Unfortunately I did not exceed the expected value of my impression of staying. Below, I will describe the points that were good and disappointing. [Good point] · The rooms in the room were clean in design based on white, the sea view from the big window was very pleasant. · Reflexology I received massage, but price was conscientious for resort hotel. · Private beach This was very good. There were few people, the sea was also crystal clear and it was very beautiful. · Staff 's response Everyone was polite and refreshing. [A disappointing point] · Exterior The building felt strong anxiety when it arrived, because the building was too dangerous. It is like an overseas cheap motel. Also, I felt that heart shaped pool of an era in front was messing up the scenery. · I was looking forward to the bath hot spring, but it was really bad. It was the most disappointing here. The hot springs were announced to the annex and when I visited it was really simple making like a shower booth in the house of the ocean, as soon as I opened the entrance there was a clothing room right away and I remembered the elementary school pool class lol It seems to be the same making. And it was too bad that the bathroom was also dirty and I felt it was not very hot in the hotel in this price range. Whether the timing to enter further was bad, hot water was 36 degrees, because it was lukewarm, there was only one, so I took a shower only after all and eventually went back to the room with a little trembling. Better yet I think that the satisfaction level will rise if there is no hot spring. · The taste of dish is neither good nor bad, but pasta is poor, but pasta is a wildly popular way to come out in stalls in Southeast Asia, and I was told that this is not the case. On the whole, we made a tough evaluation, but when comparing the accommodation that we stayed with about two hundred thousand yen by two people compared with others, it felt this way relatively. With a sense, I thought that about 50,000 yen is reasonable amount for two people.

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THE SCENE amami spa & resort


970 Sokaru, Setouchi-cho, Oshima-gun, Kagoshima-ken  [View map]

check-in / check-out time

15:00 / 11:00

CI/CO time may be different depending on plan.

Credit card


Number of guest rooms

21 room(s)


Please contact the hotels/ryokans directly for more details.
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The first natural hot spring on Amami Island was opened here. In the hot water that shines golden, we hope you enjoy the stunning scenery that Mother Nature provides. One may enjoy faces of nature that vary during the day with the five senses from the sunset over Kakeroma Island to the night sky full of stars.

There are 2 outdoor spas. (There are no indoor spas.)
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Other facility information

◼︎Private Beach
We hope you spend your time at your preferred spot having a meal or reading. We also have complimentary beach chairs. Please ask staff without being limited by time slots.

◼︎Heart Pool
This pool produces a romantic night scenery.

Experience a sensation as if the stars would come falling down.
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・Sunrise Yoga (¥3,240/ ※Prior reservation required)
While feeling nature around you, experience movements that will awaken your entire body such as the sun salutation.

・Snorkeling (¥8,640~/Capacity 10 persons ※Prior reservation required)
Even those who have a hard time swimming can easily participate. One can freely experience a highly transparent ocean world.

※Other than these, there are a variety of other activities offered. Please don't hesitate to inquire to THE SCENE concierge.

※Infants are free of charge. Children between 7 and 12 years old are half price.
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Please contact the hotels/ryokans directly for more details.
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  • Children allowed
  • Room service
  • Transportation service
  • Parking area
  • Hot spring
  • Fresh hot spring
  • Room with outdoor spa
  • Public spa
  • Private spa
  • Indoor pool
  • Outdoor pool
  • Esthe/Spa facility
  • Fitness facility
  • Barrier free
  • 5 min walk from station
  • Pets allowed
  • Breakfast in room
  • Dinner in room
  • Open air bath
  • Night view
  • Ocean view
  • Cottage
  • Coupon

The accommodation features are general descriptions of the facility. The amenities and breadth of service will differ between each accommodation. For details, please confirm directly with the accommodation.


Access by public transportation.

【Access by plane to Amami Airport】
From Tokyo        Approx. 120 minutes
From Osaka        Approx. 90 minutes
From Kagoshima    Approx. 60 minutes
From Fukuoka      Approx. 80 minutes
From Naha         Approx. 60 minutes

【Access from Amami Airport to the facility】
By rental car or taxi   Approx. 120 minutes
By bus                  Approx. 150 minutes

※In case you wish to sightsee while travelling to the hotel etc., please make a request to THE SCENE concierge.

970 Sokaru, Setouchi-cho, Oshima-gun, Kagoshima-ken

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