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Kyomachiya Hotel Shiki Juraku

  • Kyoto > Nijojo・Around the Gosho


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Mr./Ms. T.F(40)

Select Date:2018-02-15

Nice place to experience Japanese style accommodation. The place is clean and tidy, staffs are very helpful too!

Nice place to experience Japanese style accommodation. The place is clean and tidy, staffs are very helpful too!

Mr./Ms. R.F(43)

Select Date:2017-12-30

お部屋の雰囲気は古き良き町屋をいい感じにリノベーションされていてとても素敵な雰囲気でした。 ただ、お部屋の椅子が若干座り心地がよくなかったのと真冬の洗面でお湯を出せない設備だったこと、二階の東側の窓にブラインドがなく、朝日が眩しかったこと... Read more お部屋の雰囲気は古き良き町屋をいい感じにリノベーションされていてとても素敵な雰囲気でした。 ただ、お部屋の椅子が若干座り心地がよくなかったのと真冬の洗面でお湯を出せない設備だったこと、二階の東側の窓にブラインドがなく、朝日が眩しかったことが若干の不満でした。また、お風呂の湯船と洗い場のスペースが分かれておらず少々使いにくかったです。 全体の雰囲気はとてもよく、スタッフさんも皆よい印象の方々だったので、上記内容が改善されればまた泊まりたいと思います。

The atmosphere of the room was renovated feeling good old Machiya good feeling and it was a very nice atmosphere. However, it was somewhat dissatisfied that the room chair was somewhat unsatisfactory in sitting comfort and that it was a facility where hot water could not be brewed out in the midwinter washroom, the window on the east side of the second floor was blind, the sunrise was dazzling. Moreover, the space of the bathtub and the washing space was not divided and it was a bit difficult to use. The whole atmosphere was very good, and all the staff were also good impression people, so I would like to stay again if the above contents are improved.

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Mr./Ms. M.A(61)

Select Date:2017-12-27


Thank you very much. We were able to stay with 4 people and we were satisfied because there were not many large facilities. I want to stay again.

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Mr./Ms. M.N(25)

Select Date:2017-12-23


It was very comfortable to spend. Thank you very much.

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Mr./Ms. M.I(52)

Select Date:2017-12-17

7号室を使用させていただきました。 スタッフさんの対応もとても素晴らしく、お部屋もすごくよかったです。 京都らしい佇まいとモダンさの絶妙な配合がすごく良くできていると感心しました。 改善点が1点。お風呂が猫足のバスタブなのですが、シャ... Read more 7号室を使用させていただきました。 スタッフさんの対応もとても素晴らしく、お部屋もすごくよかったです。 京都らしい佇まいとモダンさの絶妙な配合がすごく良くできていると感心しました。 改善点が1点。お風呂が猫足のバスタブなのですが、シャワーを使うと、無垢の木板の床にお湯が落ちてしまいます。もちろん、考えられているのでしょうが、「木が腐らないかな」とか心配になりました。 その為かバスルームの換気が強く、すごく寒く感じました。 鏡も曇りやすく、シャワーのあとすぐには使用できないほど曇ります。 他の設備が良いだけにちょっとだけ不満が残ります。

We used room number 7. The correspondence of the staff was also very wonderful, and the room was also very good. I was impressed that the exquisite formulation of Kyoto 's appearance and modernity was very good. One improvement point is one point. The bath is a cat-leg bathtub, but when you use a shower, hot water falls on the floor of a solid wood board. Of course it is thought that, "I wonder if the tree will not decay" I was worried. For that reason the ventilation of the bathroom was strong and I felt it was very cold. The mirror is also easily cloudy, and it gets cloudy enough to be unusable immediately after the shower. I am dissatisfied slightly just because the other facilities are good.

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Mr./Ms. M.T(42)

Select Date:2017-08-17

初めての一棟貸しでしたが、とても快適に過ごせました。朝食も美味しかったです。量も丁度良く、ランチに響きません。強いて言えば、到着して何処から入っていいのか分かりづらい、ウェルカムのお菓子は京都の物が良かったかな。東京から伺って東京のお菓子を... Read more 初めての一棟貸しでしたが、とても快適に過ごせました。朝食も美味しかったです。量も丁度良く、ランチに響きません。強いて言えば、到着して何処から入っていいのか分かりづらい、ウェルカムのお菓子は京都の物が良かったかな。東京から伺って東京のお菓子を食するのはどんなに良い物でも味気ないです。

It was my first lending, but I was able to spend it very comfortably. Breakfast was delicious, too. The amount is also exactly good, and it does not echo to lunch. Strictly speaking, I think that the thing in Kyoto was good at the welcome cake, which it was hard to understand where I could enter from where I arrived. Even if you visit from Tokyo and eat sweets in Tokyo it is not good for anything.

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Mr./Ms. T.N(Private)

Select Date:2017-08-13


Thank you for this time. With a very pleasant customer service, I was able to relax in a relaxing room.

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Mr./Ms. M.H(Private)

Select Date:2017-08-11


While leaving the original goodness of the town house, I felt that it was finished as a modern and comfortable accommodation facility. I think that it is a wonderful activity as a town house maintenance.

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Mr./Ms. S.Y(60)

Select Date:2017-03-27

野菜たっぷりの朝食は素晴らしかったです。海外から来たゲストもゆっくり眠れたようでした。 有難うございました。

The breakfast with plenty of vegetables was wonderful. It seemed that guests who came from abroad slept slowly. Thank you.

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