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Mitsui Garden Hotels Osaka Premier

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Other Facilities4.2/5

Mr./Ms. M.M(54)

Select Date:2019-06-12

ゆっくり過ごせました。 ありがとうございました。

I was able to spend time slowly. Thank you very much.

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Mr./Ms. H.T(66)

Select Date:2019-05-03

車での宿泊でしたが、駐車場の案内もそこら辺のパーキングに行った感じで宿泊者に対する接し方では無かった。しかも有料なのに。 朝食時のスタッフの態度も不愉快な感じでした。味は普通、特にカレーは好みも有るでしょうが、カレー好きの私にはホテルのカ... Read more 車での宿泊でしたが、駐車場の案内もそこら辺のパーキングに行った感じで宿泊者に対する接し方では無かった。しかも有料なのに。 朝食時のスタッフの態度も不愉快な感じでした。味は普通、特にカレーは好みも有るでしょうが、カレー好きの私にはホテルのカレーでは最悪でした。(あくまでも好みでしょうが)

We stayed by car, but guidance of parking lot felt that we went to parking of the neighborhood and was not how to approach guest. And though it is paid. The attitude of the staff at breakfast was also unpleasant. The taste is normal, and curry in particular may be preferred, but for me who likes curry, it was the worst in hotel curry. (You may like it to the end)

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Mr./Ms. R.K(28)

Select Date:2019-04-20

チェックイン前の荷物の預かり,部屋への運び込み,写真撮影のご協力など丁寧に対応して頂き感謝しております。 また是非利用したいと思います。

We appreciate your kind response such as storage of luggage before check-in, carry-in to the room, and cooperation in photography. I would like to use it again.

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Mr./Ms. S.N(Private)

Select Date:2019-04-15


I think that one more idea or two ideas are necessary for the lack of variation of breakfast especially in Western food.

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Mr./Ms. H.I(63)

Select Date:2019-04-10


The bath in the room was large and nice, but it was a pity that there was no basin even though I had a seat.

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Mr./Ms. S.H(38)

Select Date:2019-02-24


Thank you for being indebted this time as well. A polite customer service, clean room, shuttle bus driver is pleasantly highest regardless of what kind of care like hire.

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Mr./Ms. H.I(58)

Select Date:2019-01-19

接客の姿勢は評価されるが、一人ひとりのお客様に対応する満足度を高めて欲しい!マニュアル的な感じが。 お風呂とか進めて欲しい!

Although attitude of customer service is evaluated, I want you to increase the satisfaction level corresponding to each customer! I feel manual. I want you to take a bath!

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Mr./Ms. Y.F(45)

Select Date:2019-01-27

スタッフの方の対応も親切で素早く お部屋もとても素敵でくつろげました 炭酸泉のスパやラウンジ含め 疲れを癒す最高の空間でした ぜひまた利用させていただきたいです

The staff 's response was also kind, quickly the room was very nice and relaxing, including the spa and lounge of carbonated springs I was able to relax tiredness I would like to use again by all means

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Mr./Ms. M.E(27)

Select Date:2018-12-30

とてもスタイリッシュで雰囲気のいいホテルで、居心地よく過ごすことができました。大浴場が清潔で綺麗だったのが印象的です。お部屋のアメニティーも充実していて素敵でした。 スタッフの方々も丁寧に対応してくださいました。また是非泊まりたいです。

It was a very stylish and welcoming hotel, which made me feel comfortable. It is impressive that the public bathhouse was clean and beautiful. The amenities of the room were enriched and it was lovely. The staff members also corresponded carefully. I definitely want to stay again.

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Mr./Ms. H.H(36)

Select Date:2018-12-16


Thank you for staying. I could relax slowly. Bus pickup driver, front correspondence staff, thank you for a wonderful customer service. I like rooms and baths! Next time I am going to leisurely in spring.

