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塩原温泉 湯守田中屋
Shiobara onsen Yumori Tanakaya

casual Ryokan/Inn
Shiobara onsen Yumori Tanakaya / Tochigi Shiobara・Yaita・Otawara・Nishinasuno 10


Shiobara Onsen wildstream hot spring and hearth cuisine accommodation Yumamori Tanakaya is a healing water accommodation  with history stretching back to the Meiji period.

Enveloping yourself in the nature of Nasu, you can spend time bathing in the soul warming waters.
From the guest rooms with open air baths where you can monopolize the luxury for yourself, to the calming standard rooms, we have many types of guest rooms. 

From the open air bath full of wildness looking over the mountain stream and the panoramic bath, please mix up your tastes in these famous waters that need no addition.

Dinner is hearth cuisine, limited to 8 groups of guests a day.
Please enjoy it with our specialty wines. 
The scent of incense floating through the building will bring back a lovely sense of nostalgia.       
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Room types


Relux grade


Accommodations that have achieved high customer satisfaction and that can be enjoyed casually.

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Other Facilities3.8/5

Mr./Ms. M.S(60)

Total points:

Select Date:2019-07-06

当初、部屋食だったものを炉端食に変更していただきましてありがとうございました。おかげ様で大変美味しい食事を摂ることができました。味付けも薄味で好みでした。温泉は素晴らしい景観の野天風呂で家内はこの景色は今までで最高と申しております。しかしな... Read more 当初、部屋食だったものを炉端食に変更していただきましてありがとうございました。おかげ様で大変美味しい食事を摂ることができました。味付けも薄味で好みでした。温泉は素晴らしい景観の野天風呂で家内はこの景色は今までで最高と申しております。しかしながら部分的にリニューアルが行われているとはいえ施設の傷み、不備が散見される客室は若干のマイナス材料ですね。 新幹線利用で塩原温泉は交通の便が悪く行きにくいのですが、かなりの距離を送迎していただき助かりました。接客についての不満はありませんでした。ありがとうございました。最後に最近の観光地は中国人が多く、様々な面で気分を害されますが、今回その方々は見受けられず何かホッとしました。都会の喧騒を逃れるのにおススメです。

Thank you for changing what was originally a room meal to a hearth meal. Thanks to you, I was able to have a very good meal. Seasoning was also light and tasted. The hot spring is a field bath with a wonderful view, and it is said that this view is the best in the house so far. However, although it is partially renewed, damage to the facilities, and rooms with imperfections may be slightly negative. Shiobara Onsen is difficult to travel due to the use of the Shinkansen, but it was helpful to pick up a considerable distance. There were no complaints about customer service. Thank you very much. Lastly, there are a lot of Chinese people in recent tourist places, and I feel offended in various ways, but this time they were not seen and I felt relieved. It is recommended to escape the noise of the city.

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Mr./Ms. T,Y(54)

Total points:

Select Date:2019-05-12

高齢の両親を連れての宿泊でした。部屋はリニューアルされていて、使いやすくきれいでした。夕食朝食ともに、とても、美味しく両親も喜んでいました。また、すべてのスタッフの方に、声をかけて頂き、大変良くして頂きました。布団敷きに来て頂いたスタッフの... Read more 高齢の両親を連れての宿泊でした。部屋はリニューアルされていて、使いやすくきれいでした。夕食朝食ともに、とても、美味しく両親も喜んでいました。また、すべてのスタッフの方に、声をかけて頂き、大変良くして頂きました。布団敷きに来て頂いたスタッフの方と母も楽しく話していました。昔からの旅館なので、建物、風呂は少し古さも感じますが、その反面最近の旅館には無い、素晴らしい接客をしていただいたように思います。悩んで野天風呂に挑戦しました。貸し切り状態でした。帰りの登りがつらかったけど、いい思い出になりました。そこでも、階段をそうじしていたスタッフの方に声をかけて頂きました。かもしかに出会えるそうです。その日は会えませんでした。また、機会があれば宿泊したいです。

I stayed with my old parents. Room was renewed and was easy to use and was beautiful. The dinner and breakfast were both delicious and my parents were happy. Also, I asked all staff members to speak very well and to have them improved very much. The staff and mother who came to the futon mat also talked happily. As it is an ryokan from the old days, the building and the bath feel a little old, but on the other hand, it seems that you have received a wonderful customer service, which is not found in recent ryokans. I challenged the field bath. I was in a state of lending. It was hard to climb on the way back, but it was a good memory. Here, too, the staff members who were taking steps to the stairs spoke to me. It seems that you can meet Mikabori. I couldn't meet that day. Also, I would like to stay if there is an opportunity.

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Mr./Ms. F.F(56)

Total points:

Select Date:2019-05-18

主人のGW中と日頃の仕事疲れを癒しに、こちらのお宿を選びました。 スタッフの細やかな気配りおもてなしは、素晴らしいです。 食事、特に夕食、和牛のしゃぶしゃぶ風や料理長が二時間かけて蒸焼きした川魚など、とても美味しかったです。 温泉は、... Read more 主人のGW中と日頃の仕事疲れを癒しに、こちらのお宿を選びました。 スタッフの細やかな気配りおもてなしは、素晴らしいです。 食事、特に夕食、和牛のしゃぶしゃぶ風や料理長が二時間かけて蒸焼きした川魚など、とても美味しかったです。 温泉は、館内にある展望風呂を利用しました。目の前に広がる新緑を眺めながらの入浴に、身も心も癒されました。ただ、男風呂では、たまたま、ゴルフ帰りの大声で会話をたのしまれる団体様と同じ時間に展望風呂を利用したため、とても残念な思いしたそうです。 お部屋の温泉風呂からも、美しい新緑を眺めながら入浴でき良かったです。もう少しバスタブが大きいともっと良かったと思います。 また、旅館にはめずらしい、ライブラリーがあり、その奥には透明な壁で仕切られた喫煙所があり、椅子に座り外の景色を眺めながら 時には鳥のさえずりをききながら、ゆっくりとタバコをすえると、主人は、とても気に入っていました。 帰りの新幹線の中で、履いている靴を見て、驚きました。旅館に着くまでは、(恥ずかしいですが、)とても汚れていたのが、見違えるほど綺麗にみがかれていたのです。履いてすぐに気づかず、感謝を直接お伝えできなかったことを後悔しています。素晴らしいおもてなしありがとうございました。

I chose this inn to heal my husband's GW and my daily work fatigue. The attentive hospitality of the staff is great. The meal was especially delicious, including dinner, especially the Japanese-style beef shabu-shabu and the river fish steamed by the chef for two hours. The hot spring used the observation bath in the hotel. My body and mind were healed by the bath while watching the fresh green which spread in front of my eyes. However, in the men's bath, I thought it was very disappointing, because I used the observation bath at the same time as a group that would like to have a loud conversation on the way home from golf. It was good to be able to take a bath while looking at the beautiful fresh green from the hot spring bath in the room. I think it was better if the bathtub was a little bigger. There is also an unusual library in the inn, and there is a smoking area divided by a transparent wall in the back, sitting on a chair and watching the outside, and while listening to the song of the birds, slowly smoke And my husband liked it very much. I was surprised to see the shoes I was wearing on the way back from the Shinkansen. Before I arrived at the ryokan, I was ashamed of it, but it was so dirty that it was so beautifully reminiscent of it. I regret that I did not notice it immediately and could not give thanks directly. Thank you for the wonderful hospitality.

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Shiobara onsen Yumori Tanakaya


6 Shiobara, Shiobara, Nasu, Tochigi [View map]

check-in / check-out time

15:00 / 10:00

CI/CO time may be different depending on plan.

Credit card


Number of guest rooms

23 room(s)


There is no restaurant here.
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Panorama bath area (still water, full body bath, bubble bath, low sound wave ondol sauna)
The 6th floor is for women and 7th floor is for men, each floor has an identical large panoramic bath.
Each wall is made of glass giving a feel of open space and you can enjoy the natural hot springs all day long. 
During the day, cleaning will occur from 10:00-15:00.

Valley bath (Hinoki bath, men and women separate)
This is an open air bath reserved for use by staying guests. 
The scenery right in front of your eyes and the twittering of the birds in your ears. Please enjoy a wonderful time here during the day and at night. 
From 19:30, this becomes a private bath with a fee.

Wild bath (women only, three mixed baths) 
Even in the national heritage site of Nikko, this is the remarkable Oami hot spring, plentiful with nature. 
This well respected bath is located about 300 steps down into the valley, and welcomes guests with many different atmospheres according to the season. At night this is lit up and you can use the bath until 11 pm.

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Other facility information

Please contact the hotels/ryokans directly for more details.
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The Shiobara hot springs, continuing to bubble from the Hokigawa Valley, has a history of being discovered in the first year of the Daido Era (the year 806). This building, located in the world heritage area of Nikko, has the Oami hot springs, remarkable even in this area. Known as 'eleven waters of Shiobara' thanks to the eleven spring points, the 'Oami' waters of Tanakaya is one of these.
All of the baths are natural hot springs. No additives, filters or circulators are used and this is 100% natural hot spring water. There is certification of the benefits of this water and as we have certification that this water can be drunk, this is one of the few 'drinking water hot springs' of Tochigi.

As the first spot of the hot springs of Shiobara, it is located in an area easy to access from the city Center by both Train and car. 
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In order to comply with increasing strengthening of health and safety measures to prevent passive smoking, we have discontinued the sale of tobacco in our accommodation.
In addition, the smoking areas have been limited to an allocated smoking area and a small number of guest rooms, but the dining area on the first floor (hearth cuisine area, breakfast area) is completely non smoking. 
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  • Bath tax
  • Children allowed
  • Room service
  • Transportation service
  • Parking area
  • Hot spring
  • Fresh hot spring
  • Room with outdoor spa
  • Public spa
  • Private spa
  • Indoor pool
  • Outdoor pool
  • Esthe/Spa facility
  • Fitness facility
  • Barrier free
  • 5 min walk from station
  • Pets allowed
  • Breakfast in room
  • Dinner in room
  • Open air bath
  • Night view
  • Ocean view
  • Cottage
  • Coupon

The accommodation features are general descriptions of the facility. The amenities and breadth of service will differ between each accommodation. For details, please confirm directly with the accommodation.


Access by public transportation.

Tokyo: Tohoku Bullet Train, alight at 'Nasu Shiobara Station' and from there 53 minutes by bus

Sendai: Tohoku Bullet Train, alight at 'Nasu Shiobara Station' and from there 53 minutes by bus

Free shuttle bus
 Nasu Shiobara Station 15:30- Yumamori Tanakaya (30 minutes)

Yumamori Takanaya 10:15 - Nasu Shiobara Station (30 minutes)

If you would like to use the free shuttle bus, please make a reservation in advance. 

For times other than this schedule, please make an inquiry (fee payable, one way 5400 yen per group) 

6 Shiobara, Shiobara, Nasu, Tochigi

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