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吉祥CAREN Kissho Caren

Kissho Caren / Shizuoka Higashiizu 62


Kisso Caren, which is a new style Japanese Ryokan, stands on the place where you can watch the great view of Sagami bay.
It has enough taste of a resort hotel while the travel atmosphere of only Izu remains.

One of the fascinations is the “OMOTENASHI.” A very perfect extraordinary life waits for you so that you want to stay not only one night but several days. 

In your room, you can enjoy a collaboration of a great view of Sagami bay and natural hot springs. You can be healed by the collaboration of blue sea and clear hot water.

After relaxing in the room where the appearance still remains of a Japanese Ryokan atmosphere, please taste French Kaiseki, Teppanyaki, and Japanese Kaiseki cuisines.  You can enjoy the harmony of Japanese and Western, the sound and smell of Teppan-yaki, and our proud Japanese cuisine as you like.
Please take a luxury into your tired body and soul by Marine treatment method thalassotherapy: Seaweed, sea mud, and seawater heals you.

Please enjoy a new Isu travel in the luxury space with Tamatsubaki.
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Corner Guestroom

大変お世話になりました。 夕食の感想を書きます。 フレンチ懐石との事でしたが、フレンチ?和懐石?とコンセプトか解らず何を食べさせたいのか?と思いました。 ハッキリ言って、セブンイレブンのお惣菜の方が美味しいと思ってしまいました。 朝... Read more 大変お世話になりました。 夕食の感想を書きます。 フレンチ懐石との事でしたが、フレンチ?和懐石?とコンセプトか解らず何を食べさせたいのか?と思いました。 ハッキリ言って、セブンイレブンのお惣菜の方が美味しいと思ってしまいました。 朝食の卵焼きは美味しかったです。 後は食事処の雰囲気と照明(もう少し明るい方が良い)が残念でした。 お風呂はとても良かったです。

Thank you for all the help you have given me. Write your impression of dinner. You mentioned French Kaiseki, French? Japanese kaiseki? What do you want to eat without knowing the concept? I thought. To be clear, I thought 7-Eleven's side dishes were more delicious. The fried egg for breakfast was delicious. After that, the atmosphere of the restaurant and the lighting (better a little brighter) were disappointing. The bath was very good.

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Mr./Ms. R.A(51)

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Japanese-Western Corner 2 rooms

色々なおもてなしをしていただき、ありがとうございました。楽しい時間を過ごさせていただきました。 また、伺いたいと思います。 屋上露天風呂は、素晴らしかったのですが ひとつだけ お部屋のお風呂に入りたかったのですが、 あまり入る... Read more 色々なおもてなしをしていただき、ありがとうございました。楽しい時間を過ごさせていただきました。 また、伺いたいと思います。 屋上露天風呂は、素晴らしかったのですが ひとつだけ お部屋のお風呂に入りたかったのですが、 あまり入る方がいないのか 長年、使われていなかったようで お掃除がされていませんでした。 それと、夕食がフレンチ懐石でしたが ものすごく早いペースで、たくさんのお皿が 目の前に並んでしまい、ゆっくり食べることが できませんでした。 次回は、和食の夕食があると嬉しいです。

Thank you for your various hospitality. I had a good time. I also want to ask. The rooftop open-air bath was wonderful, but I only wanted to take a bath in my room, but I didn't clean it because there weren't too many people or they hadn't been used for many years. Also, dinner was French kaiseki, but at a very fast pace, many dishes lined up in front of me and I could not eat slowly. Next time, I would be happy to have a Japanese dinner.

