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朱雀 若草庵
Wakakusa-an Kyoto

casual Townhouse
  • Kyoto > Nijojo・Around the Gosho


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Mr./Ms. W.Z(28)

Select Date:2018-11-19

特別喜歡這個長屋!太棒了! 首先,乾淨現代的簡易裝修又很有傳統美,而且還準備了茶叶茶具和微波爐以及咖啡碗盤。 再來浴室特別舒服,外部連結著一個小小的庭院。 整個長屋在居民區和中學附近,還有個小小的神社⛩️,非常安靜。 machiya... Read more 特別喜歡這個長屋!太棒了! 首先,乾淨現代的簡易裝修又很有傳統美,而且還準備了茶叶茶具和微波爐以及咖啡碗盤。 再來浴室特別舒服,外部連結著一個小小的庭院。 整個長屋在居民區和中學附近,還有個小小的神社⛩️,非常安靜。 machiya-inn的工作人員也非常負責,會提前聯繫,朱雀若草庵稍微有點遠離市中心,一切都非常滿意。

Especially like this long house! awesome! First of all, the clean and modern simple decoration is very traditional, and tea tea sets and microwave ovens as well as coffee dishes are also prepared. The bathroom is especially comfortable, with a small courtyard outside. The entire long house is in a residential area and near the middle school. There is also a small shrine, very quiet. The staff of machiya-inn is also very responsible and will contact in advance. Suzaku Wakaji is a little far from the city center and everything is very satisfactory.

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Mr./Ms. C.K(22)

Select Date:2018-07-07

办理入住是在京都站附近的一个小楼里,并不是很好找,并且我们在后续找住宿的时候也迷了路,幸好好心的长辈带我们去了住宅。当时去的时候正是下着大雨,又因为两次找地方都没有找对所以有些不那么愉快。住房里面进入客厅之后左手边的洗手间有些异味,可能是洗... Read more 办理入住是在京都站附近的一个小楼里,并不是很好找,并且我们在后续找住宿的时候也迷了路,幸好好心的长辈带我们去了住宅。当时去的时候正是下着大雨,又因为两次找地方都没有找对所以有些不那么愉快。住房里面进入客厅之后左手边的洗手间有些异味,可能是洗手池边上有轻微发霉所致。整体房间布局都挺不错的,大致如上,感谢小贺卡。

Check-in was in a small building near Kyoto Station. It was not very easy to find, and we were lost when we were looking for accommodation. Fortunately, the good-hearted elders took us to the house. It was raining heavily when I went there, and I was not so happy because I didn’t find the place twice. After entering the living room in the house, there is some smell in the bathroom on the left hand side, which may be caused by mild mold on the side of the sink. The overall room layout is quite good, roughly as above, thanks to the small greeting card.

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