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Solaria Nishitetsu Hotel Fukuoka

casual City-centered Hotel
  • Fukuoka > Fukuoka city (Tenjin ・ Momochihama)


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Other Facilities4.6/5

Mr./Ms. S.S(30)

Select Date:2019-01-20

Perfect location , facilities are new and comfortable

Perfect location , facilities are new and comfortable

Mr./Ms. M.H(57)

Select Date:2019-06-23

接客が丁寧で、部屋も満足でした また、博多に旅行する際には予約したいと思っています

The customer service was polite and the room was satisfactory and I would like to make a reservation when traveling to Hakata

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Mr./Ms. K.H(42)

Select Date:2019-05-04


thank you for helping me. Thanks to you, I was able to spend a comfortable two days!

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Mr./Ms. T.H(53)

Select Date:2019-05-02

ゆずイカ明太の購入無事に完了しました スタッフの親切な対応たいへん有難かったです また利用させていただきます 有難う御座いました

The purchase of Yuzu Ika Aita was completed successfully The kind response of the staff It was very thankful We will use again Thank you

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Mr./Ms. C.K(48)

Select Date:2019-04-11


The location is very convenient, the service staff is also very courteous

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Mr./Ms. K.K(55)

Select Date:2019-04-13

立地が良く、とても便利だったし、部屋がきれいだったので、金額に納得でした。 今回エレベーターの場所からとても遠かったのが残念でしたが、道路に面してなく、夜もとても静かで、落ち着いて過ごせました。ありがとうございました

The location was good, it was very convenient and the room was clean, so I was convinced by the amount. It was disappointing that I was very far from the location of the elevator this time, but I was not facing the road and was very quiet at night, so I could spend calmly. Thank you very much

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Mr./Ms. M.M(Private)

Select Date:2019-03-24

立地に申し分なく、家族4人で一部屋はとてもありがたいプランでした。 あと、洗い場があるバスルームは落ち着きますし、美顔器があるのは乾燥しがちのホテルライフには気の利いたサービスだと嬉しく思いました。 ただ、眺望のよいお部屋で予約をしまし... Read more 立地に申し分なく、家族4人で一部屋はとてもありがたいプランでした。 あと、洗い場があるバスルームは落ち着きますし、美顔器があるのは乾燥しがちのホテルライフには気の利いたサービスだと嬉しく思いました。 ただ、眺望のよいお部屋で予約をしましたが、眺望と言うほどの景色ではありません。眺望として値段を上げる価値はないと思います。それとコーヒーマシーンが壊れて使えなかったのはガッカリ。チェックアウト前に使用して気づいたので、あえてクレームは入れませんでしたが、すこし損した気分でした。

The location was perfect, one family with 4 family members was a very welcome plan. After that, the bathroom with the washroom is calm and I am glad that having a facial care device is a nice service for the hotel life that tends to be dry. However, I made a reservation in a room with a good view, but it is not a view that I say a view. I do not think it is worthwhile to raise the price as a view. And it was disappointing that the coffee machine was broken and could not be used. I noticed that I used it before checkout, so I didn't enter any claims, but I felt a little lost.

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Mr./Ms. Y.A(51)

Select Date:2019-03-09

交通アクセス、部屋から見える景色、室内設備の数々にとても満足しました。伝統工芸品を実用的に使っていたのも良かったです。些細なことですが、ゴミ箱があって欲しいと思う位置(数ヶ所)にちゃんと設置されていて関心しました。朝食は地元の野菜がとても新... Read more 交通アクセス、部屋から見える景色、室内設備の数々にとても満足しました。伝統工芸品を実用的に使っていたのも良かったです。些細なことですが、ゴミ箱があって欲しいと思う位置(数ヶ所)にちゃんと設置されていて関心しました。朝食は地元の野菜がとても新鮮で大感激しました。また利用させていただきます。ありがとうございました!

I am very satisfied with the traffic access, the view from the room, the number of indoor facilities. It was also good to have used traditional crafts practically. As a trivial thing, I was concerned about being installed properly at the position (several places) that I wanted to have a garbage can. Breakfast was very impressed with local vegetables very fresh. I will be using this again. Thank you very much!

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Mr./Ms. J.P(42)

Select Date:2019-02-26

방음이 안되요... 팬돌아가는소리도 큽니다 ㅜ 그것 빼고 만족요

I can not hear sound ... The sound of the fan is big.

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Mr./Ms. L.K(39)

Select Date:2019-01-05

員工服務很好,特別是禮賓部員工Arisa Kanda,由於此行是太太生日,出發前聯絡酒店能否代訂蛋糕、介紹一些當地餐廳及代訂餐廳,Arisa Kanda都不厭其煩地一一辦妥,服務超水準!另外,酒店所有職員都非常有禮貌,超讚!下次去福岡必定會... Read more 員工服務很好,特別是禮賓部員工Arisa Kanda,由於此行是太太生日,出發前聯絡酒店能否代訂蛋糕、介紹一些當地餐廳及代訂餐廳,Arisa Kanda都不厭其煩地一一辦妥,服務超水準!另外,酒店所有職員都非常有禮貌,超讚!下次去福岡必定會再住!

