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湯布院 かほりの郷 はな村
Yufuin Kahorinosato Hanamura

  • Oita > Yufuin ・ Yunohira


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Mr./Ms. T.T(54)

Select Date:2019-05-17


It is the best with Wi-Fi! Moth

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Mr./Ms. K.Y(Private)

Select Date:2019-02-06

女性に優しい宿と銘打っているだけあり、アメニティの種類や館内のデザイン・装飾などが女性向きで素敵でした。また、従業員の皆様も大変素敵な方ばかりで気持ち良く滞在することができました。食事も凝ってあり、大変美味しく、女性にはちょうど良い量でした... Read more 女性に優しい宿と銘打っているだけあり、アメニティの種類や館内のデザイン・装飾などが女性向きで素敵でした。また、従業員の皆様も大変素敵な方ばかりで気持ち良く滞在することができました。食事も凝ってあり、大変美味しく、女性にはちょうど良い量でした。 立地も観光には最適だと思います。どこをとっても良いところばかりで湯布院に行く際はまた利用したいです。

There are only women's friendly inn, and the kind of amenity and the design and decoration in the hall were wonderful for women. In addition, employees were able to stay comfortably only with very nice people. The meal was tasty, very delicious, it was just good for women. I think that the location is also ideal for sightseeing. I would like to use it again when I go to Yufuin just where I can go anywhere.

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Mr./Ms. L.Y(Private)

Select Date:2019-01-21

地點很好,就在由布院的熱鬧街道中, 隨時可以將購物的戰利品帶回旅館再繼續逛街。 除了地點很棒外,其它就不好了, 住了兩層樓的中西式(一樓是和式,二樓是西式),房間設備普通,服務普通。就連晚餐也普通! 事先告知不吃牛肉及生魚片,菜單沒... Read more 地點很好,就在由布院的熱鬧街道中, 隨時可以將購物的戰利品帶回旅館再繼續逛街。 除了地點很棒外,其它就不好了, 住了兩層樓的中西式(一樓是和式,二樓是西式),房間設備普通,服務普通。就連晚餐也普通! 事先告知不吃牛肉及生魚片,菜單沒有出現牛肉,但是仍然出來生魚片,只是多了一個烤盤,讓你將生魚片烤熟,真的很傻眼! 另外同行友人吃素食,也沒有更改菜單料理,就還是出一樣的內容,表示不管事先告知什麼,到最後還是出一樣的內容! 這間日式旅館3大2小收費將近十萬日元,但是除了地點方便逛街外,服務及餐點就普普通通⋯⋯

The location is very good, just in the lively streets of Yufuin, you can bring the spoils of shopping back to the hotel and continue shopping. In addition to the location is very good, the other is not good, lived in two-story Chinese and Western style (the first floor is the style, the second floor is the Western style), the room equipment is ordinary, the service is ordinary. Even dinner is normal! I told you not to eat beef and sashimi in advance, the menu did not appear beef, but still sashimi, just a baking tray, let you sashimi cooked, really stupid! In addition, the friends of the same place eat vegetarian food, and did not change the menu menu, it still has the same content, indicating that no matter what you tell in advance, the same content will be produced in the end! This Japanese-style hotel has a charge of nearly 100,000 yen for the 3 big 2 small, but the service and meals are just plain and convenient except for the convenience of shopping.

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Mr./Ms. T.H(49)

Select Date:2019-01-04

今回も期待通りのサービスを有り難うございました❗ 由布院駅からぶらーっと徒歩で約10分ほど、湯平通りの入口にあり立地好し、そしてなんといってもこちらの施設はお食事にこだわりがあり本当に美味しいです。 ちょっとしたインテリアにも女将さんを... Read more 今回も期待通りのサービスを有り難うございました❗ 由布院駅からぶらーっと徒歩で約10分ほど、湯平通りの入口にあり立地好し、そしてなんといってもこちらの施設はお食事にこだわりがあり本当に美味しいです。 ちょっとしたインテリアにも女将さんを始めスタッフの皆さんのおもてなしの心を感じます。 部屋数も少なくこじんまりしていて、ゆったりとした滞在を楽しめます。 機会があれば、また訪れたいと思います❗❗

It is located at the entrance of Yuhei street for about 10 minutes on foot from Yufuin station, and I like the location as expected, and this place has a particular attention to meal Is delicious. I feel the heart of hospitality of staff members as well as female general in even a little interior. The room is small and it is small, so you can enjoy a relaxing stay. If there is opportunity, I would like to visit again ❗❗

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Mr./Ms. O.Y(49)

Select Date:2019-01-04

2泊3日 お世話になりました。 いろいろよくしていただき、ありがとうございました。 美味な食事と美肌の温泉でゆっくり過ごせて、倖せ気分になれました。 どうもありがとうございました。

Thank you for taking care of me for 2 nights 3 days. Thank you for doing a lot of things. I was able to spend my time relaxingly at the hot spring of delicious meals and beautiful skin, and I felt relieved. Thank you very much.

