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旅館 魚半
Ryokan Uohan

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Accommodations that have achieved high customer satisfaction and that can be enjoyed casually.

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Mr./Ms. S.S(31)

Select Date:2019-01-16

Far beyond expectation The hotel is just a 10-min stroll away from 虹之松原! Our room with open bath

Far beyond expectation The hotel is just a 10-min stroll away from 虹之松原! Our room with open bath

Mr./Ms. N.M(57)

Select Date:2019-05-05

利用して間もなくお礼状が届き、良い旅をした気分でいっぱいです。 部屋のベランダからの海の景色も良かったですが タバコの吸い殻がベランダに落ちていたのは 旅館の責任よりは先客のマナーの悪さに残念な気分でした。 旅館内をゆったり... Read more 利用して間もなくお礼状が届き、良い旅をした気分でいっぱいです。 部屋のベランダからの海の景色も良かったですが タバコの吸い殻がベランダに落ちていたのは 旅館の責任よりは先客のマナーの悪さに残念な気分でした。 旅館内をゆったり気分で歩いていて 改装中(?)の部屋が見えてしまうのも少し残念でした。

I received a thank-you note shortly after use, and I felt like I had a good trip. The view of the sea from the veranda of the room was also good, but it was disappointing feeling that the cigarette butts had fallen on the veranda due to the bad manners of the guests rather than the inn's responsibility. It was a little disappointing that I was walking around the inn feeling relaxedly and I could see the room during renovation (?).

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Mr./Ms. N.K(52)

Select Date:2019-05-03

このたびはお世話になりました。 車でそちらへ向かう途中、虹の松原の絶景が目に飛び込んできて、夫婦揃って「すごーい!」。魚半さんがその日本三大松原のひとつの絶景の中に建つお宿とはわかっていなかった私ですが、こちらを予約手配したことを、あとで... Read more このたびはお世話になりました。 車でそちらへ向かう途中、虹の松原の絶景が目に飛び込んできて、夫婦揃って「すごーい!」。魚半さんがその日本三大松原のひとつの絶景の中に建つお宿とはわかっていなかった私ですが、こちらを予約手配したことを、あとで主人に褒められました。部屋からの眺めが本当に気持ち良く、お風呂も堪能致しました。なかなか見られないそうですが、お夕食場所からの夕陽も素晴らしかったです。 スタッフの皆さまはとても丁寧で気持ちよく、廊下でお会いしても必ず挨拶をして下さいました。お夕食のサービスは、私達には、ちょっとペースが早すぎましたが、プールサイドからの夕陽の写真の撮り方を教えていただき、たくさんステキな写真が撮れました。(SNSはやっておりません。悪しからず…)亡き母の故郷である佐賀県を訪れたのは子どもの時以来でしたが、唐津ってこんなにいいところだったんですね。今度は娘や息子も連れて来てあげたいと思いました。いい思い出ができました。ありがとうございました。

I am indebted to you this time. On the way to there by car, the superb view of Rainbow Matsubara jumps into the eyes, and the couples are all together, "Good!" I did not know that Mr. Fishhan was built in one of the great views of Japan's Three Great Matsubaras, but I was later told by my husband that I made a reservation for this. The view from the room was really nice and I enjoyed the bath. It seems that I can not see it easily, but the setting sun from the dinner place was also wonderful. The staff members were very polite and comfortable, and they always said hello when we met in the hallway. The dinner service was a bit too early for us, but I was told how to take a picture of the setting sun from the poolside and was able to take many wonderful pictures. (I do not do SNS. It's not a bad thing ...) I visited Saga Prefecture, my late mother's hometown, since I was a child, but Karatsu was such a wonderful place. This time I wanted to bring my daughter and son as well. I had good memories. Thank you very much.

