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カンデオホテルズ 松山大街道
Candeo Hotels Matsuyama Okaido

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Accommodations that have achieved high customer satisfaction and that can be enjoyed casually.

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Mr./Ms. K.T(68)

Select Date:2019-03-27

フロントのある13Fにトイレは 男女共用で1ケ所しかなく 待たされて不便でした。

In the 13F with the front desk, there was only one place in the toilet shared by men and women, and it was inconvenient to be kept waiting.

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Mr./Ms. S.F(51)

Select Date:2018-12-04

この度は大変お世話になりました。 予約時のポイントの使い方や手続まで親切丁寧にご対応いただきました。 Reluxでの予約と伝えるとお部屋もアップグレードをしていただき感謝いたします。 室内や屋上の露天風呂も清潔で、とても満足の宿泊でし... Read more この度は大変お世話になりました。 予約時のポイントの使い方や手続まで親切丁寧にご対応いただきました。 Reluxでの予約と伝えるとお部屋もアップグレードをしていただき感謝いたします。 室内や屋上の露天風呂も清潔で、とても満足の宿泊でしたありがとうございました。 また機会があれば是非泊まりたいホテルです。

I am indebted to you for this occasion. We kindly responded kindly to using points and procedures at the time of booking. Thank you for upgrading your room if you tell it as a reservation at Relux. The indoor and rooftop outdoor bath was clean, too and was a very satisfying stay Thank you. If there is opportunity, it is hotel which we want to stay at all means.

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Mr./Ms. Y.T(24)

Select Date:2018-10-07

この度は ありがとうございました。 また 機会があれば利用させていただぎす。

Thank you for this time. I will not use it if I have the opportunity.

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Mr./Ms. S.C(66)

Select Date:2018-05-17

연박하는 투숙객에게는 아침 부페가 메뉴가 같아서 이틀연속 식사는 좀 별로입니다 욕장이 있어서 아주 좋습니다

For those who stay in the same room, the breakfast buffet has the same menu, so the food is not very good for two consecutive days.

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Mr./Ms. T.E(47)

Select Date:2018-03-13


I had a very polite answer and I was able to spend very comfortably. Also, I would like to take care of you.

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Mr./Ms. T.M(49)

Select Date:2018-02-19


Thank you for always wonderful night in Matsuyama

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Mr./Ms. H.N(30)

Select Date:2017-09-17

外観からお部屋までとても綺麗だった。とても満足していたが、最後のチェックアウト時の接客対応が非常に残念。おはようございますとフロントで迎えられたが全く目を見ずパソコンをみながら挨拶をされ不快だった。テキパキされて良いと思うがあまりにも業務的... Read more 外観からお部屋までとても綺麗だった。とても満足していたが、最後のチェックアウト時の接客対応が非常に残念。おはようございますとフロントで迎えられたが全く目を見ずパソコンをみながら挨拶をされ不快だった。テキパキされて良いと思うがあまりにも業務的すぎて全く心がこもっていない。チェックインから朝食まですごく気持ちよく過ごせたが最後の最後で大変不愉快だった。フロントの対応がものすごく残念。朝食バイキングのお皿をさげる所にいらっしゃった方、ひとりにひとりにありがとうございますと笑顔での声かけが素晴らしかった。いくら施設がよくてもひとりのスタッフの対応次第で満足度が変わるので非常にもったいない。

It was very beautiful from the exterior to the room. Although I was very satisfied, I am very sorry for the customer service at the last checkout. Good morning I was greeted by the front desk but I was uncomfortable being greeted while watching the computer without looking at all at all. I think that it can be tasteful but it is too businessful and there is no heart at all. I could feel comfortable from check - in until breakfast but it was very unpleasant at the last minute. Sorry for the correspondence at the front desk. Those who came to the place to show the dish of breakfast buffing, thank you for being alone by one person, the voice call with a smile was wonderful. Even if the facility is good, it depends on the correspondence of a single staff and it is very wasteful as the degree of satisfaction changes.

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Mr./Ms. M..F(49)

Select Date:2017-08-17


Two of us and my son came to Shikoku. Both my son who always uses business hotel praised it as good here.

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Mr./Ms. K.F(52)

Select Date:2017-08-16


Excellent access, there was a relaxing bath, and the room was relaxing with the feeling of cleanliness. In the evening I enjoyed the night view with a self-service bar. I think that opening up the dining room is a very nice service. The breakfast was delicious, too. Thank you very much.

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Mr./Ms. E.K(Private)

Select Date:2016-11-27

1歳児を連れて宿泊させていただきました。朝食の時に手口を拭くのにウエットティッシュをたくさん使わせていただきました。たくさんいただいていたのですが、そっと追加で持ってきてくださりすごく助かりました。 ありがとうございました。

I stayed with a 1 year old child. We used a lot of wet tissues to wipe the signs at breakfast. I had a lot of it, but I brought it quietly and gave me a lot of help. Thank you very much.

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Mr./Ms. Y.Y(34)

Select Date:2016-09-23


I was in trouble because parking lot fee was changed with HP's surrounding parking lot information. The rest is satisfactory.

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Mr./Ms. H.U(49)

Select Date:2019-07-03

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Mr./Ms. M.U(47)

Select Date:2018-04-13

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Mr./Ms. M.U(47)

Select Date:2018-04-13

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Mr./Ms. E.M(Private)

Select Date:2018-03-28

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Mr./Ms. K.I(69)

Select Date:2018-01-13

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Mr./Ms. T.L(64)

Select Date:2017-07-20

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