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ウェルネスオーベルジュ&スパ Benefit for You Beppu Onsen Holistic Retreat Benefit for You

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Beppu Onsen Holistic Retreat Benefit for You / Oita Beppu 2


Beppu is a prominent hot spring area in Japan.
The holistic retreat for women, "Benefit for You" is located in this town of hot spring cure where many recuperating patients came.

This land has healed many people.
There is supreme relaxation here surrounded by rich nature and historical high-quality hot spring, where your body and soul will be reborn.

"A time for yourself" will begin once you step inside the facility.
You may view the Beppu bay and the garden full of seasonal flowers and herbs from the room.
Wake up by the chirps of the birds, and bath in the morning sunlight viewing the beautiful scenery.

Experience the mud bath which is rare in Japan, at the healing spa area.
In addition to its high heating effect, by mixing the hot spring with the peloid rich in minerals, it will moisten the skin and make your skin brighter.

The meals that make your body pursues safety.
Food made from natural farming is carefully selected and is formulated into a delicious beautiful dish. The fresh meal is true, an "edible essence".

Your self-maintenance will be granted, by exercising in the gym, reading in the lounge, and walking in the garden where there are a brook and various types of flowers.

Why not take a trip where you will be freed from the busy every day, and care of yourself?      
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Other Facilities4.4/5

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2F Twin

施設もお料理も接客も、最高のホテルでした。 また、利用させて頂きたいと思います。 有難うございました。

Both facilities and food and service were excellent. Also, I would like to use it. Thank you.

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Mr./Ms. R.K(55)

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4F Twin

SPAの泉質、種類は良かったです。ただ、お部屋のお掃除やドリンクの補充等、こちらが申し出無ければサービス無しというコンセプトを考えると、コストパフォーマンスが悪いと感じました。 ラウンジのお菓子はしけてましたし、SPAも利用時間が限られて... Read more SPAの泉質、種類は良かったです。ただ、お部屋のお掃除やドリンクの補充等、こちらが申し出無ければサービス無しというコンセプトを考えると、コストパフォーマンスが悪いと感じました。 ラウンジのお菓子はしけてましたし、SPAも利用時間が限られていて残念でした。お食事も、同じ味付けの食事が多く、連泊者には飽きが来ます。フルーツ等をもっと出して欲しかったです。 また、何より驚いたのは、SPAの浴槽に入っている人が窓ガラスに映り込み、部屋のベランダから丸見えだったことです。 個人的に、ゆっくりお籠り型のホテルは好きなので、もう一歩工夫してコスパをあげていただけると、リピートしたくなると思います。

SPA quality and kind were good. However, I felt that the cost performance was bad considering the concept of no service if there was no offer such as cleaning the room or refilling drinks. It was a pity that the sweets in the lounge were busy and the time spent on the SPA was limited. There are many meals with the same seasoning, too, and people get tired of staying overnight. I wanted to put out more fruits etc. Also, it was most surprising that the people in the SPA tub were reflected on the window glass and were able to see from the room's veranda. Personally, I like slow-talking hotels, so I think it would be tempting to repeat it once you devise one more step and raise the cospa.

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Mr./Ms. M.T(50)

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4F 4 Bedroom

二度目の宿泊でした。 チェックイン時スタッフの方が 「おかえりなさいませ」 と出迎えていただき、自宅に帰ってきたような ホッとした気分になりました。 今回は友人お誕生日で伺いましたが、 夕食のメインをお肉とお魚どちらになさい... Read more 二度目の宿泊でした。 チェックイン時スタッフの方が 「おかえりなさいませ」 と出迎えていただき、自宅に帰ってきたような ホッとした気分になりました。 今回は友人お誕生日で伺いましたが、 夕食のメインをお肉とお魚どちらになさいますか? との問いに「両方食べたいのでシェアしてください」 とお願いしたところ心よくシェアして提供してくださり、 またキュートなシンデレラのチョコレートプレートで サプライズお誕生日のお祝いで友人が大変喜んでいました。 チェックアウトの際も車が見えなくなるまでお見送りをしてくださり スタッフの皆さんの心つくしのおもてなしと 身体に配慮したお料理で心身ともにリフレッシュできました。 定期に足を運びたくなる施設です。

It was a second stay. The staff at the check-in welcomed me as "Welcome back" and it felt like I felt like I came back home. I asked on my friend 's birthday this time, but would you like meal or fish for dinner' s main? I asked "Please share as you want to eat both" because I want to eat both, "she said that she shared it with a good heart and provided it with a cute Cinderella chocolate plate Surprise birthday celebration is very pleasing to my friends did. Even when checking out, we were able to see off the car until it became invisible, and we were able to refresh our mind and body with the hospitality of our staff and hospitality-friendly dishes. It is a facility that wants to visit regularly.