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Mr./Ms. S.L(29)

Select Date:2018-12-10

서비스 해주시던 분도 너무 친절했고 시설이 너무 좋아서 만족합니다! 대중탕이 유료였는지는 몰라서 체크아웃할때 좀 당황하긴 했는데, 그거 와엔 다 좋았습니다! 이틀 묵었는데 석식도 다르게 나와서 더 좋았습니... Read more 서비스 해주시던 분도 너무 친절했고 시설이 너무 좋아서 만족합니다! 대중탕이 유료였는지는 몰라서 체크아웃할때 좀 당황하긴 했는데, 그거 와엔 다 좋았습니다! 이틀 묵었는데 석식도 다르게 나와서 더 좋았습니다!

The service person was very kind and the facilities were so good! I did not know if the public bath was for a fee, and I was a bit embarrassed when I checked out, but it was great! I stayed for two days and it was better because dinner came out differently!

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Mr./Ms. L>M(44)

Select Date:2018-08-30

房間很大,但是設備很老舊,儲藏室就在房內,裡面牆壁嚴重漏水不敢讓小朋友打開。 電燈故障,修理時還造成停電,小朋友很驚恐。 出發前全家一直很期待的旅館,最後很失望。 餐點表現並不出色,整體表現與支付的費用落差很大。 服務人員服務態... Read more 房間很大,但是設備很老舊,儲藏室就在房內,裡面牆壁嚴重漏水不敢讓小朋友打開。 電燈故障,修理時還造成停電,小朋友很驚恐。 出發前全家一直很期待的旅館,最後很失望。 餐點表現並不出色,整體表現與支付的費用落差很大。 服務人員服務態度非常好,這是我們感到唯一欣慰的地方。

The room is large, but the equipment is very old, the storage room is in the room, and the inside wall is seriously leaking and the children are not allowed to open. The lamp was faulty and caused a power outage during the repair. The children were terrified. The hotel that the family had been looking forward to before the departure was very disappointing. The performance of the meal was not good, and the overall performance and payment costs were very different. The service staff is very good, this is the only place we feel happy.

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Mr./Ms. Y.W(Private)

Select Date:2018-03-26

服務人員的親切笑容令人印象深刻,還沒走到門口就出來幫忙提行李。進入房間後發現升級的榻榻米地板(原本訂房是沒有榻榻米的),令人忍不住在服務人員離開後開始在上面滾動。溫泉非常的舒適,分為大眾池跟家庭池,家庭池也是露天的,就像包場一樣。晚餐每一口... Read more 服務人員的親切笑容令人印象深刻,還沒走到門口就出來幫忙提行李。進入房間後發現升級的榻榻米地板(原本訂房是沒有榻榻米的),令人忍不住在服務人員離開後開始在上面滾動。溫泉非常的舒適,分為大眾池跟家庭池,家庭池也是露天的,就像包場一樣。晚餐每一口都吃得讚嘆不已,非常的符合女性口味,一吃口讚嘆,再吃一口繼續讚嘆。旅館內處處通滿著布置上的小巧思,走廊盡頭的小公仔,窗外逗趣的雕像。 我們將此做為日本旅遊開始的第一站,讓旅行有一個完美的開始。

The gracious smile of the service staff was impressive and they hadn't come out to the door to help out with luggage. After entering the room, I noticed that the tatami floor was upgraded (originally reserved without tatami mats). I could not help but wait for the staff to leave and start rolling. The hot springs are very comfortable. They are divided into public pools and family pools. The family pool is also open-air, like a private field. Every meal in the dinner was awe-inspiring, very much in line with women's tastes, savoring praise, and savoring it again. The hotel is full of thoughtful little ideas, small dolls at the end of the corridor, and funny statues outside the window. We take this as the first stop for Japan's tourism and let travel have a perfect start.

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Mr./Ms. A.M(55)

Select Date:2018-03-24

赤ちゃん連れだったので、露天風呂付きの個室と部屋での食事でのんびりできました。9ヶ月の赤ん坊にも浴衣を貸していただいて家族も大喜びでした。スタッフの方々がとても暖かく接していただいて、観光にもとても便利だし、はな村さんを選んで良かったです。... Read more 赤ちゃん連れだったので、露天風呂付きの個室と部屋での食事でのんびりできました。9ヶ月の赤ん坊にも浴衣を貸していただいて家族も大喜びでした。スタッフの方々がとても暖かく接していただいて、観光にもとても便利だし、はな村さんを選んで良かったです。ありがとうございました。

Because it was a baby, I could relax with a private room with open-air bath and meal in the room. My family was also very happy to lend a yukata for a nine month old baby. The staff members were very warmly touched, it was very convenient for sightseeing, and it was good to choose Mr. Hanamura. Thank you very much.