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Mr./Ms. T.M(56)

Select Date:2018-12-03

お部屋は綺麗で空気清浄機もあり滞在は心地良かったのですが、スリッパはワンサイズで私には合わなかった為、靴下を履いたまま部屋で過ごしておりました。またネット環境はWIFIだったのですが、時々、途絶してしまい仕事中の通信を再接続しなければならず... Read more お部屋は綺麗で空気清浄機もあり滞在は心地良かったのですが、スリッパはワンサイズで私には合わなかった為、靴下を履いたまま部屋で過ごしておりました。またネット環境はWIFIだったのですが、時々、途絶してしまい仕事中の通信を再接続しなければならず、先方にも迷惑を掛けてしまいました。無線LANだけでなく、LANケーブルでの有線LANのシステムがあると仕事上でのネット環境として安心できると思います。 お風呂は少し狭いバスタブでしたが洗い場があったのでシャワーは十分使えました。16Fの大浴場は早い時間はファイスタオルがありますが、夜遅い時間や早朝の時間は使用済みのタオルで籠が溢れ、見苦しく、衛生的にも不潔感が漂っていました。 ラウンジも空いている時間帯やお行儀の良い宿泊の方々だけならばゆっくり出来るのですが、早朝の時間帯にコーヒーメーカーでカップ麺のお湯を入れる為、長々とマシンを占領し、またカウンターにその外国人のグループの人たちが集まってカップ麺を啜って食べているので奥のジュースも紅茶も取りづらい状況で、英語もまともに通じないのではお手上げでした。私はアジア圏の言語は不得手なのでお手上げでした。 スタッフの方々も難しいとは思いますが、カップ麺とお食事はお部屋でという注意書き程度はして欲しかったです。ラーメンの匂いがラウンジに充満するのでゆったりするには不向きでした。

The rooms were clean and the air purifier was also available. Although the stay was comfortable, the slippers were one size and it was not suitable for me, so I stayed in the room wearing socks. Also, although the Internet environment was WIFI, sometimes it was interrupted, we had to reconnect to the ongoing work, which also caused inconvenience to others. I think that it is safe as a net environment on work if there is a system of wired LAN not only with wireless LAN but also with LAN cable. The bath was a bit narrow bathtub but there was a washroom so I could use the shower adequately. In the 16th big public bath, there was a towel in the early hours, but in the late night time and early morning time the basket overflowed with the used towel, ugly, hygienically unclean feeling drifted. The lounge is also open during the free time and people with good behaviors can do it slowly, but in the early morning time to put hot water of cup noodles in the coffee maker, occupy the machine for a long time, Because people from the group of foreigners gathered and eaten cup noodles by eating it, it was difficult to take both juice and black tea in the back, and it was not enough for English to communicate properly. I was upset because I was not good at Asian languages. I think that the people of the staff are also difficult, but I wanted cup noodles and meals to be about the attention writing in the room. It was not suitable for relaxing as the smell of ramen is full of lounge.

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Mr./Ms. L.S(44)

Select Date:2018-11-16

Nice hotel and comfort stay, but location a bit far from station.

Nice hotel and comfort stay, but location a bit far from station.

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Mr./Ms. M.T(28)

Select Date:2018-11-21


I used it for a refreshing vacation. I was able to rest very slowly! ️ Thank you very much.

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Mr./Ms. H.S(Private)

Select Date:2018-11-12


We stayed for 2 days on business trip. I was able to relax the work tired slowly in the public bath. Lukewarm carbonated bath is the best. Room is comfortable. Flooring is comfortable, breakfast was also rich in product selection and it was fun. Thank you for your help.

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Mr./Ms. E.W(Private)

Select Date:2018-11-06


It was a very pleasant stay. Correspondence of front desk was also polite and smooth. People who stayed in the inbound stayed in a relaxing age many couples. I will also use it next time.

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Mr./Ms. H.P(27)

Select Date:2018-10-20


The service is very good, although the room is a little smaller, but there is a public bath that can be used, very good!

