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Mr./Ms. K.M(46)

Select Date:2019-05-04

2日間の滞在でしたが、ゆっくりくつろぐことごできました。 お部屋からの庭園も素晴らしかったです。

I stayed for 2 days, but I was able to relax slowly. The garden from the room was also great.

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Mr./Ms. M.M(Private)

Select Date:2019-02-09

食事の時間を、こちらの都合に合わせて頂き、助かりました。二人とも少食のため、大変美味しい食事でしたが、残してしまい、すみません。 帰りもお見送り頂いたり、近くまで送って下さり、ありがとうございました。また寄らせて頂きたいです。

It was saved because meal time was adapted to this convenience. Both of them were small meals, so it was a very delicious meal, but I left it, I'm sorry. Thank you for sending me off to the office on the way back and for sending me near. I'd like you to come back again.

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Mr./Ms. A.U(62)

Select Date:2018-07-13


Beautiful garden, delicious meal, it was awesome. The meal was settled in a private room and was eaten.

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Mr./Ms. R.I(61)

Select Date:2018-07-13

広いお庭が望めて、のんびり出来ました。建物は古いのですが、至るところにお花が生けられていて、素敵でした。歩いてすぐに、遮るものがない雄大な日本海が望めます。夕焼けが素敵でした。宿の皆様のお見送りのご様子に感銘を受けました。お料理は品数が多く... Read more 広いお庭が望めて、のんびり出来ました。建物は古いのですが、至るところにお花が生けられていて、素敵でした。歩いてすぐに、遮るものがない雄大な日本海が望めます。夕焼けが素敵でした。宿の皆様のお見送りのご様子に感銘を受けました。お料理は品数が多く、どれも一手間が嬉しく美味しいかったです。温かいお料理にどれほどの手間がかけられているのでしょうか。主人が体調が思わしくなく、1週間ほど休みを取り出かけて行きました。お料理、すべて食べていたので驚きました。耳鳴りも治り、元気を回復しました。若女将優しい笑顔のお見送りありがとうございました。忙しい中で、お話しくださったお部屋がかりのお姉さん、感謝して居ります。

I could hope for a large garden, I was able to relax. The building is old, but flowers were born everywhere, it was lovely. As soon as you walk you can see the majestic Sea of ​​Japan without any obstructions. The sunset was wonderful. I was impressed by everyone's inauguration. The dishes are large in number of items, each one is pleasant and delicious. How much effort is spent on hot dishes? My husband was not feeling well, I went out taking a break for about a week. I was surprised because I cooked all the dishes. The tinnitus has also healed, and I regained my energy. Young lady general Thank you for seeing a friendly smile. I am grateful that my sister living in the room that I told you during busy.

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Mr./Ms. H.O(56)

Select Date:2018-05-01


Flower was decorated everywhere in the hall where cleaning was perfect, and I let you feel comfortably. Mr. Young lady? I was delighted with the detailed care of. I was deeply impressed by polite postponement and I wanted to visit again.

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Mr./Ms. Y.O(65)

Select Date:2018-04-30

広々とした庭にかこまれ作りで静かでゆったりした時間を過ごせました。 夕飯も新鮮な魚ばかりでなく、何れも美味しく高齢の母が残さず食べて嬉しかったです。

I was able to spend quiet and relaxing time by making it surrounded by a spacious garden. Besides fresh fish for dinner, they were all delicious and I was delighted to eat the elderly mother.

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