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Mr./Ms. S.T(51)

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Guestroom with Observational Bath

年末の一泊が我慢できず、急遽お宿を探して、ヒットしたのがCARENさん。かれこれ10年ぶりの宿泊です。 今回は、帰省ラッシュに巻き込まれないよう、マイカーはやめ、電車にて宿に向かいました。 東京駅で弁当を調達しルンルン気分で伊豆熱川... Read more 年末の一泊が我慢できず、急遽お宿を探して、ヒットしたのがCARENさん。かれこれ10年ぶりの宿泊です。 今回は、帰省ラッシュに巻き込まれないよう、マイカーはやめ、電車にて宿に向かいました。 東京駅で弁当を調達しルンルン気分で伊豆熱川駅へ。 天気はどんより曇り、雨もパラパラ。 お宿に着くと、雰囲気とは無縁な昆布茶でおもてなし。 お部屋は角部屋の和室二間の露天風呂付き。お部屋は普通の広さで開放感はない。ベッドがない事に気付きちょっと後悔です。また、角部屋だからかWi-Fiの環境は悪い。 でも、海を見渡せるロケーションは抜群、露天風呂もとても広い。自然もいっぱいで、鳥の鳴き声も心地よい。 あー、来て良かった。 到着早々に、アフタヌーンティーのサービスがありました。シェフにパンケーキを焼いていただきました。 夕食の鉄板焼きはとても満足。 1時間半程のコースですが、前菜、お刺身、スープ、サラダ、伊勢海老、お肉、ご飯、デザート、質、ボリュームも大変満足です。 外のお風呂の湯上りどころには、ところてんや麦茶などのサービスがありました。 翌日は、朝から晴れわたり海は青く輝き、メジロさんは春が来たかのように桜の木で戯れている。 朝食は和食にしました。 グレードの高い最高の朝食です。 鯵の干物は、ふわっふわ!桜海老の卵焼きも香り豊かで美味しい。鯵のたたき、茶碗蒸し、ご飯も味噌汁もとても美味しい。 年末の時期で、そこそこのお値段でしたが、ロケーション、おもてなし、お部屋の源泉掛け流し露天風呂、お食事、チェックアウト時間などなど勘案して、非常に満足なものでした。 海辺の宿で、施設にも綻びが目立ってきております。計画的に修繕して今の質ともてなしを維持していただきたいと思います。 宿のスタッフの方々も、ごく普通に接する感じで素っ気なくて僕らにとっては良かったです笑。 またお邪魔したいと思います。 ありがとうございました。

I couldn't stand one night at the end of the year. This is my first stay in 10 years. This time, I stopped my car and went to the inn by train so that I would not get caught in the homecoming rush. Procure a lunch at Tokyo Station and go to Izu Atagawa Station with a feeling of run. The weather is overcast and the rain is dry. When you arrive at the inn, you will be welcomed with kelp tea that is unrelated to the atmosphere. The room has an open-air bath between two Japanese-style rooms. The rooms are medium in size and open. It is a little regret to notice that there is no bed. Also, because of the corner room, the environment of Wi-Fi is bad. However, the location overlooking the sea is outstanding, and the open-air bath is very large. The nature is full and the birds sing is pleasant. Oh, it was good to come. Immediately upon arrival, there was afternoon tea service. Chef baked pancakes. Teppanyaki for dinner is very satisfying. It is about an hour and a half course, but the appetizer, sashimi, soup, salad, lobster, meat, rice, dessert, quality and volume are also very satisfying. In the baths outside the bath, there were services such as Toroten and barley tea. The next day, the sea clears from the morning and the sea shines blue, and Megiro is playing with the cherry tree as if spring had come. Breakfast was Japanese. It is the best breakfast of high grade. The dried fish of the horse mackerel is fluffy! Shrimp shrimp fried eggs are also fragrant and delicious. Horse mackerel beaten, chawanmushi, rice and miso soup are very delicious. It was a reasonable price at the end of the year, but it was very satisfying considering the location, hospitality, open-air bath with meals flowing from the source of the room, meals, check-out time, etc. In the seaside inn, the facilities are becoming more and more ruined. We want you to repair it systematically and maintain the current quality and hospitality. The staff at the inn were also very friendly to us as if we were in touch with each other, so it was good for us. I want to bother you again. Thank you very much.

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Kissho Caren


Higashiizu, Hokkawaonsen [View map]

check-in / check-out time

14:00 / 11:00

CI/CO time may be different depending on plan.

