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Accommodations that have achieved high customer satisfaction and that can be enjoyed casually.

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Mr./Ms. K.T(37)

Select Date:2019-04-28

両親との家族旅行に利用させていただきましたが、お風呂と料理、接客ともに満足できました。料理は四季を感じられて良かったと思います。温泉も24h利用できるのが良かったです。 改善してもらいたい点です。食事の時に対応が間に合ってなく、水やお茶が... Read more 両親との家族旅行に利用させていただきましたが、お風呂と料理、接客ともに満足できました。料理は四季を感じられて良かったと思います。温泉も24h利用できるのが良かったです。 改善してもらいたい点です。食事の時に対応が間に合ってなく、水やお茶が中々出てこなかったため、皆が困った感じでした。最終的には、まわりを気にしながら勝手に取りに行ってるような感じでした。人が足りないのは仕方がないと思うので、一言旅館の方から自由に取りに行くような案内があれば、困らないと思います。あと、風呂に貴重品ロッカーを用意してほしいです。折角、部屋に貴重品ロッカーが有るのに、風呂場には鍵のかかるロッカーがないため、部屋の貴重品ロッカーの鍵は風呂に持ち込み、部屋の鍵は脱衣所にそのまま置きっぱなしで、落ち着いて風呂に入れないです。部屋の鍵は2つあると尚良いと思います。

We used for family trip with parents, but were able to be satisfied with bath and dish, service. I think the food was good to feel the four seasons. It was good that a hot spring could also be used 24h. I want to improve it. Everyone was at a loss as the response was not in time for meals and no water or tea came out. In the end, I felt like I was going to pick it up while thinking about the surroundings. I think that there is no way that people are lacking, so I think that if there is a guide to go to get in from the directions of the ryokan freely, I will not be troubled. After, I want you to prepare a valuables locker in the bath. At the same time, even though there are valuables lockers in the room, there are no lockers that lock in the bathroom, so bring the keys of the valuables locker in the room into the bath and leave the keys in the room as they are in the dressing room. I can not take a bath. I think it is better if there are two room keys.

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Mr./Ms. T.O(Private)

Select Date:2019-05-04


The room was clean and nice. Because the view from the room was a private house and a field, it was not good enough. The open-air bath could not be used due to a malfunction of the facilities, but I received a free ticket for a facility with an open-air bath nearby. The service of the customer service was very good and I was able to spend pleasantly.

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Mr./Ms. R.H(Private)

Select Date:2018-07-14

接客も丁寧でとてもいい時間を過ごせました。 ありがとうございました。

We were able to spend very good time with polite attendance. Thank you very much.

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