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Shirahama Key Terrace Hotel Seamore

casual Resort
  • Wakayama > Shirahama ・ Nanbu ・ Tanabe
Shirahama Key Terrace Hotel Seamore / Wakayama Shirahama・Ryujin 36


The relaxing rooms are distinctive of Shirahama Key Terrace Hotel Seamore. The great view of the ocean, the color of the sky which blends with the sea, and the sound of waves and its wind all constitute the luxurious time you may feel with the five senses.

For meals, you may choose from a buffet, Japanese meal and sushi.
After dinner, enjoy a time of an adult at the KON BAR or at the Hanatei where it will serve a light meal.
There are many facilities in which you may enjoy in the hotel.  Make a memory that will remain in your hearts.

Set foot in a resort of great view surrounded by the sea and sky.

Make the place of Wakayama Shirahama in which you gather and return, a place where you will regularly go.

We, Hotel Seamore, will continue to change.      
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Accommodations that have achieved high customer satisfaction and that can be enjoyed casually.

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Other Facilities4.2/5

Mr./Ms. L.F(61)

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Select Date:2019-02-12

Good choice to stay

Good choice to stay

Mr./Ms. Y.A(40)

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Select Date:2019-05-05

足湯や温泉からの景色は素晴らしかったです。キッズスペースや広々としたテラスもあり、我が子らも楽しそうに過ごしていました。 ブュッフェの品数も多く、特に刺身とパンは美味しかったです。梅ドリンクや梅干しも和歌山らしくてよかった。

The view from footbath and hot spring was wonderful. There are a children's space and a spacious terrace, and our children were having fun. There were a lot of items of Büffe, especially sashimi and bread were delicious. It was good that plum drinks and pickled plum were also like Wakayama.

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Mr./Ms. H.S(54)

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Select Date:2019-05-08

部屋もお風呂もとても綺麗でよかったです。ただし、海中展望台に料金を払って行きましたが、ガラスが汚く魚が綺麗に見えませんでした。あの内容ならば宿泊者に無料で解放すべきたと思います。たいした金額ではないのですが金額以上に落胆しました。 従業員... Read more 部屋もお風呂もとても綺麗でよかったです。ただし、海中展望台に料金を払って行きましたが、ガラスが汚く魚が綺麗に見えませんでした。あの内容ならば宿泊者に無料で解放すべきたと思います。たいした金額ではないのですが金額以上に落胆しました。 従業員の方はたいへん親切で対応も良かったのですが、ややリゾートホテルのスタッフとしては素人感が漂っています。従業員の方をディズニーリゾートにでも研修旅行として行ってもらいワンランクスキルUPしていただきたいです。今思えばホテル全体の雰囲気もやや拙い感じがしました。頑張っているのは分かるのですが、一度その筋のプロに全てチェックしてもらい指導を受ければもっと良くなるホテルだと思います。 あと建物は改装したばかりとのことで、たいへん綺麗ですが海の側ということもあり、今の状態をいつまで維持できるか、また予算を確保しているか心配なところがあります。海中展望台の状態をホテル本体で行えばとたんに雰囲気が悪くなります。綺麗な状態を維持できる身の丈にあった設備での運営を望みます。お風呂場に既にその兆候が微かに現れてますし、テラスのおシャレな木で出来たテーブルを見るとメンテナンス計画が無いように思います。改装した建築会社も改装工事料金だけでなく維持するための計画を立て、それにかかる料金も提示してあげるべきだと思います。自分が受けた印象ではそういうことがなされてないようにおもいました。 テラスのテーブルに柿渋塗料や天然オイルのような染み込み系の自然塗料を定期的に塗るような事をすべきです。今の劣化状態ならば分解してサンドペーパーで磨けば自然塗料を塗って復活するはずです。設計してる人が木の自然な劣化をデザイン的に考えて現状のようにしてるのであれば大きな勘違いです。現に木の表面の細胞が壊れ粉になりやすくなっていて見苦しいだけです。 いろいろ書きましたがスタッフの方が頑張っているので応援したいホテルでした。次に南紀白浜に行くときも利用するつもりです。 あと、食べ物がたいへん美味しく満足しました。 売店と自販機にアサヒビールしか無かったのは大減点です。