Credit card


Number of guest rooms

30 room(s)


◆Restarant “Four Seasons”
You can enjoy French Kaiseki to taste the luxury of French cuisine and a delicacy of Japanese cuisine together. Please enjoy the beautiful dishes. 

◆Teppan-yaki(roasting on a hot plate) ‘AOTAKE’
Please enjoy the roasted smell of well roasted food or the pleasant conversation with the chef while eating the hottest dishes. Please eat Teppan-yaki at casual Ryokan where you can enjoy without any affectation while wearing yukata and Setta(Japanese leather-soled sandals).

◆Private room Restaurant ‘YUGEN-AN’・・・for staying guest in outlook bath room type
Please enjoy Japanese cuisine“KAISEKI” with selected luxury ingredients of Izu at a private space with an emphasis on privacy. Please enjoy the higher grade dishes and be satisfied with a quiet time and luxury. 

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Exchange system of men's and women's bathrooms allows you to enjoy soaking both.
You can see Sagami bay and Izu Ohshima from the open air bath surrounding sky, ocean, and green.

The open air bath which sunlight filtering through trees and smell of winds spread out heals your fatigue of the travel and soothes your body and soul.
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Other facility information

◆Kissho spa
<Open hour>2:00pm~11:00pm(LO 11:00pm)
Please enjoy Marine treatment method thalassotherapy: using seaweed, sea mud, and seawater, natural TSUBAKI OIL of Izu Ohshima, and hand treatment techniques of the therapists. 

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◆Rental items
・favorite aroma service
(kimmokusei, yuzu, lavender, rose, bergamot, tea tree, grapefruit, etc.)
※Izu kogen minami ohmurogama original aroma pot in the room. Sakura aroma is already set.

◆Concierge Desk
24-hours help by the concierge is available for your comfortable stay. We inform you about in the building of course, and also about leisure such as sightseeing nearby, strolling, etc. Do not hesitate to ask us.
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The bath tax of 150 yen is not included in the plan.
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  • Bath tax
  • Children allowed
  • Room service
  • Transportation service
  • Parking area
  • Hot spring
  • Fresh hot spring
  • Room with outdoor spa
  • Public spa
  • Private spa
  • Indoor pool
  • Outdoor pool
  • Esthe/Spa facility
  • Fitness facility
  • Barrier free
  • 5 min walk from station
  • Pets allowed
  • Breakfast in room
  • Dinner in room
  • Open air bath
  • Night view
  • Ocean view
  • Cottage
  • Coupon

The accommodation features are general descriptions of the facility. The amenities and breadth of service will differ between each accommodation. For details, please confirm directly with the accommodation.


Access by public transportation.

【by train】
・Tokyo sta.―(JR Special express super-view Odoriko-go)―IzuAtagawa sta.―(Hotel bus)―Kissho CAREN
・Tokyo sta.―(Shinkansen)―Atami sta.―(JR Ito Line)―Ito sta.―(Izu Kyuko Line)―IzuAtagawa sta.―(Hotel bus)―Kissho CAREN
・Tokyo sta.―(Odakyu Line)―Odawara sta.―(JR Tokaido Line)―Atami sta.―(JR Ito Line)―Ito sta.―(Izu Kyuko Line)―IzuAtagawa sta.―(Hotel bus)―Kissho CAREN
・Nagoya sta.―(Shinkansen)―Atami sta.―(JR Ito Line)―Ito sta.―(Izu Kyuko Line)―IzuAtagawa sta.―(Hotel bus)―Kissho CAREN
・Shin-osakasta.―(Shinkansen)―Atami sta.―(JR Ito Line)―Ito sta.―(Izu Kyuko Line)―IzuAtagawa sta.―(Hotel bus)―Kissho CAREN

※Hotel Bus
If you go out of Izu Atagawa station, the hotel bus waits at the terminal in front of just left side of ‘Umigawa deguchi’bus stop.(No reservation needed. In the case the bus is full, we are sorry you may not get on the bus.)

Higashiizu, Hokkawaonsen

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