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Beppu Onsen Holistic Retreat Benefit for You


4-3-1 Ogura, Beppu city, Oita [View map]

check-in / check-out time

15:00 / 11:00

CI/CO time may be different depending on plan.

Credit card


Number of guest rooms

13 room(s)


Health preserving Italian Cuisine
A chef who has worked as the main chef at an old established Italian restaurant in Kyoto.
The dishes of Takaki Tomoiki is full of wonder and surprise. The seasonal vegetables which are made by natural farming and delivered encounters the ripest time at that moment, at that season. These vegetables are made into a delicious and beautiful cuisine by the most suitable techniques. The meals that are offered ranging from pasta, grissinis to bread are all made by the chef. The techniques and the personality of Takaki chef who has worked at the old established Italian restaurant in Kyoto for 20 years will make the food even more delicious.

Ojyas Morning
The breakfast of Benefit for You has been renewed.

We want you to realize the health and beauty, therefore, the breakfast is carefully made.

Basing on the philosophy of Ayurveda, our new breakfast places emphasis on the 6 tastes-bitterness, tartness, sharpness, sourness, saltiness, and sweetness, to bring out the right body condition. The theme is "detox", "power" and "charge" to heighten the level of immune strength.

The main is a ginger pot-au-feu and pilaf.
With the effect of ginger that will warm your body and the food-centered on bitterness and tartness, your metabolism will rise and detox your body.

You may enjoy a jigokumushi, a cooking technique exclusive of the hot spring area of Beppu and hot spring rice porridge made from red rice of natural farming. By the food of sharpness, sourness, and saltiness, it will heighten digestion and absorption.

Caponata which stews vegetables with a tomato base and whole wheat flour bread which kneads herbs and seeds. Your appetite will be stimulated by food centered on sweetness, sourness, and saltiness and you will also be nourished.
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A miraculous magical hot spring 
It is 100% natural hot spring. It is an abundant high quality hot spring which has a history where numerous recuperating patients came. The weak alkaline spring will not only remove the old keratin from your skin and stimulate metabolism, but is said to be good for women's diseases and coldness.
It is a hot spring which contains 3 times the regular amount of metasilicic acid which is an element which causes beautiful skin. It is good for chapped skin and for atopy care.

A spa area with substantial benefit for you
Mud bath
A mud bath which is rare in Japan. Due to its high heating effect, peloid bath has been used in medical fields. 
A high quality cream-like mud bath may be experienced by mixing the hot spring with peloid which contains rich minerals.

Mugwort, hot spring mist sauna
Mugwort is said to be the queen of herbs and is a herb for ladies. The dried mugword is steamed with a steam of a mist of the hot spring and is an aromatic mist sauna.
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Other facility information

In the site, a monument which praises Dr.Hatta, the Research Institute of Balneotherapeutics of Kyushu University remains, and is a hot spring where there is a record of healing the internal exposure and keloid, the scars of the war after 15 years have passed after the war.
Among the numerous hot springs of Beppu, it has been built as the nation's recreation center after the results of clinical testing. What remains are only the hot spring and the records. In 2014, a facility for women was planned, and it has been reborn inheriting the aim to be a facility for the well being of the people.
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To experience the hot spring that is said to be a hot spring of magic, it is recommended to stay for 3 days or more.

The ladies and men are exchanged according to time in the SPA zone. The time table of the SPA is as follows:
15:00-17:30 ladies 
17:30-19:00  men 
19:00-20:00 ladies 
20:00-21:00 men 
21:00-23:00 ladies
23:00-24:00 men

7:00- 10:00  ladies 
10:00-11:00 men 

The time table may change without notice.
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It has been born as the facility for ladies. Usage with only men is not possible. Men may only use if with a lady.
The refreshments in the refrigerator in the room as well as refreshments in the hotel may be freely enjoyed except alcohol during the meal time.
You may add other treatments from the option menu (charged). Please book by 18:00 the day before your stay.
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  • Children allowed
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  • Transportation service
  • Parking area
  • Hot spring
  • Fresh hot spring
  • Room with outdoor spa
  • Public spa
  • Private spa
  • Indoor pool
  • Outdoor pool
  • Esthe/Spa facility
  • Fitness facility
  • Barrier free
  • 5 min walk from station
  • Pets allowed
  • Breakfast in room
  • Dinner in room
  • Open air bath
  • Night view
  • Ocean view
  • Cottage
  • Coupon

The accommodation features are general descriptions of the facility. The amenities and breadth of service will differ between each accommodation. For details, please confirm directly with the accommodation.


Access by public transportation.

If coming by airplane:
Approx.40 minutes to Tourist Port by airport bus (bound for Beppu) from Oita airport.
Approx.15 minutes from Tourist Port by taxi.

If coming by train:
15 minutes from JR Nippo main line Beppu station by taxi 

4-3-1 Ogura, Beppu city, Oita

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