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Mr./Ms. Y.U(52)

Select Date:2019-05-01

良い時間を過ごせました、ありがとうございました。モーラー亭の居心地は他の施設に負けません、海辺の景色は最高に良かった。 海辺の建物は潮風で傷むと思います、それなのに掃除や手入れが行き届いていると感じました。さらにおもてなしの気持ちをスタッ... Read more 良い時間を過ごせました、ありがとうございました。モーラー亭の居心地は他の施設に負けません、海辺の景色は最高に良かった。 海辺の建物は潮風で傷むと思います、それなのに掃除や手入れが行き届いていると感じました。さらにおもてなしの気持ちをスタッフの皆さんから繰り返し頂き、嬉しくなりました。 いつかまたよろしくお願いします。

Thank you very much for having a good time. The comfort of the Morra Fort is second to none, the seaside view was great. I think that the seaside building is damaged by the sea breeze, but I felt that it was cleaned and kept well. Furthermore, the staff members gave me the feeling of hospitality repeatedly, and I was happy. I hope to meet you again someday.

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Mr./Ms. M.T(39)

Select Date:2019-05-02

接客も丁寧で気持ちが良かったです。 景色が凄く良かったです。夕食も朝食もとても美味しいかったです。夕食の活イカと伊万里牛美味しいかったです。飯蒸しを初めて食べましたが、とても美味しかったです。朝食は沢山の物があってご飯が進みました。魚のお... Read more 接客も丁寧で気持ちが良かったです。 景色が凄く良かったです。夕食も朝食もとても美味しいかったです。夕食の活イカと伊万里牛美味しいかったです。飯蒸しを初めて食べましたが、とても美味しかったです。朝食は沢山の物があってご飯が進みました。魚のお茶漬けが美味しかったです。また行きたいと思いました。

The service was also polite and comfortable. The view was great. Both dinner and breakfast were very delicious. The live squid for dinner and Imari beef were delicious. I ate steamed rice for the first time, but it was very delicious. There was a lot of breakfast and the rice went on. It was delicious fish marinated with fish. I wanted to go there again.

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Mr./Ms. T.F(57)

Select Date:2019-04-30

夕食、クオリティがたいへん高かったです。 食べ切れなくて、残してしまい、申し訳ないです。イカは、なんと言っても天麩羅。月並みの言葉ですが、天麩羅のイカが、甘かった。ふんわり柔らかであり、サクサク感もあり、ホントのことイカ

The dinner was very high quality. I'm sorry I can not eat it, I leave it. Squid is, after all, tempura. It is a word of the moon, but the squid of the tempura was sweet. It is soft and soft, has a crispy feeling, and is a true squid

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Mr./Ms. Y.G(Private)

Select Date:2019-04-26


As there is allergy of shellfish, we informed that effect in advance and asked not to put in dish, but it was disappointing that shellfish rice came out for dinner. There were a number of helpful and nice staff members, but I do not think that they will be used again.

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Mr./Ms. W.Y(Private)

Select Date:2019-03-30


Sunshine comes in and enjoys the afternoon tea provided by the hotel with your family. It is full of comfort. Walking on the beach next to the hotel, the children are happy to pick up the shells and play with the sand. It is a kind of romance. The hotel staff's super friendly service has unspeakable thanks. Have the opportunity to stay again!

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Mr./Ms. S.A(23)

Select Date:2019-03-16

部屋は綺麗でテラスも海岸が一望できて素敵でした。シャンパンのサービスも嬉しかったです。ですが、部屋の壁が薄いせいか隣のお客さんの声が丸聞こえ。部屋食でお願いしましたが、部屋の構造上難しいと別の和室へ案内されましたが、極寒。 お風呂も質素。... Read more 部屋は綺麗でテラスも海岸が一望できて素敵でした。シャンパンのサービスも嬉しかったです。ですが、部屋の壁が薄いせいか隣のお客さんの声が丸聞こえ。部屋食でお願いしましたが、部屋の構造上難しいと別の和室へ案内されましたが、極寒。 お風呂も質素。朝食の種類も少なく 全体的に残念な印象です。 値段の割に合わない所だと感じたのでもう来ません。ありがとうございました。

The room was beautiful and the terrace was lovely with a panoramic view of the coast. I was also happy with the champagne service. However, the wall of the room is thin or the voice of the next visitor can be heard. We asked in room food, but were guided to another Japanese room if structurally difficult in the room, but it was extremely cold. The bath is also simple. There are few types of breakfast and it is a disappointing impression on the whole. I do not come anymore because I felt it was a place that did not meet the price. Thank you very much.

