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篠山城下町ホテル NIPPONIA NIPPONIA Sasayama Castle Town Hotel

Traditional House
  • Hyogo > Mita・Shinoyama
NIPPONIA Sasayama Castle Town Hotel / Hyogo Amagasaki・Takarazuka・Mita・Sasayama 2


Here at Sasayama Castle Town Hotel NIPPONIA, we provide a new form of resort renovated from an old village house with 400 years of history. 

With all of Sasayama Castle Town chosen to be "one hotel", four old village homes each with over 100 years of history were remodeled into lodging facilities and food shops. At this place created with respect to the land and buildings, we will grant you a rich stay with a visceral cultural and historic experience.

The various buildings "Onae", "Sawasiro", "Nozi", and "Sion", along with the 12 guest rooms in the 4 buildings, taking their names from chrysanthemums, all have their respective charm. They are accommodations where you can feel their long histories through items from the Meiji era to the Showa era. With a modern design, these comfortable spaces allow guests to relax both body and mind.

Please indulge in the traditional French cuisine made with local produces. The master chef of Kansai French cuisine, Shuu Ishii, will heartily prepare meals with hand-picked brand ingredients from Tanba Sasayama such as Tajima beef, Matsutake mushrooms, and black soybeans. Healthy and easy on the body, we hope you have your fill of luxurious tastes drenched in the vitality of nature.

Feel the charms of this land and spend your stay as if melting into history. An extraordinary moment that can only be tasted here awaits you.

With a recent 2018 renovation complete we are now prepared to accept four legged guests as well! The rooms are better equipped for pets, and we now have a dog run too!

※If you wish to bring your dog, please use the pet room.      
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Accommodations that represent their respective prefectures and that are worth visiting when you are in the area.

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Other Facilities3.7/5

Mr./Ms. Y.K(56)

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ONAE 103

パンフレットを多数いただきました。まとめて持って帰れるようにクリアファイルがあればよかったと思いました。 また、3割引特典が朝食のみのプランだったので、夕食をオプションでもつけられれば嬉しいです。

I received a lot of brochures. I thought it would have been nice to have a clear file so that I could take it home. Also, since the 3 discount privilege was a breakfast-only plan, I would be happy if I could have dinner as an option.

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Mr./Ms. R.G(45)

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台風前夜から当日と最悪なタイミングでしたが、スタッフ皆さん若い女性が中心で、とても丁寧に対応されており、気持ちよく宿泊できました。部屋は古民家を改造した、落ち着いた感じでテレビがないのは人を選ぶかもしれませんが、日常生活を離れてゆっくり過ご... Read more 台風前夜から当日と最悪なタイミングでしたが、スタッフ皆さん若い女性が中心で、とても丁寧に対応されており、気持ちよく宿泊できました。部屋は古民家を改造した、落ち着いた感じでテレビがないのは人を選ぶかもしれませんが、日常生活を離れてゆっくり過ごせました。わんこと一緒に宿泊できる部屋で専用のお風呂もあり、よかったです。食事は朝食だけ利用しましたが、とても美味しかったです。また伺いたいと思います。ありがとうございました。

It was the worst time from the night before the typhoon, but the staff were mainly young women, and they were treated very carefully and we were able to stay comfortably. The room was remodeled from an old private house, but it might be a calm person who doesn't have a TV. There was a private bath in the room where you can stay together. The meal was only used for breakfast, but it was very delicious. I would like to ask you again. Thank you very much.

