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Hotel New Omi

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Other Facilities3.7/5

Mr./Ms. S.K(60)

Select Date:2019-05-25


Two staff seemed to correspond at the time of receptionist, but one seemed to be heard variously by elderly person and another seemed to take bicycle in the room, and both took time and it was front sofa If I was sitting there waiting for me to come in from the outside and it was lined up after 3 sets

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Mr./Ms. A.M(26)

Select Date:2019-05-01

この度はお世話になりました。 外から見た建物は決してきれいとは言えませんでしたが、内装はきれいで、お部屋の中のテレビも大きくてゆっくりと過ごせました。 駐車場は広く、たくさん泊められるの安心です。 朝食は全体的に美味しく、生のオレンジ... Read more この度はお世話になりました。 外から見た建物は決してきれいとは言えませんでしたが、内装はきれいで、お部屋の中のテレビも大きくてゆっくりと過ごせました。 駐車場は広く、たくさん泊められるの安心です。 朝食は全体的に美味しく、生のオレンジでジュースが作れたのが、すごく良かったです。 また機会があれば、泊まりたいです。

I appreciate your kindness at this time. The building I saw from the outside was by no means clean, but the decor was clean and the TV in the room was large and I could spend a long time slowly. The parking lot is large and it is safe to stay a lot. Breakfast was delicious overall, and it was very good that juice was made with raw orange. If I have another chance, I would like to stay.

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Mr./Ms. Y.Y(36)

Select Date:2019-03-27


Breakfast was really delicious as it is. It was too delicious to squeeze and drink orange on the spot. The children were happy to drink. As room was renewed, it was beautiful. It was a hotel that I would like to stay if I have the opportunity.

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Mr./Ms. K.M(66)

Select Date:2019-02-23

やや遅めの時間(しかし指定内の時間)に朝食にいったが、食べる物がほとんどなかった! 滋賀でナンバー1と自慢しているだけに、あまりにお粗末

I went to breakfast at a slightly late time (but within designated time), but there was hardly anything to eat! It's too lousy just to be proud of Shiga number one

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Mr./Ms. Y.M(46)

Select Date:2019-02-09

喫煙の部屋だったのかタバコの匂いが凄く嫌だった。 空気清浄機はあったのですが部屋に入ってカードキーをささないと電源がつかないので、電源を入れた途端凄い音でずーっと匂いを検知して休まりませんでした。他は良かったのにそれだけで嫌な思いに… ... Read more 喫煙の部屋だったのかタバコの匂いが凄く嫌だった。 空気清浄機はあったのですが部屋に入ってカードキーをささないと電源がつかないので、電源を入れた途端凄い音でずーっと匂いを検知して休まりませんでした。他は良かったのにそれだけで嫌な思いに… Reluxだからと思い予約しましたが、次は無いと思います。

It was a smoking room or smell of cigarettes was disgusting. Although there was an air purifier, since it did not turn on without entering the room and entering the room, as soon as I turned on the power was turned on I detected the smell for a while and it did not rest. Even though others were okay, it just makes me bad ... I thought it was Relux because I made a reservation, but I do not think there will be next.

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Mr./Ms. A.H(30)

Select Date:2019-02-10


Thank you for responding with hope for more than the 4th floor. Furthermore, it was very easy as the room was just off the elevator.

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Mr./Ms. W.S(44)

Select Date:2018-11-23


The room is very spacious and the decoration is novel. Only the heating in the room can't be adjusted by yourself. It will feel stuffy at night, the breakfast food is good, and the staff is polite.

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Mr./Ms. N.H(35)

Select Date:2018-08-20

子供用にベッドを用意してくださっていたのですが、マットがバネのマットのままで、もとから置かれているベッドのようにバネのベッドの上にさらにひくマットがひかれていなく、子供もバネが痛くてねれないと結局添寝になりました。 申し訳ありませんが、私... Read more 子供用にベッドを用意してくださっていたのですが、マットがバネのマットのままで、もとから置かれているベッドのようにバネのベッドの上にさらにひくマットがひかれていなく、子供もバネが痛くてねれないと結局添寝になりました。 申し訳ありませんが、私も主人もあれはちょっと寝心地が寝れたものではないなと思いました。 あと、シャワー室とトイレに前の宿泊した方の毛が落ちていたり、ナイトウェアも部屋になく、電話でフロントに問い合わせたら置き忘れでした。 あと、誕生日で、メッセージを机の上に置いてくださっていたのは嬉しかったのですが、Birthdayの綴りを間違えていたり…。 ところどころが残念でした。 朝食も食べにいくと、座るやいなや、コーヒーをおいれしましょうか?と、、。食後あたりならわかりますが、聞くタイミングが席について料理も取りに行く前に、ん??となりました。 クレームとかではなく、せっかく良いホテルが、ちょこちょここういうことがあるととても残念に思い書かせていただきました。 1泊でしたが、ゆっくり過ごさせていただきありがとうございました。

I was preparing a bed for my child, but the mat was still a mat of springs, so a mat that was not drawn on the bed of the spring like a bed placed from the beginning, a child Even when the spring hurts, I got to go to bed. I am sorry, neither myself nor my husband thought that sleepiness was not somewhat sleepy. Also, the hair of the person who stayed at the front of the shower room and the toilet was falling down or there was no nightwear in the room, so if I contacted the front desk by telephone I left it behind. Also I was happy that my message was on the desk at my birthday, but I mistook Birthday 's spelling .... It was a shame somewhere. Shall we eat breakfast, shall we have coffee as soon as we sit down? When,,. I understand if it is after meals, but before the timing to listen going to pick up the dishes about the seat, is it? What? have become. It was not a complaint, but a good hotel, but I was very sorry that there was something like this kind of thing. I stayed overnight, thank you for letting me go slowly.

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Mr./Ms. Y.F(28)

Select Date:2018-08-07

部屋自体は2人ではもったいないくらいの広さで綺麗に掃除もされており良かったです。 しかし、女性向けのアメニティーが少なく、足りなかったためわざわざ近くのコンビニまで買いに行きました。 そこらへんが充実していれば文句なかったです。

The rooms themselves were well cleaned by the size of the waste with two people and it was clean. However, amenity for women was small, and because it was not enough, we went all the way to buy a nearby convenience store. I could not complain if there was a lot of fun.

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Mr./Ms. H.I(46)

Select Date:2019-06-15

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Mr./Ms. H.O(58)

Select Date:2019-03-23

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Mr./Ms. A.K(37)

Select Date:2019-02-03

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