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Mr./Ms. K.M(39)

Select Date:2019-02-23


It was very nice to have done well. Also, although I thought that I would like to stay, I would like to connect one public bathhouse on the second floor with an open-air bath on the third floor, if only one is requested.

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Mr./Ms. S.H(51)

Select Date:2019-02-05


I wanted to stay in the room where the sea could be seen with my mother, and used it. While listening to the sound of the waves, I enjoyed the outdoor bath. It was very helpful for me to pick you up to the station. We will also use it. Thank you very much.

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Mr./Ms. N.S(Private)

Select Date:2019-01-03

家族旅行で両親と使用しました。 当初は温泉ではないからどうかなと思っていたところもあったのですが、お部屋のお風呂も露天風呂も眺めが素晴らしく、本当に気持ちよかったです。 母は、部屋のお風呂からみた星の数に感動し、思わず眼鏡を手に取ってい... Read more 家族旅行で両親と使用しました。 当初は温泉ではないからどうかなと思っていたところもあったのですが、お部屋のお風呂も露天風呂も眺めが素晴らしく、本当に気持ちよかったです。 母は、部屋のお風呂からみた星の数に感動し、思わず眼鏡を手に取っていました。また機会があれば泊まってみたいです。ありがとうございました。

I used it with my parents for family trip. Initially it was not a hot spring, so I thought it was something I thought, but both the baths of the rooms and the outdoor bath have a great view and I was really pleasant. My mother was impressed with the number of stars seen from the bath in the room, and in spite of my eyes I picked up glasses in my hands. I want to try staying again if there is opportunity. Thank you very much.

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Mr./Ms. M.M(68)

Select Date:2018-11-14


The dinner of this era is a table · chair!

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Mr./Ms. Y.N(52)

Select Date:2018-10-17

お料理で選びましたが期待を裏切らない美味しさでした。追加でお願いしたイカの活き造りは絶品でまた食べたいと思ってます。お部屋の露天風呂はお隣から見えそうで入れませんでした。でも大浴場用の籠バックはとても役立ちました。そうそう行けませんが、また... Read more お料理で選びましたが期待を裏切らない美味しさでした。追加でお願いしたイカの活き造りは絶品でまた食べたいと思ってます。お部屋の露天風呂はお隣から見えそうで入れませんでした。でも大浴場用の籠バックはとても役立ちました。そうそう行けませんが、また伺いたいと思います。

I chose by cooking but it was delicious that did not disappoint. I want to eat again the lively construction of the squid I requested in addition. The outdoor bath of the room seemed to be visible from the neighbor and could not enter. But the basketball for the big bathhouse was very helpful. I can not go so far, but I would like to ask again.

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Mr./Ms. R.F(43)

Select Date:2018-09-01


I was able to relax with a magnificent view and a nice room overnight staying at Mourer House. The cafe is also good! Meals are good basically delicious, but Nanba boiled in it is one more thing. Because it is not cheap price, I want you to take another step.

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Mr./Ms. N.A(49)

Select Date:2018-08-09

女将さん(だと思われる)に親切に良くしていただきました。重い荷物も持ってくださったり、呼子に行くと言うと、もし遊覧船に乗るならと割引券を探し出して下さったり。 豪華ではなく、贅沢感はありませんが、とてもコントパフォーマンスが良いお宿でした... Read more 女将さん(だと思われる)に親切に良くしていただきました。重い荷物も持ってくださったり、呼子に行くと言うと、もし遊覧船に乗るならと割引券を探し出して下さったり。 豪華ではなく、贅沢感はありませんが、とてもコントパフォーマンスが良いお宿でした。海で泳いだり散策する余裕のあるときにまた泊まっても良いなと思えるお宿でした。

I kindly improved my old lady general (who seems to be). If you say you bring heavy luggage and go to Yobuko, if you get on a pleasure boat you are looking for discount tickets. It was not luxurious, not a luxurious feeling, but it was an inn that was very good in performance. It was an inn that you can think that it is okay to stay again when you can swim in the sea or walk around.

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Mr./Ms. H.H(36)

Select Date:2018-07-31

The hotel is near a beautiful beach. It’s awesome! People in the hotel are so nice!

The hotel is near a beautiful beach. It's awesome! People in the hotel are so nice!

