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ガーデンテラス佐賀 ホテル&マリトピア
Garden Terrace Saga

City-centered Hotel
  • Saga > Saga・Furuyu・Kumanokawa


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Other Facilities4.8/5

Mr./Ms. H.N(58)

Select Date:2019-07-07

フロントの対応は、好感を持てました。 食事も部屋もワンランク上質な雰囲気がありました。 機会があれば、また利用したいです。

Correspondence of the front was able to have a good feeling. Both the food and the room had a high quality atmosphere. If there is an opportunity, I want to use it again.

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Mr./Ms. M.M(Private)

Select Date:2019-06-28

スタッフのみなさんとても笑顔が素敵で、気持ちの良い対応をしていただき、とてもリラックスできました。ただ、朝食時に客が私一人だったこともあるのでしょうが、常に見られている感じがして落ち着かなかったので接客を4にしています。 ホームページには... Read more スタッフのみなさんとても笑顔が素敵で、気持ちの良い対応をしていただき、とてもリラックスできました。ただ、朝食時に客が私一人だったこともあるのでしょうが、常に見られている感じがして落ち着かなかったので接客を4にしています。 ホームページにはお部屋に化粧水や乳液もアメニティとして置いてあるともとれる記述があるので、女性の宿泊客には、チェックインの時に必要かどうか尋ねていただけるとお部屋に入って探さなくてすむなと感じました。 12時チェックアウトなので翌朝もゆっくり過ごせて満喫できました!朝食のガレットも美味しかったです。 ぜひまた泊まりたいと思います‼︎

The staff members had a very nice smile, had a pleasant response and were very relaxed. However, I would have been the customer alone at breakfast time, but I have made it 4 because I felt like I was always watching and I was not calm. There is also a description on the home page that the room also has lotion and milk lotion as amenity, so it is not necessary for female guests to enter the room if they can ask if it is necessary at check-in. felt. I checked out at 12 o'clock so I could enjoy it the next morning and enjoy it! Galette for breakfast was also delicious. I really want to stay again !! Moth

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Mr./Ms. G.K(39)

Select Date:2019-04-21

깨끗하고 친절한 서비스에 감동이였습니다. 라운지 이용도 너무 좋았어요!! 편안한 휴식을 주어서 감사합니다.

I was impressed by the clean and friendly service. Lounge was very good too !! Thank you for relaxing.

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Mr./Ms. M.T(24)

Select Date:2019-03-29

福岡からのドライブで、佐賀にいいホテルがないか調べたところ、利用しました。立地は佐賀駅に近いですが、歩いていける距離で行くなら厳しいかなといったところでした。しかし、ホテルに入ってからのスタッフの大変親切な接客にはとても癒されました。ウェル... Read more 福岡からのドライブで、佐賀にいいホテルがないか調べたところ、利用しました。立地は佐賀駅に近いですが、歩いていける距離で行くなら厳しいかなといったところでした。しかし、ホテルに入ってからのスタッフの大変親切な接客にはとても癒されました。ウェルカムドリンクの嬉野紅茶も美味しくいただきました。ラウンジも中とプールサイドの両方に席があり、涼しかったのでプールサイドの方を利用しました。こちらのラウンジはデラックス以上のお部屋に泊まった場合に限りますが、飲み物もおつまみもあって落ち着きがある雰囲気でよかったです。お部屋に行くまでの廊下も木の香りが漂い、お部屋もテラスジャグジータイプのものを利用しましたが、申し分ないほどよかったです。朝食も大変美味しかったです。 ラウンジは着いて30分くらいしか使えなかったので、利用時間をもう少し増やしても良かったかなとも思いました。できれば12時くらいまでしてほしいです。お化粧品がお部屋になかったので、フロントに頼みました。女性のお客さんがきた時にいると思うので、お部屋に置いておくといいと思います。余裕があれば温泉やアロマトリートメントの施術が受けられる施設も置くともっといいと思います。夏にプールが開放するらしいのでまた来ようと思いました。

We used a drive from Fukuoka to check if there is a good hotel in Saga. The location is close to Saga Station, but it was a tough place to go by walking distance. However, it was very healed by the very kind service of the staff after entering the hotel. Ureshino tea of the welcome drink was also delicious. There were seats in both the lounge and the poolside, so it was cool that I used the poolside. This lounge is limited to staying in deluxe rooms or more, but it was nice to have a calm atmosphere with drinks and snacks. The hallway to the room also had the smell of wood, and the room also used the terrace Jacuzzi type, but it was quite nice. Breakfast was also very delicious. As I could use the lounge only for about 30 minutes, I thought it would be better to increase the usage time a little more. I hope you can do it until around 12 o'clock. There was no cosmetic in the room, so I asked the front desk. I think it's better to leave it in the room as I think it's when a female customer came. I think it would be better if there is also a facility where you can get spa treatment and treatment of the spa and aroma treatment if you can afford. I thought that the pool will open in summer, so I will come again.

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Mr./Ms. S.J(30)

Select Date:2019-02-09

조식이 코스식으로 나오는건 다른 호텔에 비해 신선하고 좋았지만 음식이 맞지않는 사람에게는 좀 아쉬운 부분입니다. 그 외 서비스 및 시설 그리고 룸 컨디션 청결은 완전 대만족스러웟습니다. 담당해주셨던 한국어를 잘하셨던... Read more 조식이 코스식으로 나오는건 다른 호텔에 비해 신선하고 좋았지만 음식이 맞지않는 사람에게는 좀 아쉬운 부분입니다. 그 외 서비스 및 시설 그리고 룸 컨디션 청결은 완전 대만족스러웟습니다. 담당해주셨던 한국어를 잘하셨던 직원분께도 감사인사를 전합니다:)

It is a bit disappointing to people who do not have the right food although the breakfast is fresh and good compared to other hotels. The service and facilities are excellent and the rooms are clean and well maintained. Thank you to the staff who worked well for the Korean language you gave me :)

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Mr./Ms. R.Y(23)

Select Date:2019-01-04


It was a very nice hotel. I really thought that I would like to come again. If there is opportunity, we will use again.

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