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Mr./Ms. N.F(64)

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Yamazino 1002

9月だというのに大変暑い日に滞在することになりました。流石に夜は涼しくてエアコンも切って休みました。一泊とはいえ女性ばかりで4名で宿泊しましたので、荷物もあり、部屋から持って帰るのも大変でした。やはり車はお部屋のすぐ横にあるのが理想です。わ... Read more 9月だというのに大変暑い日に滞在することになりました。流石に夜は涼しくてエアコンも切って休みました。一泊とはいえ女性ばかりで4名で宿泊しましたので、荷物もあり、部屋から持って帰るのも大変でした。やはり車はお部屋のすぐ横にあるのが理想です。わざわざスタッフの方をお呼びして持ってもらうほどの重さでもないですし。 3回目の宿泊ですが、やはり食事は美味しくて満足しました。夜のコースの最初のアミューズ?はあまりアミューズメントではなかったかと、、 あとはどれも美味しく頂戴しました。ただ、お席の照明が暗すぎてお料理がしっかり見えなかったのが残念でした。年齢が行くと明るさがある程度ないと見えにくいものですね?! お部屋はとても気持ちよかったですが、冬は隙間風が対策が必須ですね。 城下町のお店は11時からのところもあり、できればチェックアウトは11時にしてもらいたいです。 今回はお部屋のお風呂が檜風呂でとても良かったです。温泉ではないけれど、いい香りに癒されました。ところで気になるのは、スタッフの方々のユニフォームです。女性の方がほとんどですが、黒のスーツはどうでしょうか?もう少し柔らかい印象のお洋服でもいいかと思います。ベージュやネイビー、グレーに差し色でピンクを入れたりして、できるば、何か地元の特産品の生地で制服をデザインしてみるとか、工夫すればもっと宿泊者を癒せることができると思います。 ゆったりとした時間の中に身を置くことができる環境があるので、普段の生活と違う癒されるモードが満載のホテルになってほしいなーと思っています。 古いものをそのままで生かしていくことと、それを使う人の調和が見たいです。 また別のお部屋に泊まる日が楽しみです。

Although it was September, I decided to stay on a very hot day. It was really cool at night and I turned off the air conditioner. Even though it was an overnight stay, we stayed with only 4 women, so there was luggage and it was difficult to bring it home from the room. Ideally, the car should be right next to the room. It's not heavy enough to call the staff and bring them. It was my third stay, but the food was delicious and satisfying. The first amuse of the evening course? Wasn't it a lot of amusement, the rest was delicious. However, it was a pity that the lighting in the seats was too dark to see the food. Isn't it difficult to see if there is a certain level of brightness when age goes? ! The room was very comfortable, but in the winter, a draft is necessary. There are places in the castle town from 11:00, so I would like you to check out at 11:00 if possible. This time the bath in the room was a very nice bath. Although it is not a hot spring, it was healed by a good scent. By the way, I am interested in the uniforms of the staff. Most women, but what about black suits? I think that clothes with a slightly softer impression may be acceptable. If you can, beige, navy, gray, pink, etc. . Because there is an environment where you can put yourself in a relaxed time, I want you to become a hotel full of healing modes that are different from everyday life. I want to see the harmony between using the old things as they are and the people who use them. I am looking forward to staying in another room.

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NIPPONIA Sasayama Castle Town Hotel


Hyogo, Tamba-Sasayama, Nishimachi, 25 ONAE [View map]

check-in / check-out time

15:00 / 10:00

CI/CO time may be different depending on plan.

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Number of guest rooms

21 room(s)


~'Sasayama Cuisine' dining at a historical mansion that uses French method and local ingredients~

From the past, the surroundings of Sasayama had plenty of specialty products such as Sasayama beef, Tamba black bean, Tamba chestnut, Tamba matsutake, as well as treasures of the mountain, forest, and ocean.
We offer a French cuisine with 'terroir natural' as the theme, wishing for guests to experience the the ingredients with their 5 senses. 

You can enjoy authentic French cuisine with local produce at a historic mansion that was certified as the first 'important scenic building'. It is a comfortable space where time flows slowly away from the everday and has details that symbolize the beauty of Japan. 

The chef is Shu Ishii, who holds on honorary title of 'Auguste Escoffier Disciples' presented to excellent chefs. It is a heavyweight of French cuisine that will lead to the next generation of Kansai French. With over 35 years of experience as well as skills and sense, we offer a colorful menu including seasonal local ingredients. 