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Mr./Ms. T.C(Private)

Select Date:2018-05-24

Good view in the room.

Good view in the room.

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Mr./Ms. K.K(48)

Select Date:2018-06-10

夫婦で利用させていただきました。 お部屋に露天風呂がついており、楽しみにしてましたが、いざ入ってみると…目隠しカーテンはついてましたが、長さが足りず…目の前の浜辺から丸見えで明るい時間は入れませんでした。困った事はこれくらいで、お料理も大... Read more 夫婦で利用させていただきました。 お部屋に露天風呂がついており、楽しみにしてましたが、いざ入ってみると…目隠しカーテンはついてましたが、長さが足りず…目の前の浜辺から丸見えで明るい時間は入れませんでした。困った事はこれくらいで、お料理も大変美味しくいただきました。何よりもスタッフの方々の笑顔と心配りに感動いたしました!私も接客業をしてますので、見習いたいと思います。

I used it with my husband and wife. The room had an outdoor bath and I was looking forward to it, but when I entered it ... Although the blindfold curtain was on, but the length was insufficient ... the bright time did not fit in from the beach in front of the eyes and it was full of time . I was worried about this, and cooking was very delicious. More than anything, I was impressed by the smile and worry of the staff members! I am doing a hospitality business, so I would like to learn.

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Mr./Ms. W.T(35)

Select Date:2018-06-02

住的是最高級特別景觀和室「松柏」,當然也是整棟旅館單價最高的,所以以下以高標準來評論這家旅館。 優點: 1. 松柏的景觀確實不錯,房間也夠大,來這裡可以很休閒的吹著海風跟重要的人渡過美好時刻 2. 接待態度算很親切也很不錯 3... Read more 住的是最高級特別景觀和室「松柏」,當然也是整棟旅館單價最高的,所以以下以高標準來評論這家旅館。 優點: 1. 松柏的景觀確實不錯,房間也夠大,來這裡可以很休閒的吹著海風跟重要的人渡過美好時刻 2. 接待態度算很親切也很不錯 3. 冰箱有小香檳礦泉水跟綠茶,都是免費的 缺點: 1. 大浴場感覺沒在用心經營,有點破跟髒 2. 頂樓的露天浴池也很鳥 3. 客房雖大,但有一塊塌塌米有著很多不明污點,感覺很髒 4. 松柏的陽台跟隔壁是緊鄰著,遮蔽不好,隔壁有人走出來,都看得到,超級沒隱私 5. 雖然說有泳池,但泳池現在根本就綠成一片,像是個臭水溝.... 6. 旅館的重頭戲當然就是晚餐了,但是遺憾的是晚餐真的很普通,甚至很嚴厲來說,以住一晚五六萬日幣的旅館來說,根本不及格。除了現烤活鮑魚夠美味之外,其餘乏善可陳。像是晚餐竟然連續出了兩道冷盤的炸魚料理,其中有一道炸魚塊疑似還沒解凍完,像是在吃冰塊.... 然後,晚餐中有個烤盤,先是拿來烤鮑魚,之後再拿來烤和牛。在烤和牛時,因為烤盤他放的很近,和牛油脂又很多,油常常噴到我跟老婆的手,真的不知道料理長有親身坐下來這樣用餐過嗎? 7. 早餐啊,這樣的早餐我還寧願去吃吉野家的牛丼呢

Staying at the highest level of special landscape and room "Pin cypress", of course, the whole house has the highest unit price, so the following is a high standard to comment on this hotel. Advantages: 1. The landscape of pine and cypress is really good, the room is big enough, here you can enjoy the sea breeze and the important people to spend a good time. 2. The reception attitude is very kind and very good 3. The refrigerator has small champagne mineral water With green tea, it is free of disadvantages: 1. The big bath feels not operating attentively, a bit broken and dirty 2. The open-air bath on the top floor is also a bird 3. The room is large, but there is a tatami with many unclear stains, feeling Very dirty 4. The balcony of the pine and cypress is next to the next door, the shelter is not good, the next door is coming out, you can see it, there is no privacy. 5. Although there is a swimming pool, the pool is now green, like a stinking ditch. .... 6. The main event of the hotel is of course dinner, but unfortunately the dinner is really ordinary, even severely speaking, for a hotel that stays for one night for fifty-six thousand yen, it simply fails. In addition to the delicious grilled abalone that is delicious enough, the rest are lacking. For example, there were two cold-fried fish dishes in the dinner. One of the fried fish pieces was suspected to have not been thawed, like eating ice.... Then, there was a baking dish in the dinner, first used to bake. Abalone, then bring it to roast and beef. When roasting beef, because the baking pan is very close, and the beef fat is a lot, the oil is often sprayed on my wife's hand. I really don't know if the chef has sat down and eats like this? 7. Breakfast, I would rather go to eat the yak of Yoshinoya for such a breakfast.