The staff service is very good, especially the staff of the concierge staff, Arisa Kanda. Because this trip is the birthday of the wife, Arisa Kanda will take care of the cakes, introduce some local restaurants and order restaurants before departure. Super level! In addition, all the staff of the hotel are very polite and awesome! Next time I go to Fukuoka, I will definitely stay again!

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Mr./Ms. L.Y(Private)

Select Date:2019-01-08

位置非常方便 房間新,時尚舒服 房間大-開兩個29寸喼都冇問題,好多櫃桶擺放東西 三邊落床 廁所大(乾濕分離)超讚! 衣櫃大到可以推埋個喼入去 性價比高,一定會再入住^_^

The location is very convenient, the room is new, the fashion is comfortable, the room is big - two 29-inch cockroaches are open, and many cabinets are placed on the three sides of the bed. The toilet is large (dry and wet separation) is awesome! The wardrobe is big enough to push in and break into the cost-effective, and will definitely stay again ^_^

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Mr./Ms. A.S(51)

Select Date:2018-12-23

アクセス抜群、部屋も快適で旅のテンションが上がります。 また利用したいです。

Excellent access, the room is comfortable and the tension of the trip rises. I still want to use it.

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Mr./Ms. N.F(34)

Select Date:2018-12-23

和洋室を利用しました。リニューアルされ、綺麗で豪華。アメニティの充実、コーヒーメーカーや、食器までのこだわりを感じ、気持ちよくすごさせていただきました。朝食のビュッフェでは、一つ一つが美味しく、子どもたちも大満足したようでした。ありがとうご... Read more 和洋室を利用しました。リニューアルされ、綺麗で豪華。アメニティの充実、コーヒーメーカーや、食器までのこだわりを感じ、気持ちよくすごさせていただきました。朝食のビュッフェでは、一つ一つが美味しく、子どもたちも大満足したようでした。ありがとうございました!

We used the Japanese-style room. It was renewed, beautiful and luxurious. I felt the amenity enhancement, the coffee maker and the commitment to the dishes, I felt comfortable. At breakfast buffet, each one was delicious and the children seemed to be very satisfied. Thank you very much!

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Mr./Ms. R.H(Private)

Select Date:2018-11-25


My wife was very pleased in a very nice room that I could see the illumination of Kaisei Park. Also, it was good access, so I enjoyed shopping and eating. I would like to use it next time as well.

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Mr./Ms. S.K(Private)

Select Date:2018-11-11

정말 좋은 위치에 깔끔하고 넓은 객실과 어메니티 모두 마음에 들었습니다! 아래 공원이 보여서 전망도 좋았고요. 후쿠오카의 전통을 많이 보여주려는 호텔이라고 생각합니다!

I liked both the clean and spacious rooms and amenities in a really good location! I could see the park below and it looked good. I think that it is hotel to show a lot of tradition of Fukuoka!

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Mr./Ms. S.N(70)

Select Date:2018-10-10

洗面シンクの水はけが悪い。タオルの吸水性が良くない感じがした。コーヒーメーカーの使い勝手がいまいち。説明書の置き場所が悪かったせいもありますが。 全体的には新しく快適でした。

Drainage of the washing sink is bad. I felt the water absorbency of the towel was not good. Coffee maker's usability is not good. Although there was a bad place to put the instructions, it was bad. Overall it was new and comfortable.

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Mr./Ms. Y.T(23)

Select Date:2018-09-07

とてもお部屋がキレイで大変満足しております。 普段は安いお宿にしか利用しないため、貴重な機会になりました。 また利用したいと思います。

Very clean rooms and very satisfied. As we usually only use it for cheap accommodation, it was a valuable opportunity. I want to use it again.

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Mr./Ms. N.T(48)

Select Date:2018-08-12

改装されて気持ちよく利用させていただきました。 駐車場も便利で、ロケーションも抜群なのでまた利用させていただきます。

It was refurbished and I used it pleasantly. Parking lot is convenient, location is also excellent, so I will use again.

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Mr./Ms. K.M(61)

Select Date:2018-08-12


If you leave your luggage, it was helpful to have delivered to the room ❗️ Shopping and meals are convenient. It was good, especially because it was hot and I did not want to go outside. It is hard to get through between Solaria Plaza and Solaria Stage to get a car in the parking lot.

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Mr./Ms. S.K(45)

Select Date:2018-08-01


The correspondence of the staff, etc. was very good. The room was clean and convenient location was very good. I took a bath slowly. The point of dissatisfaction is that the breakfast venue was under renovation and the checkout time was 10 o'clock.