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Mr./Ms. Y.Y(51)

Select Date:2018-10-22

夜遅くに空いている飲食店を尋ねたところ、大変丁寧に案内していただきました。 ありがとうございました。 また、朝食がとてもおいしかったです。

When I asked for a restaurant that is vacant late at night, I gave a very polite guide. Thank you very much. In addition, breakfast was very tasty.

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Mr./Ms. J.L(36)

Select Date:2018-10-15

酒店的免费shuttle往返大阪站很方便 建议可否延长末班车时间;床很舒服;16层庭院浴池体验非常好;电视频道较少

The hotel’s free shuttle to and from Osaka Station is very convenient to recommend the extension of the last bus time; the bed is very comfortable; the 16-story courtyard bath experience is very good; the TV channels are less

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Mr./Ms. K.N(60)

Select Date:2018-09-21

全てが良かったです。 最上階のラウンジが特に気に入りました。 せびまた利用したいと思います。

Everything was good. I especially liked the top floor lounge. I hope to use it again.

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Mr./Ms. K.K(28)

Select Date:2018-09-21

スタッフの方の丁寧な対応で初めての大阪旅行をゆっくり過ごせました。ありがとうございました。 大浴場もあり、お部屋にも満足です。お部屋のお風呂とトイレが別々で清潔感もありとてもよかったです。

We were able to spend the first time in Osaka trip slowly with careful correspondence of staff. Thank you very much. There is a public bath and we are satisfied with the room. There was a separate bathroom and toilet in the room and there was a feeling of cleanliness It was very good.

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Mr./Ms. T.T(49)

Select Date:2018-09-02


The staff at the front desk and the staff at the parking lot were very friendly and helpfuled very much. It was a pleasant trip. Thank you very much. I'd like to intervene again.

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Mr./Ms. A.H(49)

Select Date:2018-08-18


Mitsui Garden Hotel Premier is taking care of both Osaka and Ginza somehow as a favorite. It is a spa in Osaka, but I want a male side to make a street. There is nothing more than that

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Mr./Ms. H.O(57)

Select Date:2018-08-22

ホテルは部屋もお風呂も快適でした。スタッフの方々は、皆さん感じ良く、本当に居心地のいいホテルでした。 また、利用させていただきます。

The hotel was comfortable both in the room and the bath. The people of the staff were good, everyone was nice, really comfortable hotel. I will be using this again.

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Mr./Ms. S.W(Private)

Select Date:2018-08-11

非常滿意酒店環境和服務,房間非常舒適,早餐膳食很好,服務員態度非常滿意 但因為本人住酒店六天,如早餐選擇每天有少少不同會更好,但整體已非常不錯

Very satisfied with the hotel environment and service, the room is very comfortable, the breakfast meal is very good, the waiter is very satisfied, but because I live in the hotel for six days, it would be better if the breakfast was chosen every day, but the whole is very good.

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Mr./Ms. K.T(48)

Select Date:2018-07-15

今年に入って3度目の宿泊です。 ホテルにこもってゆっくりするにはレディースプランは最適です。部屋からの景色も移り変わる感じがとてもいいです。またお世話になります。

This is my 3rd stay this year. Ladies' plan is perfect for relaxing at the hotel. The feeling that the scenery from the room changes too is very good. Thank you for your help.

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Mr./Ms. S.Y(Private)

Select Date:2018-06-10

ラウンジの飲食物をもう少し充実して欲しい。 また、ラウンジの入り口から、他の客がのぞいて見られるのは落ち着かなかった。

I would like you to enhance the lounge food and drink a bit more. Also, it was uneasy to see other guests peeping from the entrance of the lounge.

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Mr./Ms. A.N(46)

Select Date:2018-06-23


We stayed at the ladies' floor of 15F. In a nice interior room, I could relax like barefoot and spend at home. We were able to spend the spa of 16F cleanly and comfortably. I definitely want to stay again.