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Mr./Ms. H.M(50)

Select Date:2018-03-25

近場で美味しいものを食べてゆっくりしたいなと思って魚半を選びました。モーラ邸の和室に泊まりましたが、お部屋の露天風呂が以外にも気持ちよく夜も朝もそちらばかりに入っていました。 食事も十分な量があり、とても美味しかったです。 モーラカフェ... Read more 近場で美味しいものを食べてゆっくりしたいなと思って魚半を選びました。モーラ邸の和室に泊まりましたが、お部屋の露天風呂が以外にも気持ちよく夜も朝もそちらばかりに入っていました。 食事も十分な量があり、とても美味しかったです。 モーラカフェを自由に使えるのもポイントが高いです。 一点、残念な事がありました。部屋のトイレのカギが壊れたため、夜中に普段使っていないであろう、ボロボロの部屋に移動させられ、せんべい布団に寝かされました。その後カギを壊して頂いてもとの部屋に無事戻る事が出来たのですが、翌日その事についてなんのお詫びもありませんでした。 荷物を持って夜中の移動はとても大変なことです。一言何かあってもよかったのではないかともやもやしたまま旅館を後にしました。

I chose fish half thinking that I would like to eat delicious things in the nearby and slowly. I stayed in a Japanese-style room at Maura's residence, but besides the outdoor bath of the room was comfortable besides it was coming in just that night and morning. There was enough meal and it was very tasty. The point is also high that Mora cafe can be used freely. There was one point, sorry. Because the key of the toilet in the room was broken, I was moved to a horrible room, which I would not normally use in the middle of the night, and I was laid down on a rice cake. After that, I was able to return the key to the original room safely after breaking the key, but there was no apology for that matter the next day. Moving in the middle of the night with baggage is a very difficult thing. I left the inn with wishfully that I was glad that something was wrong.

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Mr./Ms. J.P(Private)

Select Date:2018-05-05

친절한 직원 여러분과 아주 맛있는 밥, 쾌적하고 아늑한 방과 좋은 욕탕이 있는 훌륭한 여관입니다. 덕분에 가족들과 함께 아주 즐겁고 편안한 시간을 보낼 수 있었습니다. 부모님께서는 우오한에서 몇일간 더 묵고싶다고... Read more 친절한 직원 여러분과 아주 맛있는 밥, 쾌적하고 아늑한 방과 좋은 욕탕이 있는 훌륭한 여관입니다. 덕분에 가족들과 함께 아주 즐겁고 편안한 시간을 보낼 수 있었습니다. 부모님께서는 우오한에서 몇일간 더 묵고싶다고 아쉬워하실 정도로 마음에 들어하셨고 저 역시 그러고 싶을 만큼 모든것이 마음에 들었습니다. 저희가 편안한 시간을 보낼 수 있게 도와주신 직원 여러분께 진심으로 감사드립니다.

It is a great inn with friendly staff, very delicious rice, pleasant and cozy rooms and good baths. Thanks to my family, I was able to have a very enjoyable and relaxing time. My parents liked me so much that I wanted to stay in Woohan for a few more days and liked everything I wanted to do too. We sincerely thank all of our employees for helping us to have a relaxing time.