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Mr./Ms. M.T(46)

Select Date:2018-06-22

リニューアルされたお部屋に泊まりましたが、狭いながらもとてもセンス良くコンパクトにまとまっており、充分寛ぐことができました。6階のレストランで会食の予定があったのですが、同じ階にフロントがあり、とても便利だと感じました。チェックアウトがもう... Read more リニューアルされたお部屋に泊まりましたが、狭いながらもとてもセンス良くコンパクトにまとまっており、充分寛ぐことができました。6階のレストランで会食の予定があったのですが、同じ階にフロントがあり、とても便利だと感じました。チェックアウトがもう少し遅ければゆっくりできたのですが、工事業者の方が9時半ごろから準備を始めていて、周囲の部屋で音がし出したので、慌ただしく準備をすることとなりました。リニューアル工事が終わり、全てのお部屋が綺麗になったら、また、是非利用させていただきます。

Although I stayed in the renovated room, I was able to relax well enough because it was compact enough to be very good sense though it was narrow. Although there was a schedule of dinner at the restaurant on the 6th floor, I felt it was very convenient with a reception on the same floor. I could relax slowly if the checkout was a little late, but the construction contractor started preparing around 9:30 and sound began to appear in the surrounding room, so I decided to prepare quickly. When renewal construction is over and every room becomes beautiful, I will also use it by all means.

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Mr./Ms. J.N(50)

Select Date:2018-04-22

チェックインの時間よりも前に到着してしまったのに快くお部屋に案内して下さり助かりました。ありがとうございました。 お部屋は凄く広くはないですが綺麗でスタイリッシュでお風呂も洗い場まであってとても良かったです。フロントの方も他のスタッフの方... Read more チェックインの時間よりも前に到着してしまったのに快くお部屋に案内して下さり助かりました。ありがとうございました。 お部屋は凄く広くはないですが綺麗でスタイリッシュでお風呂も洗い場まであってとても良かったです。フロントの方も他のスタッフの方も感じが良くてとても良い滞在ができました。

Although I arrived before the check-in time, I was pleasantly surprised to guide me to the room with pleasure. Thank you very much. The rooms are not very spacious, but they are beautiful and stylish and the baths are also very good with washing spaces. The staff at the front desk and the other staff were also very nice and I was able to stay very well.

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Mr./Ms. A.N(50)

Select Date:2017-07-18

立地もよく買い物もできるので1人での出張のなどにも利用させて頂いています。 今回も女性用ドライヤーをお願いすると早急な対応でしたし連泊だったので初めて朝食も頂きましたが、とても心地よい良い空間でした。

Because we can also shop well in terms of location, we can also use it for business trips by one person. It was a quick response when asking for a lady's hairdryer this time and so I had breakfast for the first time as it was consecutive nights, but it was a very comfortable good space.

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Mr./Ms. M.Y(Private)

Select Date:2017-04-23


Thank you very much for having you enjoyed various nice overnight two days this time. Especially, I am thankful to Mr. Hirose, Deputy Manager of Asahura for a nice response. Thank you very much. I would like to use it next time, so in that case I would appreciate your favor.

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Select Date:2016-10-28

1歳11ヶ月の息子を連れての宿泊でしたが、急なご相談にも快く対応下さり、スタッフの皆さまの心遣いのおかげで快適に過ごせました。 ベッドは幅2m超のハリウッドツインで寝相の悪い息子も転落の心配がなく、浴室は広く、シャワーブースがあります。赤... Read more 1歳11ヶ月の息子を連れての宿泊でしたが、急なご相談にも快く対応下さり、スタッフの皆さまの心遣いのおかげで快適に過ごせました。 ベッドは幅2m超のハリウッドツインで寝相の悪い息子も転落の心配がなく、浴室は広く、シャワーブースがあります。赤ちゃんにも安心して使える専用のボディソープも気が利いています。買物や食事に便利な立地で、12時のチェックアウトと何かと準備に時間のかかる小さな子連れの旅には助かります。 17階のオムツ替えと女性用トイレに設置の石鹸、消毒液のボトルが空だったことが唯一残念でしたが、その他は大満足です。

Although I was staying with my 1 year old and 11 month son, I was happy to respond to a sudden consultation and I was able to spend comfortably thanks to the concern of the staff. The bed is a Hollywood twin with a width of more than 2 m and there is no worry of falling son with a bad sleeve, the bathroom is wide, there is a shower booth. Also specialized body soap which can be used safely also for babies is attentive. It is convenient for shopping and meals, it is saved for the small check-out trip where it takes time to check out at 12 o'clock and prepare something. Although it was regrettable that the diaper change on the 17th floor and the bottle of soap and disinfectant set in the ladies' toilet were empty, the others are satisfactory.

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Mr./Ms. Y.K(34)

Select Date:2016-07-02

スタッフさんの挨拶とどんなリクエストにも柔軟に対応して下さる姿勢にホテル全体のおもてなしを感じました。 部屋も清潔に保たれており、適度に広く、子連れの家族には最適でした。 朝食の九州の特産品を多く取り揃えた和食も大変満足でした。

I felt the hospitality of the whole hotel to the staff's greetings and attitude to respond flexibly to any request. The room was kept clean, it was moderately spacious, it was the best for a family with children. The Japanese food which stocked many special products of breakfast Kyushu was also very satisfying.

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Mr./Ms. K.H(57)

Select Date:2019-05-07

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Mr./Ms. H.C(37)

Select Date:2018-10-28

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Mr./Ms. F.L(49)

Select Date:2018-07-26

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