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Sekai Hotel Tsuki

casual Condominium
  • Osaka > Umeda ・ Nakanoshima ・ Fukushima ・ Tenma

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這飯店必須要除名 本打算在這網站訂接下來的行程 但因為這家飯店的質素而不會再使用這網站了 誰敢再花錢訂只有照片能看的住宿? 睡覺要帶上耳塞和眼罩 外面從晚上的車聲到早上被街上的人談話而吵聲 客廳沒有任何透光的窗戶 椅子的手柄是... Read more 這飯店必須要除名 本打算在這網站訂接下來的行程 但因為這家飯店的質素而不會再使用這網站了 誰敢再花錢訂只有照片能看的住宿? 睡覺要帶上耳塞和眼罩 外面從晚上的車聲到早上被街上的人談話而吵聲 客廳沒有任何透光的窗戶 椅子的手柄是掛著的,碰兩日就掉下來 只能說是金玉其外,敗絮其中 只合付不起錢愛打卡的年輕人? 位置偏遠得可憐,晚上一個女生住會超危險 廚具沒有,碟子沒有,廚房是假的吧? 唯一值得讚賞的或許只有浴缸了 不過實在太不值了,最後一晚要24000yen,查帳單才知道比平日貴了一倍。 隔天星期六住樂天訂的Sheraton 才18000yen,本人表示真的對relux這網站難有好感。

This hotel must be delisted and intends to book the next itinerary on this website. However, because of the quality of this hotel, it will not use this website anymore. Who would dare to pay for the accommodation that only photos can see? Sleeping with earplugs and eye masks from the sound of the car at night to the people in the street talking in the morning and noisy in the living room, there is no light-transparent window chair handle is hanging, it can only be said that it is golden jade when it touches for two days. In addition, the young people who can't afford to pay for the card? The location is far away, and a girl living in the evening will have no dangerous kitchen utensils. There is no dish. Is the kitchen fake? The only thing that deserves appreciation is the bathtub, but it’s too worthless. The last night is 24,000 yen, and the checklist is only twice as expensive as usual. The Saturday that I stayed at Lotte on the next Saturday was only 18000yen. I said that it is really difficult to relux this website.

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