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古都の宿 むさし野 Kotono Yado Musashino

  • Nara > Nara ・Yamatokoriyama
Kotono Yado Musashino  / Nara Nara・Ikaru・Tenri 1


Nara-- the ancient capital of Japan.  
Kotono Yado Musashino is a rare inn that situates within Nara Park.
It first started as a small tea house that earned the affection of literati and politicians. As the oldest inn in Nara, the hotel's fame remains unchanged. 

You're invited to pass through the gate where history, tea, and our chefs' seasonal sweets welcome you.
You're sure to notice the brilliant flower arrangements when you take in the view of the building.
The owner makes sure each arrangement harmonies with the season.

Each room is unique and has an underlying theme of peace overlaid with the ever changing nature of Nara Park.
The rooms feature a wooden ceiling that is shaped like the bottom of a boat with high center and a relaxing wooden deck. 
The bathroom has a faint woody fragrance. Please relax in the bath while enjoying the breeze coming from Mount Wakakusa.
We also have a family bath prepared for you!

Dine in the warmth of your room. 
Our classic course uses seasonal ingredients from Nara Prefecture will no doubt make you smile. 
We can prepare your breakfast as a lunch box. Carry your pipping hot lunch to Mt. Wakakusa and eat while its invigorating breeze blows.

The primeval forest houses large herds of grass grazing deer.
Why not take a break where there's warm hospitality and the historical Kasuga Grand Shrine and Todaiji Temple are nearby?      
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Mr./Ms. N.S(39)

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Room in the West Wing

2回目の訪問でした。 前回は生憎の雨模様でしたが、小学生の息子にてるてる坊主のプレゼントがあったり、美味しい料理、そして隅々まで掃除が行き届いた綺麗な館内に、女将さんはじめ、スタッフの皆様の温かいもてなしが感じられ感動しました。 今回、... Read more 2回目の訪問でした。 前回は生憎の雨模様でしたが、小学生の息子にてるてる坊主のプレゼントがあったり、美味しい料理、そして隅々まで掃除が行き届いた綺麗な館内に、女将さんはじめ、スタッフの皆様の温かいもてなしが感じられ感動しました。 今回、その感動が忘れられず再訪したのですが、相変わらずの丁寧なもてなしに改めて感動しました。 気付いたのは布団の上げ下げや、配膳時など、客の面と向かわない動作時も微笑みを絶やさないスタッフの方々が多いこと。心がふんわりと温かくなりました。 また寄らせていただきたいと思います。 ありがとうございました。

It was my second visit. Last time it was unfortunate rainy weather, but there is a gift of a shaven kid who is a son of an elementary school student, delicious food, and a beautiful hall where every corner is cleaned, the warm hospitality of the landlady and the staff are felt I was impressed. This time, I was reminded of the excitement, but I was impressed again with the polite hospitality. I noticed that there were many staff members who could keep smiling even when they were not facing the customer, such as raising and lowering futons and serving meals. My heart has become soft and warm. I would like to come back again. Thank you very much.

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Mr./Ms. J.H(55)

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Room in the main building

台風一過のお盆休みに家族三人で二泊させていただきました。なんと言っても施設のロケーションが最高でした。正面に若草山(鹿がたくさんいました)、旅館を出てすぐの階段を降りて、散歩気分で春日大社があります。奈良公園、東大寺、興福寺などなど徒歩圏内... Read more 台風一過のお盆休みに家族三人で二泊させていただきました。なんと言っても施設のロケーションが最高でした。正面に若草山(鹿がたくさんいました)、旅館を出てすぐの階段を降りて、散歩気分で春日大社があります。奈良公園、東大寺、興福寺などなど徒歩圏内。あと特筆すべきは、提供されるお料理の数と質、二泊しましたが、夕飯はバラエティに富み、地産地消のものも多く、全てが美味しく、部屋で一品づつ出していただいたことも含めて大満足でした。朝食も十分満足で、二日目は目の前の若草山でハイキング気分で朝食をとれるようにお弁当が用意されました。少し暑かったので結局部屋で食べることにしたのですが、おにぎり、温かいお味噌などおいしかったです。お風呂は、部屋にもついていますが、大浴場もありました。温泉でなかったのは仕方ないところですが、気持ち良く入れました。私たちの部屋を主に担当してくださった女性のおもてなしも大変良いものでした。その他のスタッフの方々も人当たりが良く、歓迎されている感を強く感じました。トータルで大満足で、知人友人にもオススメしたい和風旅館です。

I stayed with my family for two nights during a typhoon. After all, the location of the facility was the best. In front of Mt. Wakakusa (there was a lot of deer), go down the stairs right after leaving the inn, and you will find Kasuga Taisha in the mood for a walk. Walking distance to Nara Park, Todaiji Temple, Kofukuji Temple and others. Also worth mentioning was the number and quality of the food offered, but we stayed for two nights. We were satisfied very much including. The breakfast was also satisfying enough, and on the second day, a lunch was prepared so that breakfast could be enjoyed in the mood of hiking in Mt. Wakakusa. I decided to eat it in the room after all because it was a little hot, but the rice balls and hot miso were delicious. There is a bath in the room, but there was a large public bath. It was inevitable that it wasn't a hot spring, but I put it in comfortably. The hospitality of the woman who was in charge of our room was also very good. The other staff members were also well-received and felt strongly welcomed. A Japanese-style ryokan that is totally satisfying and that I would like to recommend to acquaintance friends.