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Mr./Ms. K.S(58)

Select Date:2018-06-09

落ち着いたホテルでした。 また利用させて頂きます。

It was calm hotel. I will also use it.

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Mr./Ms. D.K(34)

Select Date:2018-06-06

Excellent shuttle bus service, good food at Level 2, friendly staff, spa and lounge are excellent, room is a bit small, ... Read more Excellent shuttle bus service, good food at Level 2, friendly staff, spa and lounge are excellent, room is a bit small, good location overall

Excellent shuttle bus service, good food at Level 2, friendly staff, spa and lounge are excellent, room is a bit small, good location overall

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Mr./Ms. K.A(50)

Select Date:2018-03-18

初めて宿泊しました。 娘と一緒に泊まりましたが、私も娘もお部屋に大変満足しました。 玄関?!のようなところで靴を脱いでフローリングの床でゆっくりと寛ぐ。 本当にお部屋の感覚で過ごせて来週から東京で一人暮らしを始める娘は「こんな部屋なら... Read more 初めて宿泊しました。 娘と一緒に泊まりましたが、私も娘もお部屋に大変満足しました。 玄関?!のようなところで靴を脱いでフローリングの床でゆっくりと寛ぐ。 本当にお部屋の感覚で過ごせて来週から東京で一人暮らしを始める娘は「こんな部屋ならよかったのに・・・」と いうくらいにリラックスして過ごすことができました。ありがとうございました。

This review was written in Japanese. I stayed with my daughter, but I and my daughter were very satisfied with the room. Take off your shoes and relax at the floor of the floor slowly at the entrance?! My daughter who really spent her room feeling and started living alone in Tokyo from next week was able to spend relaxing like "I could have been in such a room." Thank you very much.

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Mr./Ms. C.Y(34)

Select Date:2018-02-13


Good attitude of staff, the best is the spa (artificial carbonated hot springs and Jacuzzi), so I returned to the hotel every day, to be full of relaxation

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Mr./Ms. S.K(45)

Select Date:2017-11-19

SPAとラウンジがとても良かったです。立地もよく便利でした。 あと部屋の作りもコンパクトで使いやすかったです。部屋も暖かかったです。満足しました。

SPA and lounge were very good. The location was also convenient and convenient. Also making the room was compact and easy to use. The room was also warm. I was satisfied.

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Mr./Ms. N.F(54)

Select Date:2017-11-19


The front desk also corresponded well, it became a good stay.

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Mr./Ms. K.S(49)

Select Date:2017-11-13

朝食とても美味しかったです。 お部屋も綺麗でとてもリラックスできました。 また利用させていただければと思っております。

The breakfast was very delicious. The rooms were also clean and very relaxing. I hope you can use it again.

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Mr./Ms. S.H(57)

Select Date:2017-09-20


I always use it, but it is clean and very good hotel.

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Mr./Ms. M.U(23)

Select Date:2017-04-23


The staff members were very polite and comfortable. We were satisfied with the service to the driver of the bus, and thought that we wanted to stay again. Thank you very much. It was a very good memory

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Mr./Ms. T.N(52)

Select Date:2017-02-02

施設中が中国人であふれていて、マナーも悪く、スタッフの方もその対応に追いつけない様子で、結果、朝食も大変待たされ、スケジュールに支障をきたしました。正直に申し上げて、現在の貴ホテルのサービス内容、ホスピタリティは、値段(宿泊費)に見合う価値... Read more 施設中が中国人であふれていて、マナーも悪く、スタッフの方もその対応に追いつけない様子で、結果、朝食も大変待たされ、スケジュールに支障をきたしました。正直に申し上げて、現在の貴ホテルのサービス内容、ホスピタリティは、値段(宿泊費)に見合う価値はないと思います。

The inside of the facility was overflowing with Chinese people, manners were bad, and the staff was not able to catch up with the correspondence, as a result, the breakfast was also kept waiting very much, and the schedule was hindered. To be honest, I think that the present service and hospitality of your hotel is not worth the price (accommodation fee).

