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Daiwa Roynet Hotel Tokyo Akabane

casual Business Hotel
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Other Facilities3.9/5

Mr./Ms. N.T(45)

Select Date:2019-03-02

朝方の暖房がいつも効き悪いんですよね。寒くて起きて、温度あげてやっと暖まる。それ以外は可もなく不可もなく。 アメニティはあると助かるんですけどねぇ。

Heating in the morning is always ineffective. I get up in the cold, I raise the temperature and it gets warm. Other than that it is not possible and it is impossible. There is amenity but it will be saved.

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Mr./Ms. S.H(53)

Select Date:2018-12-30


Towel was very soft and easy to use.

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Mr./Ms. K.L(35)

Select Date:2019-01-04


The staff service is very friendly and friendly, the room is clean and tidy, very close to the station, the nearby shops are full of restaurants, but the environment around the hotel will be mixed.

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Mr./Ms. M.Y(36)

Select Date:2018-12-29

ダイワロイネットホテルは水回り、掃除が行き届いており、いつも快適に過ごせるので愛用していますので、こちらも安心して泊まることができました。 またこちらのホテルでは宿泊者にメッセージを添えておられるので、気遣いが嬉しくホッコリして癒されまし... Read more ダイワロイネットホテルは水回り、掃除が行き届いており、いつも快適に過ごせるので愛用していますので、こちらも安心して泊まることができました。 またこちらのホテルでは宿泊者にメッセージを添えておられるので、気遣いが嬉しくホッコリして癒されました。赤羽にて泊まる際にはまた泊まりたいと思います。 ありがとうございました。

Daiwa Roynet Hotel is surrounded by water, cleaning is thoroughly and I always love it because I can spend comfortably, so I was able to stay at ease here. In addition, we gave a message to the guests at the hotel, so our attentiveness was pleasant and it was refreshed and healed. I would like to stay again when staying at Akabane. Thank you very much.

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Mr./Ms. K.Y(41)

Select Date:2018-12-20


Correspondence of front staff, correspondence of other staff was good together. The room is also easy to spend wider than other business hotels.

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Mr./Ms. Y.S(40)

Select Date:2018-12-01

*チェックアウトが2時間1000円で延長出来てゆっくり過ごせました *パジャマに着替えて室内でリラックスしました *朝食は豆腐が充実していて満足でした *セミダブルでも十分な広さでした *パックやコーヒーサービスが嬉しかったです ... Read more *チェックアウトが2時間1000円で延長出来てゆっくり過ごせました *パジャマに着替えて室内でリラックスしました *朝食は豆腐が充実していて満足でした *セミダブルでも十分な広さでした *パックやコーヒーサービスが嬉しかったです *エレベーターに乗る時にカードキーを使うので防犯対策としても安心しました

* I was able to spend relaxingly with check-out at 1000 yen for 2 hours * I relaxed indoors with changing to pajama * breakfast was satisfying with tofu enrichment * even semi-double was enough area * pack and The coffee service was pleasant * I used the card key when riding in the elevator so I was relieved as a security measure

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Mr./Ms. Y.D(50)

Select Date:2018-10-09

インターネット環境が整ってると思ってたのですが、Wi-Fiのパスワードなどが部屋になく、不便でした。 普通ホテルの部屋には、そのような紙がおいてあるのですが、Wi-Fi環境ではなかったのでしょうかね。

I thought that the Internet environment was in place, but there was no Wi-Fi password etc in the room and it was inconvenient. There is such paper in the room of the ordinary hotel, but was not it in the Wi-Fi environment?

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Mr./Ms. W.H(Private)

Select Date:2018-04-13


Room space is enough, bed and quilt are large enough, the staff is friendly, and there is follicular coffee, if not enough, you can ask for it again with the counter. Very close to the station, one minute walk. There are many restaurants nearby and there is a 24-hour supermarket opposite. The location is very good. I liked this hotel very much and was the first choice for my next visit to Tokyo.

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Mr./Ms. E.T(51)

Select Date:2018-03-18


Thank you very much. I was able to spend a very pleasant time. The breakfast and the tofu were very tasty. I would like to also use it again.

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Mr./Ms. Y.K(63)

Select Date:2018-01-19

フロントの方々の「対応・言葉遣い・笑顔」とても良かったです。部屋も奇麗でベッドも広く大変満足しました。最近泊まったビジネス系のホテルでは一番だったと思います。 ホテルの1階ではお安く「焼き肉」が食べられる事を知らなかったので、事前に予約し... Read more フロントの方々の「対応・言葉遣い・笑顔」とても良かったです。部屋も奇麗でベッドも広く大変満足しました。最近泊まったビジネス系のホテルでは一番だったと思います。 ホテルの1階ではお安く「焼き肉」が食べられる事を知らなかったので、事前に予約した所で久々に娘と2人で夕食をとりました。次回は、是非ホテル1階で食事をと思います。

The correspondence · wording · smile of the front people was very good. The room was clean and the bed was spacious and very satisfied. I think that it was the best in a hotel of a business system which I stayed recently. On the first floor of the hotel we did not know that "Yakiniku" was cheap to eat, so we had dinner with my daughter for a long time at the place I reserved in advance. Next time, I definitely eat at the first floor of the hotel.

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Mr./Ms. Y.A(57)

Select Date:2018-01-18


Overall the room and water surroundings was large and it was good. Although there was a feeling of cleanliness, I was concerned about something like a door or something scattered on the wall. I thought that I want you to clean up even when there is time.

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Mr./Ms. N.K(45)

Select Date:2018-01-03


Bean wee was delicious.

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Mr./Ms. E.T(51)

Select Date:2019-05-31

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Mr./Ms. S.T(Private)

Select Date:2019-04-13

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Mr./Ms. M.N(27)

Select Date:2018-12-28

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Mr./Ms. M.T(59)

Select Date:2018-12-22

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Mr./Ms. K.Y(41)

Select Date:2018-08-16

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