Sasayama is a nationally renowned sake production area. Enjoy a marriage of sommelier's select local sake and cuisine. 

Enjoy the culture of Sasayama through the rich flavors of the season grown in the nature of Tamba Sasayama.
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The artistic architecture and design are left intact while the bath and plumbing are equipped with modern comfort.
The washbasin is arranged with the country's traditional craft, Tanba tachikui pottery, and we offer Rakanha series amenities that is gentle to the skin.
Spend time after your bath with a Yukata.
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Other facility information

~Consult about your Travel to Nipponia Concierge~
In addition to historical sites and scenic spots that can be accessed by foot, there are plenty of old-fashioned shops such as general stores and cafe. So you can discover a splendid 'meeting', the staff who love locally, will suggest the ideal way of enjoying Sasayama to your request. Hotel NIPPONIA is used often by guests to celebrate anniversaries and longevity. Please do not hesitate to contact and consult with the staff about small considerations or surprises. 

~Konda Yakushi Hot Spring  Countryside Warmth~
A natural hot spring 30 minutes by car from the hotel. With excellent spring water, spring quality, and temperature, there are 2 large communal baths that use famous Tanba-yaki as the bathtub and a Tanba bath that uses plenty of Tanba stones. You will be able to feel the beautifully surrounded nature as there are natural parks and farmer's markets.
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At Sasayama Jokamachi, there are various sight-seeing spots and events. Because there are opportunities to experience the four seasons of Sasayama, you will be able to enjoy the different experiences for each season. 

Experience a new journey into a land of culture and history.
NIPPONIA is an effort to renovate old houses left in various places while respecting its historical significance. It is an effort to reproduce the culture and history of the land through the facility. 
As the flagship to the NIPPONIA brand, Sasayama Jokamachi hotel NIPPONIA has opened in 2015. 
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※Because the facility aims to preserve this historic building and the time, confidentiality and insulation are not high. There are heating equipment and air conditioning prepared. Thank you for your understanding.
※In order for the customers to have a tasteful experience of a Japanese house, the rooms are not equipped with clocks or televisions. 
※In case of consecutive night reservation, the same room may not be prepared depending on the reservation situation. Thank you for your understanding.
※If you have any requests for rooms, please let us know in the comment section. We can not specify your room but we will try to accommodate your wishes.
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  • Bath tax
  • Children allowed
  • Room service
  • Transportation service
  • Parking area
  • Hot spring
  • Fresh hot spring
  • Room with outdoor spa
  • Public spa
  • Private spa
  • Indoor pool
  • Outdoor pool
  • Esthe/Spa facility
  • Fitness facility
  • Barrier free
  • 5 min walk from station
  • Pets allowed
  • Breakfast in room
  • Dinner in room
  • Open air bath
  • Night view
  • Ocean view
  • Cottage
  • Coupon

The accommodation features are general descriptions of the facility. The amenities and breadth of service will differ between each accommodation. For details, please confirm directly with the accommodation.


Access by public transportation.

From Osaka:
・ Osaka Station--Kashiwa Yamaguchi Station (about 50 minutes)
・ Itami Airport--Hotaruike Station--Takarazuka Station--Kashiwa Yamaguchi Station (about 75 minutes)

From Kyoto:
・ Kyoto Station--Shin Osaka Station--Kashiwa Yamaguchi Station (about 80 minutes)

From Kobe:
・ JR Amagasaki Station--Kashiyamaguchi Station (about 50 minutes)

■ About free transfer service
We offer free transfer from JR Kashiyamaguchi to the hotel front wing.
・ Meeting at 14: 30/16: 30/18: 30
・ Delivery 10: 30/12: 30
* If you wish to pick up, please make a reservation by phone at the time of reservation or the day before.

1. It may not be possible to meet your request depending on the booking status of other customers.
2. Please contact us by phone if you wish to pick up a time other than the above. (Phone number: 0120-210-289)

Hyogo, Tamba-Sasayama, Nishimachi, 25 ONAE

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