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Mr./Ms. R.H(56)

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Room in the Annex

先日はお世話になりました。 私達の旅行は基本的に温泉目当てのことが多いのですが、今回は私が奈良に行きたくて泊まらせていただきました。他のところではベッドが2つあるところで3人泊まると1人はお布団のことが多いのですが、ベッドが3つ用意してあ... Read more 先日はお世話になりました。 私達の旅行は基本的に温泉目当てのことが多いのですが、今回は私が奈良に行きたくて泊まらせていただきました。他のところではベッドが2つあるところで3人泊まると1人はお布団のことが多いのですが、ベッドが3つ用意してあって気持ちよく休むことができました。接客も感じよく、料理も美味しく、お部屋の露天風呂も気持ち良かったです。 大浴場は流石に少し物足りなかったので申し訳ないですが評価を少し下げました。それと一番気になったのは、隣の部屋のテレビの音でした。私達の部屋の壁の裏側にテレビが置いてあったのか、自分たちの部屋のテレビと同じくらいの音量で隣の音が聞こえてきました。もちろん朝も早くから聞こえてきました。何か対策をされたほうが良いのではと思います。 観たいところがまわり切れなかったので、また機会があればよろしくお願いします。

You were very helpful the other day. Basically, our trips are mostly aimed at hot springs, but this time I wanted to go to Nara and stayed there. In other places, when there are two beds, one person will often have a futon when staying for three people, but there were three beds and I was able to rest comfortably. The service was pleasant, the food was delicious, and the outdoor bath in the room was also pleasant. I apologize that the public bath was a bit disappointing, but I lowered my rating a bit. What I was most worried about was the sound of the TV in the next room. I heard that there was a TV on the back of the wall of our room, and the next sound was heard at the same volume as the TV in our room. Of course it was heard early in the morning. I think it would be better to take some measures. Since the place I wanted to see did not go around, I would appreciate your favor if there is another opportunity.

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Kotono Yado Musashino


Nara, Nara, Kasugano-cho 90 [View map]

check-in / check-out time

16:00 / 10:00

CI/CO time may be different depending on plan.

Credit card


Number of guest rooms

12 room(s)


Please contact the hotels/ryokans directly for more details.
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◆Hasumi no Yu
A bath whose name comes from the breeze that blows from Mount Wakakusa.
Shigaraki ceramic tiles decorate the bathhouse walls with images of flowers and wind. Enjoy the breeze and sunlight that come spilling through the bamboo fence.
◆Family bath (private reserved bath)
This bath holds up to three people. Reservation required. 40 minutes for 1,000 yen.
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Other facility information

◆Kameisan Manor exclusive lounge
Only for guests staying at Kameisan Manor.
Enjoy an espresso on the terrace as light music plays. We also offer local Nara sake tasting.
Open from 7:00~21:00.
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… fascinating
Our inn has a long history of writers and artists such as Tanizaki Jun'ichirou and Yamaoka Tesshuu, who stayed regularly. 

… heartwarming
Enjoy water overflowing with richness and an antique cypress bathtub while being surrounded by the happy faces of your family.
After your bath you'll feel a connection with the old capital.
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The building is not completely barrier free, however some rooms on the first floor have impediments removed. If you would like to use these rooms, please let us know beforehand. We do not provide wheelchairs however they can be used inside the building along with canes.
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  • Bath tax
  • Children allowed
  • Room service
  • Transportation service
  • Parking area
  • Hot spring
  • Fresh hot spring
  • Room with outdoor spa
  • Public spa
  • Private spa
  • Indoor pool
  • Outdoor pool
  • Esthe/Spa facility
  • Fitness facility
  • Barrier free
  • 5 min walk from station
  • Pets allowed
  • Breakfast in room
  • Dinner in room
  • Open air bath
  • Night view
  • Ocean view
  • Cottage
  • Coupon

The accommodation features are general descriptions of the facility. The amenities and breadth of service will differ between each accommodation. For details, please confirm directly with the accommodation.


Access by public transportation.

  By train / Shinkansen to Kyoto Station. Kyoto - Kintetsunara Station 45 minutes, taxi 10 minutes

  By train / Kintetsunara Station - Taxi 10 minutes, JR Nara - Taxi 15 minutes

Nara, Nara, Kasugano-cho 90

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