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Mr./Ms. K.T(74)

Select Date:2016-12-03


Facilities and service at the new hotel was also good.

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Mr./Ms. K.U(43)

Select Date:2016-11-27

客室がとても綺麗で使い勝手もよく、このホテルを選んで良かったな〜と思いました。 主人も「こんなお洒落なの?」と、喜んでおりました。 ラウンジでくつろぐこともでき、朝食もとても美味しかったです。 ただ、一点だけ残念だったのが、SPAのジ... Read more 客室がとても綺麗で使い勝手もよく、このホテルを選んで良かったな〜と思いました。 主人も「こんなお洒落なの?」と、喜んでおりました。 ラウンジでくつろぐこともでき、朝食もとても美味しかったです。 ただ、一点だけ残念だったのが、SPAのジャグジーは、お湯がずっと出ているのに関わらず、なぜか全然溜まっておらず、水位が低すぎて入ることができませんでした。 それ以外は、素晴らしかったです。

Guest room was very clean and usability was good, and thought that it was good to choose this hotel. My husband was also pleased that "this is fashionable?" We could relax in lounge and breakfast was very delicious, too. However, the only disappointment was that the SPA's jacuzzi was not accumulated at all, regardless of whether the hot water was always there and the water level was too low to enter. Other than that, it was wonderful.

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Mr./Ms. S.G(71)

Select Date:2016-10-24

對於接待服務、對櫃檯入住接待等都非常滿意、唯一感覺不足的是、櫃檯服務人員對於從Hotel到大阪車站接駁車的回應、令客人感覺不夠親切、也完全毀損了飯店提供接駁車服務的美意。值得飯店檢討。我搭兩次接駁車到大阪車站、詢問櫃台小姐接駁車發車時間、都... Read more 對於接待服務、對櫃檯入住接待等都非常滿意、唯一感覺不足的是、櫃檯服務人員對於從Hotel到大阪車站接駁車的回應、令客人感覺不夠親切、也完全毀損了飯店提供接駁車服務的美意。值得飯店檢討。我搭兩次接駁車到大阪車站、詢問櫃台小姐接駁車發車時間、都正確的告知時間、但是接著就再嚴肅的告知接駁車是依照排隊順序上車、並不時間到每一個客人都可以上車、最好提早10分鐘到外面等車。人多不能上車客人可以諒解、但是如果能事先看一下大廳與外面等車的客人狀況再決定告知回更好、我搭5點出發的車、一共坐3個客人。

For the reception service, the counter is very satisfied with the reception, the only feeling is that the counter service staff from the Hotel to Osaka station shuttle bus response, so that guests feel not intimate, but also completely damaged the hotel to provide shuttle service The good intentions. Worth reviewing the hotel. I took the shuttle bus twice to Osaka station, asked the counter Miss shuttle bus departure time, are the right to inform the time, but then seriously told the bus is in accordance with the order of the queue on the train, not time to every guest Can be on the train, the best 10 minutes ahead to the outside waiting for the car. People can not get on the guests can understand, but if you can look at the lobby and the outside of the guests waiting for the situation and then decided to tell the better, I take 5:00 departure car, a total of three guests.

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Mr./Ms. T.Y(44)

Select Date:2019-05-16

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Mr./Ms. K.M(30)

Select Date:2019-05-09

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Mr./Ms. S.O(39)

Select Date:2019-02-17

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Mr./Ms. H.H(53)

Select Date:2019-01-19

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Mr./Ms. K.S(73)

Select Date:2019-01-09

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Mr./Ms. M.O(59)

Select Date:2018-08-25

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Mr./Ms. M.T(41)

Select Date:2018-08-17

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Mr./Ms. A.I(Private)

Select Date:2018-05-26

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Mr./Ms. H.F(Private)

Select Date:2018-05-05

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Mr./Ms. K.H(54)

Select Date:2018-01-30

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Mr./Ms. H.S(57)

Select Date:2018-01-14

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