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Mr./Ms. T.I(53)

Select Date:2018-05-02

烏賊好きの母のために予約、好き嫌いの極端な母が大満足でした。 直前に足を打撲した母に、和室にもかかわらず部屋と食事室に椅子をすぐご用意頂き寛ぐ事が出来ました。ありがとうございました。 色んな所に泊まりましたが、母が一番だと喜んだの... Read more 烏賊好きの母のために予約、好き嫌いの極端な母が大満足でした。 直前に足を打撲した母に、和室にもかかわらず部屋と食事室に椅子をすぐご用意頂き寛ぐ事が出来ました。ありがとうございました。 色んな所に泊まりましたが、母が一番だと喜んだのが何よりです。 ひとつだけ、食事室のテレビが見られなかったのだけ残念でした。 機会があったらまた来ます。 お世話になりました。

I booked for the mother who likes the squid, the extreme mother of likes and dislikes was very satisfied. The mother who bruised his foot just before was able to relax by preparing the chair in the room and the meal room immediately despite the Japanese style room. Thank you very much. I stayed in various places, but I am glad that my mother is the best. Only one thing was disappointing because I could not watch TV in the dining room. I will come again if I have the opportunity. thank you for helping me.

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Mr./Ms. S.N(35)

Select Date:2018-04-29

せっかくの歴史ある旅館。 まあまあの価格だったので楽しみにしていたが設備があまりにも手入れされておらず、がっかりしました。スタッフも少なく清掃も行き届いていない感じ。高級路線に行きたいのか、お手軽旅館にしたいのかわからない。 お食事だけ... Read more せっかくの歴史ある旅館。 まあまあの価格だったので楽しみにしていたが設備があまりにも手入れされておらず、がっかりしました。スタッフも少なく清掃も行き届いていない感じ。高級路線に行きたいのか、お手軽旅館にしたいのかわからない。 お食事だけでよかったなぁ。残念です。

Historic ryokan with much pains. I was looking forward because it was a reasonable price, but the facilities were not being maintained too much, I was disappointed. The staff is also less and the cleaning is not perfect. I do not know whether I want to go to a luxury route or want to make it a handy inn. I was glad only at dinner. I'm sorry.

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Mr./Ms. Y.J(47)

Select Date:2018-03-23

가라츠 여행의 백미인 료칸 우오한~ 정말 최고였습니다. 특히 해질녁 노을을 바라보며 노천온천의 정말 큰 감동을 안겨다 줬네요. 바다와 인접해 있어 경치가 너무 좋았고요. 시설도 훌륭했습니다. 아울러 친철... Read more 가라츠 여행의 백미인 료칸 우오한~ 정말 최고였습니다. 특히 해질녁 노을을 바라보며 노천온천의 정말 큰 감동을 안겨다 줬네요. 바다와 인접해 있어 경치가 너무 좋았고요. 시설도 훌륭했습니다. 아울러 친철한 직원과 모든 서비스 면이 최고였네요.

Ryokan Uohan which is white rice of Karatsu trip ~ It was really the best. Especially, I was really impressed by the open-air baths while gazing at the sunset. It was close to the sea and the scenery was so good. Facilities were excellent, too. I also had a friendly staff and all the service was the best.

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Mr./Ms. Y.J(47)

Select Date:2018-03-23

가라츠 여행의 백미인 료칸 우오한~ 정말 최고였습니다. 특히 해질녁 노을을 바라보며 노천온천의 정말 큰 감동을 안겨다 줬네요. 바다와 인접해 있어 경치가 너무 좋았고요. 시설도 훌륭했습니다. 아울러 친철... Read more 가라츠 여행의 백미인 료칸 우오한~ 정말 최고였습니다. 특히 해질녁 노을을 바라보며 노천온천의 정말 큰 감동을 안겨다 줬네요. 바다와 인접해 있어 경치가 너무 좋았고요. 시설도 훌륭했습니다. 아울러 친철한 직원과 모든 서비스 면이 최고였네요. 본 서면을 통해 료칸 우오한 스텝들께 감사의 인사를 드립니다.

Ryokan Uohan which is white rice of Karatsu trip ~ It was really the best. Especially, I was really impressed by the open-air baths while gazing at the sunset. It was close to the sea and the scenery was so good. Facilities were excellent, too. I also had a friendly staff and all the service was the best. We would like to express our gratitude to the staff members of RYOKAN.

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Mr./Ms. E.S(Private)

Select Date:2017-12-16


Anyway the meal was delicious and Mora Cafe was lovely. Thank you very much.

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Mr./Ms. C.C(Private)

Select Date:2018-01-09

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