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Daiwa Roynet Hotel Himeji

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Other Facilities4.2/5

Mr./Ms. A.Y(49)

Select Date:2019-06-07

とても綺麗なお部屋と広い浴槽でとても快適に過ごせました また機会があれば利用させて頂きます

Very comfortable room with a very clean room and a large tub We will use it again if there is an opportunity

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Mr./Ms. K.Y(26)

Select Date:2019-06-08


I thought that the protrusion of the door stopper at the entrance of the room was dangerous. I hit my toes several times.

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Mr./Ms. A.G(29)

Select Date:2019-03-22


The size of the room was just right and really good, with a view of Himeji Castle from the room. The children were delighted that the shower came out of heaven.

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Mr./Ms. S.I(57)

Select Date:2019-03-29


It was disappointing that it was difficult to understand the payment method because it was the first time

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Mr./Ms. M.Y(49)

Select Date:2019-03-29

新しいので、部屋はとても綺麗でした。とても、便利な場所に在ります。ただ、小魚のおつまみが落ちていました。魚だけに、見た瞬間に少しびっくりしました。折角の綺麗なホテルなのに、清掃の雑さは、勿体ないです。 それ以外は、良かったので、姫路に行く... Read more 新しいので、部屋はとても綺麗でした。とても、便利な場所に在ります。ただ、小魚のおつまみが落ちていました。魚だけに、見た瞬間に少しびっくりしました。折角の綺麗なホテルなのに、清掃の雑さは、勿体ないです。 それ以外は、良かったので、姫路に行く時は、是非、また宿泊します。

The room was very clean because it was new. It is in a very convenient place. However, the small fish snack had fallen. I was a little surprised at the moment I saw it, only to the fish. Even if it is a beautiful hotel at a corner, the clutter of cleaning is useless. Other than that, it was good, so when I go to Himeji, I will stay again.

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Mr./Ms. S.T(59)

Select Date:2019-03-16

今回初めて利用させていただきました。 セパレートのお風呂は大変良いと思います。 となりの部屋、廊下等からの音の侵入もなく部屋では快適に過ごさせていただきました。 残念なことがいくつかありました。 ひとつはチェックイン時に大勢の学生さ... Read more 今回初めて利用させていただきました。 セパレートのお風呂は大変良いと思います。 となりの部屋、廊下等からの音の侵入もなく部屋では快適に過ごさせていただきました。 残念なことがいくつかありました。 ひとつはチェックイン時に大勢の学生さんがおられたのですが、チェックインカウンターに並んでおられるような状態であったため、後ろに並んでしばらく待っていると後から来られた方が前の方へ? 学生さんは並んでいたのではなく、ホテルの方が全員のルームキーを準備されているのを待っておられたようでした。 係りの方がもう少し分かりやすく誘導してほしかったです。 もう一つは自動チェックイン機?で手続きをしましたが、なぜかクレジットカードが必要?確かネットで前払い(クレジットカード決済)していたはずなのに? おかしいなっとは思ったんですが、何かの間違い? チェックアウト時に2重支払いが分かり、返金手続きに又時間がかかってしまいました。 少し残念ですね。 それと今回相手をしていただいた方の声が聞きづらく、話しておられることが大変わかりづらかったです。 又利用させてもらうことがあるかと思います。 ありがとうございました。

We used for the first time this time. I think a separate bath is very good. There was no sound intruding from the next room, hallways etc. The room was comfortable. There were a few bad things. One was a large number of students at check-in, but because it was in a state of being lined up at the check-in counter, people waiting for a while to line up behind can come back later Who? The students were not lined up, but it seemed that the hotel was waiting for all the room keys to be prepared. I wanted the person in charge to guide me a little more clearly. Another one is an automatic check-in machine? I did the procedure in, why do I need a credit card? Certainly it should have been prepaid (credit card payment) on the net? I thought it would be strange, but something wrong? I understand double payment at the time of checkout, and it took time for refund procedure again. It's a little disappointing. And it was very difficult to hear the voice of the person who had the other party this time, and it was very difficult to understand what I was talking about. I think that I may use it again. Thank you very much.

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Mr./Ms. E.N(48)

Select Date:2019-03-16

お風呂と洗面所プラストイレが別々なのがとてもよかったです。 姫路駅や姫路城も近く枕元にコンセントがあったのもよかったです。 またぜひ利用したいです。 最初に頂いた顔パックもすごくよかったです。

It was very nice that bath and toilet plus toilet were separate. It was good that Himeji Station and Himeji Castle were close and there was an outlet at the pillow source. I would like to use it again. The face pack I received first was also very good.

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Mr./Ms. M.K(44)

Select Date:2019-03-11

デラックスツインを予約してたのですが同じ料金でスイートのお部屋に変更してもらいありがとうございます 子供もスイートのお部屋に感動してました!

We reserved Deluxe Twin, but thank you for having you change to room of suite for the same rate The children were also impressed by the room of the suite!

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Mr./Ms. A.O(59)

Select Date:2019-02-22

13階を用意していただいて街全体が見えて良かったのですが、姫路城から真正面のホテルだったから城のライトアップが見たかったです お風呂は広くて良かった❗️

It was good that you could see the entire city by preparing the 13th floor, but it was a hotel right in front of Himeji Castle so I wanted to see the light up of the castle The bath was nice and spacious.

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Mr./Ms. A.Y(50)

Select Date:2019-02-04


It was new, clean, room was large, and it was very relaxing. However, I would be happy if you let me set aside for a bit more hot water in the bath. Also, it is good to have slippers prepared for disposable.

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Mr./Ms. F.U(37)

Select Date:2019-01-26


The view and the service were good, I was able to spend very comfortably. Thank you very much.

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Mr./Ms. H.M(46)

Select Date:2019-01-23

言う事ありません。お部屋も綺麗で、特に風呂はトイレとは別で、身体を流せる場所もあり、疲れをとることができました。 また利用します。

I have nothing to say. The room was also beautiful, especially the bath was separate from the toilet and there was also a place where you could shed the body, I was able to get tired. I will also use it.

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Mr./Ms. Y.Y(54)

Select Date:2018-12-30


The room and the bed were wider than I expected, and the backrest of the bathtub was very good!

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Mr./Ms. H.E(45)

Select Date:2018-12-08


It was comfortable to use! I felt a sense of security and cleanliness since it is a female customer service!また If you are reasonable and drinking in Himeji casually, we will do it again!

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Mr./Ms. K.M(51)

Select Date:2019-06-15

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Mr./Ms. H.K(46)

Select Date:2019-02-15

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