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ホテル天山閣 海ゆぅ庭
Hotel Tenzankaku Kaiyutei

casual Ryokan/Inn
  • Wakayama > Shirahama ・ Nanbu ・ Tanabe


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Mr./Ms. D.G(Private)

Select Date:2019-04-10

和父母妻子4人出行入住别墅型海景和洋室,景致非常好,可以看到壮观的落日。酒店位于小山上,除温泉协会巴士外,新汤崎站的Seamore Hotel也提供到天山阁的接送车服务,只需要告知前台,就会安排车辆。设施稍显老旧,但如果和我一样喜欢传统日式... Read more 和父母妻子4人出行入住别墅型海景和洋室,景致非常好,可以看到壮观的落日。酒店位于小山上,除温泉协会巴士外,新汤崎站的Seamore Hotel也提供到天山阁的接送车服务,只需要告知前台,就会安排车辆。设施稍显老旧,但如果和我一样喜欢传统日式,也是地道的体验。室内有两个观海温泉木风吕,非常加分。如果订了会席餐食非常丰盛,14道基本没可能吃完,早餐也有很多精美小碟,总体不错。服务人员热情热心,但不是每个人都能英语对答。一家人泡完温泉,在超大露台上欣赏无敌海景,还是很值回票价。

With the parents and wife 4 people to stay in the villa-style sea view and the ocean room, the view is very good, you can see the spectacular sunset. The hotel is located on a hill. In addition to the hot spring association bus, the Seamore Hotel at Shin-Tasaki Station also provides a shuttle bus service to the Tianshan Pavilion. Just inform the front desk and arrange the vehicle. The facilities are a bit old, but if you like traditional Japanese like me, it is also an authentic experience. There are two Guanhai Hot Springs in the interior, which is very good. If the dinner is very rich, 14 is basically impossible to eat, breakfast has a lot of beautiful small dishes, overall good. The service staff is enthusiastic and enthusiastic, but not everyone can answer the English. The family is soaked in hot springs and enjoys the unrivaled sea view on the oversized terrace.

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Mr./Ms. E.T(37)

Select Date:2019-03-28

大人三名と幼児三名で素泊まりで利用しましたが、荷物を車に運んでくださり、子供達にも丁寧に接してくれてありがとうございました お部屋も清潔で、部屋つきの露天風呂は朝入りましたが気持ちよかったです まだ、少し肌寒い季節なので夜は他の施設さん... Read more 大人三名と幼児三名で素泊まりで利用しましたが、荷物を車に運んでくださり、子供達にも丁寧に接してくれてありがとうございました お部屋も清潔で、部屋つきの露天風呂は朝入りましたが気持ちよかったです まだ、少し肌寒い季節なので夜は他の施設さんの温泉へ行きましたが、その際は送迎をありがとうございました あちらの温泉もとてもよく、子供達はどちらのお風呂もよかった!楽しかった!と満足していました また利用したいです

Three adults and three infants used to stay without meals, but thank you for carrying the luggage to the car and for treating the children carefully Room was clean, and open-air bath with room entered in the morning, but was comfortable Still, it was a little chilly season so I went to the hot spring of Hotel Seymour at night, but in that case thank you for the transfer The hot springs there were also very good, and the children were good at either bath! was fun! I was satisfied with I still want to use it

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