Both room and bath were very beautiful and were good. However, although I paid for the underwater observation deck, the glass was dirty and the fish did not look beautiful. I think that the contents should be released free of charge to the guest. It was not a large amount of money, but I was disappointed over the amount. The employees were very kind and responsive, but there was a slight sense of amateurism as a resort hotel staff. I would like employees to go to a Disney Resort as a training trip and have them improve their skills by one rank. I felt the atmosphere of the whole hotel was a little ugly if I think now. I know that I do my best, but I think it is a hotel that will be better if you have all the professionals in that line check it once and receive guidance. The building has just been renovated and it is very beautiful, but there is also the side of the sea, and there are concerns about how long we can maintain the current situation and whether we have a budget. If the condition of the underwater observatory is done in the hotel itself, the atmosphere will deteriorate immediately. We want to operate with equipment that is in a good condition that can maintain a clean condition. The sign has already appeared slightly in the bathroom, and I think that there is no maintenance plan when you look at the table made of your wooden table on the terrace. I think that the refurbished construction company should make a plan to maintain as well as the renovation cost, and also show the cost. The impression I received was that I did not do that. You should regularly apply natural paint such as persimmon paint or natural oil to the table of the terrace regularly. If it is in the current state of deterioration, it should be dismantled and brushed with sand paper to restore the natural paint. It is a big misunderstanding if the person who is designing considers the natural deterioration of the tree in a design-like manner as it is. In fact, the cells on the surface of the tree tend to be broken powder and are unsightly. We wrote in various ways, but as the staff worked hard, it was hotel which we wanted to support. I will use it next time I go to Nanki Shirahama. And the food was very delicious and satisfied. It is a big demerit mark that there were only Asahi beer in the store and the vending machine.

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Shirahama Key Terrace Hotel Seamore


1821 Shirahama-cho, Nishimuro-gun, Wakayama prefecture [View map]

check-in / check-out time

15:00 / 11:00

CI/CO time may be different depending on plan.

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Number of guest rooms

158 room(s)


Ikesu Warouda: Ikesu restaurant opened on July 14th, 2017 next to Hotel Seamore. In the big fish tank at the center of the restaurant, there are many fishes caught at the local fishing port.
The seats will be counter seat or a seat on a raised floor.

Sushi Yata: In the circle seats of the fish tank, there are special 16 counter seats by the sea side and fresh sushi course will be served.
The blessings of the sea will be delivered by Ikesu Kappou and sushi which are Japanese cuisines.

by the ocean:It is a new buffet restaurant which opened in July 28th, 2017.  There is the navy blue sea of the Pacific ocean, the white beach of Shirahama beach and the orange sunset which sinks into the horizon.
In the TERRACE where you will feel the nature, fresh food will served by the chef.  Make this restaurant a place you will go regularly.

mikan terrace:It is a barbecue terrace which opened on September 22nd, 2017. Enjoy viewing the navy blue sea of the Pacific ocean, the white beach of Shirahama beach and the orange sunset which sinks into the horizon.
※limited to the summer season
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An open air bath "Sandan no Yu" opened on November 25th, 2017!
The big public bath "Umi no Yu", "Nami no Yu", the bedrock bath "Senjojiki", and Infinity foot bath also opened on March, 2018.
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Other facility information

Tetti Bakery & Cafe: Please enjoy a time with bread. We want to make Shirahama a rich town with bakery

KON BAR: Enjoy a relaxing time viewing the orange sunset which sinks into the navy blue Pacific ocean spreading before the big window.

There are also new facilities such as the  "Select shop kukulu", "Sleeping room", "BODY CARE", "Yukata lounge", "Business lounge", "Cycle shop" and "Play room".
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Please contact the hotels/ryokans directly for more details.
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Please contact the hotels/ryokans directly for more details.
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  • Bath tax
  • Children allowed
  • Room service
  • Transportation service
  • Parking area
  • Hot spring
  • Fresh hot spring
  • Room with outdoor spa
  • Public spa
  • Private spa
  • Indoor pool
  • Outdoor pool
  • Esthe/Spa facility
  • Fitness facility
  • Barrier free
  • 5 min walk from station
  • Pets allowed
  • Breakfast in room
  • Dinner in room
  • Open air bath
  • Night view
  • Ocean view
  • Cottage
  • Coupon

The accommodation features are general descriptions of the facility. The amenities and breadth of service will differ between each accommodation. For details, please confirm directly with the accommodation.


Access by public transportation.

From Tokyo direction:
To Nanki Shirahama airport from Haneda airport. Approx.70 minutes.
From Nanki Shirahama airport to the hotel by taxi. Approx.10 minutes.

From Kansai direction:
The Shirahama station of JR Kinokuni line is the nearest station.
Approx.15 minutes by car from Shirahama station.

1821 Shirahama-cho, Nishimuro-gun, Wakayama prefecture

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