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Mr./Ms. H.F(43)

Select Date:2018-03-20

今回は息子の誕生日祝いでと伝えていたところ、ステキなサプライズを用意してくださっていて感激いたしました! また受付や配膳係のスタッフさんをはじめ、皆さん感じがよく、とても気持ちよい時間を過ごさせていただきました。 施設の古さは否めません... Read more 今回は息子の誕生日祝いでと伝えていたところ、ステキなサプライズを用意してくださっていて感激いたしました! また受付や配膳係のスタッフさんをはじめ、皆さん感じがよく、とても気持ちよい時間を過ごさせていただきました。 施設の古さは否めませんが、夕食・朝食がすごーく美味しくて、もう払拭されます。 はじめての三世帯旅行でしたが、みんな満喫しておりました。 お世話になりました!

I was told my son's birthday celebration this time, and I was deeply moved by preparing a nice surprise! Also, everyone, including the reception staff and the staff of the catering staff, had a good time and I had a very pleasant time. Although we can not deny the age of the facilities, the dinner / breakfast is very good and it is gone. It was my first three-family trip, but everyone was enjoying it. thank you for helping me!

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Mr./Ms. K.T(21)

Select Date:2018-03-20

今回娘の卒業祝いで、母娘2人の3人で利用させていただきました。 駐車場に入った時から、帰り駐車場を出るまで全てにおいてスタッフさんの対応はとても温かかったです。 夕食も朝食も、素材・味・盛り付け・量全て大満足でした〜! 立地が良く、外... Read more 今回娘の卒業祝いで、母娘2人の3人で利用させていただきました。 駐車場に入った時から、帰り駐車場を出るまで全てにおいてスタッフさんの対応はとても温かかったです。 夕食も朝食も、素材・味・盛り付け・量全て大満足でした〜! 立地が良く、外は出ればすぐに散策できる場所となっており、あいにく2日間とも雨でしたが手軽に観光を楽しめました(^O^) 今回は和洋メゾネットのお部屋を利用しました。一階は和室、二階は洋室でそれぞれにテレビも付いているので、それぞれの年代に合わせてくつろげる空間になっているのを感じました。 娘達も「また行きたい」と言っています。 ありがとうございました(o^^o)

This time my daughter's graduation celebration, I used it by three mothers and two daughters. The staff's response was very warm at all from the time of entering the parking lot until returning to the parking lot. Evening meal and breakfast, material, taste, arrangement and amount were all very satisfying! Unfortunately, it was a good location and it was a place where you could go for a walk as soon as you left outside. Unfortunately it rained for 2 days but it was easy to enjoy sightseeing (^ O ^) This time we used the room of Waza Maisonette. Because the first floor is a Japanese style room and the second floor is a Western style room with television, we felt it is a space that can be relaxed according to each age. My girls also say "I want to go again". Thank you very much (o ^^ o)

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Mr./Ms. T.H(38)

Select Date:2018-01-04

今回は急遽湯布院に行こうと思い立ち、直前に予約検索をしたところ湯布院で花むらさんのお部屋1室しか空いておらず祖母と孫の女ふたり旅でお世話になりました。設備などのハード面を挙げると皆さん色々とご指摘はあるかと思いますが、スタッフの皆さんのお客... Read more 今回は急遽湯布院に行こうと思い立ち、直前に予約検索をしたところ湯布院で花むらさんのお部屋1室しか空いておらず祖母と孫の女ふたり旅でお世話になりました。設備などのハード面を挙げると皆さん色々とご指摘はあるかと思いますが、スタッフの皆さんのお客様への心配りは素晴らしかったと思います。ありがとうございました。

I thought about going to Yufuin in a hurry this time, when I made a reservation search just before, I only had one room of Mr. Hana Mura at Yufuin and took care of my grandmother and my grandson "Woman Futari Tabi". I think everyone has pointed out various things when mentioning the hardware aspects such as facilities, I think that worrying about the staff's customers was wonderful. Thank you very much.

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Mr./Ms. K.F(44)

Select Date:2017-12-14

酒店員工非常友善,服務態度極佳。酒店設施在細節上非常有心思,房間很好,熱水及冷水都為客人準備好,非常滿意。晚餐食物很好。衷心感謝你們的服務。 建議酒店提供Wi-Fi給客人,另外露天風呂的水温高一點會更好。

The hotel staff is very friendly and the service is excellent. Hotel facilities in mind the details, the room was good, hot and cold water are prepared for the guests, very satisfied. Dinner food is good. Heartfelt thanks for your service. It is recommended that the hotel provide Wi-Fi to guests, while open air will be better at higher temperatures.

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Mr./Ms. A.H(33)

Select Date:2017-11-02

服務非常親切, 早餐晚餐都很好吃, 唯獨客房跟飯店設備較舊

Service is very kind, breakfast and dinner are delicious, only the rooms with the hotel equipment older

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Mr./Ms. K.J(44)

Select Date:2017-11-19

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