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遊景の宿 平城 Yukei No Yado Heijo

casual Resort
  • Nara > Nara ・Yamatokoriyama
Yukei No Yado Heijo / Nara Nara・Ikaru・Tenri 107


(2020.05.01 NEW OPEN)

From the middle of Mt. Wakakusa, you can overlook Nara's seasonal and night views.

Spend a relaxing and exquisite time in the wilderness, such as a lobby lounge & bar with a fireplace, a library, and a private rooftop bath, as well as an outstanding view from Mt.Wakakusa, one of Japan's three largest night views.

The Japanese restaurant TERRACE Wakakusayama has a specialty of ingredients and techniques.

We offer heart-warming dishes that make the most of our hometown by making the most of the appeal of ingredients grown on Yamato soil, not only Japanese food but also French techniques.

In addition, there are various experience programs that can be enjoyed by families, such as temple guides by monks, making deer horn accessories, pottery classes.

Please enjoy the history, culture, and nature of Nara from the view, cooking and various experiences.      
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Other Facilities3.2/5

Mr./Ms. H.I(22)

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10 Tatamis Japanese-style Room

今回も、素敵な旅館だなぁ〜と感じました。 景色が綺麗で、ご飯も美味しくて、素晴らしかったです。お風呂も清潔でした。 個人的に、一点だけ。 寝ている間にブト(?)にたくさん刺されて、今とんでもないことになってます( ;∀;) 山の... Read more 今回も、素敵な旅館だなぁ〜と感じました。 景色が綺麗で、ご飯も美味しくて、素晴らしかったです。お風呂も清潔でした。 個人的に、一点だけ。 寝ている間にブト(?)にたくさん刺されて、今とんでもないことになってます( ;∀;) 山のお宿なので(そこが魅力でもあるのですが)徹底されるのは大変かと思いますが、部屋だけでも、虫対策がされるとこれからの季節にありがたいと思います。わがままな注文を申しわけないと思いますが、ご検討いただければ、もっと気兼ねなくお宿に行けるなぁ、と思いました! 平城さんはバスの方までも気さくで、人が良い宿だなぁと思います。前回宿泊させていただいた時と同じ運転手さんで、覚えていて下さっていたのか分からないのですが、たくさん話を振っていただいて、10分ほどの道中も楽しく過ごせました。 ありがとうございました。

I felt it was a nice ryokan again this time. The view was beautiful and the rice was delicious, it was wonderful. The bath was also clean. Personally, only one point. I was stabbed a lot by Buto while I was asleep, and now I'm outrageous (; (;) I think it will be difficult to be thorough because it is a mountain lodge (though it is also attractive), but I think it will be appreciated in the coming season when insect control is taken, even with the room alone. I think that I can not order a selfish order, but if I can consider it, I thought I could go to the hotel without hesitation! Mr. Hirajo is friendly even to the bus, I think people are good lodging. The driver was the same as when I stayed last time, and I don't know if I remember it, but I was able to spend about 10 minutes on the way, waving a lot. Thank you very much.

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Mr./Ms. I.T(37)

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10 Tatamis Japanese-style Room

初めての奈良、かつ出産前の最後の旅行になるため楽しみにしていましたが、とても残念な滞在になりました。 ●宿泊前の連絡が一切なく、要望欄に記載したことがどうなってるのか分からなかった(妊婦なので食べられない食材を記載) ●部屋係の方にも「... Read more 初めての奈良、かつ出産前の最後の旅行になるため楽しみにしていましたが、とても残念な滞在になりました。 ●宿泊前の連絡が一切なく、要望欄に記載したことがどうなってるのか分からなかった(妊婦なので食べられない食材を記載) ●部屋係の方にも「何ヶ月ですか?」と聞かれたのに、食前酒が出てきた。これってアルコールですよね?と聞いたが「そうです」としか言われなかった ●部屋のトイレの流すボタンが壊れていた ●部屋に蚊が大量発生し、蚊取り線香が欲しいとフロントに電話したが、一言もお詫びがなかった。夜中も蚊の飛ぶ音で眠れなかった ●夜のご飯がビックリするほど美味しくない。なんでも美味しいという夫も絶句。どなたか館内の方はあのお食事を試食されてるんでしょうか? 挙げればキリがないのですが、とにかくスタッフの皆さんにホスピタリティがなく、久々にハズレの宿だと感じました。 立地は良いですし、奈良の景観も楽しめるだけにとても残念です。

I was looking forward to my first trip to Nara and my last trip before giving birth, but it was a very disappointing stay. ● There was no communication before lodging, and I did not know what was described in the request column (it describes ingredients that can not be eaten because it is a pregnant woman) ● The person in charge of the room asked "How many months?", But an aperitif came out. Is this alcohol? I heard that I could only say "Yes" ● The flush button in the room was broken ● A large number of mosquitoes were generated in the room, and I called the front desk when I wanted a mosquito coil, but I had no apology. I could not sleep because of the sound of mosquitoes flying at night ● It is not as delicious as the night meal is surprised. My husband says that everything is delicious too. Is anyone in the hall tasting that meal? There is no Kiri if it mentions, but it is felt that it is a lodge of the gap after a long time without the hospitality of all the staff anyway. Location is good, and it is very disappointing to enjoy the scenery of Nara.

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Mr./Ms. T.N(29)

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8-10 Tatamis Japanese-style Room

2019年3月24~25日に宿泊させていただきましたNです。 今回は、父の還暦・退職記念旅行ということで、家族5名で宿泊させていただきましたが、とても快適な時間を過ごさせていただきました。部屋からの眺めはよく、料理はどれも工夫がありおいし... Read more 2019年3月24~25日に宿泊させていただきましたNです。 今回は、父の還暦・退職記念旅行ということで、家族5名で宿泊させていただきましたが、とても快適な時間を過ごさせていただきました。部屋からの眺めはよく、料理はどれも工夫がありおいしかったです。とくに、夕食に出てきた、柿のふろふきが一番感動しました。 また、私たちの部屋を担当してくださった仲居さんのともこさんには、色々と温かいお心遣いをいただき本当に感謝しております。 夕食の際、乾杯の音頭や父の挨拶等を待ってタイミングよく配膳していただいたり、私が妊娠中でつわりがあったため、食事場所や時間にもご配慮いただき、また、布団を敷いたままにしてくださったりととても助かりました。 ぜひまた機会があれば、利用させていただきたいと思います。ありがとうございました。

It is N that I stayed on March 24-25, 2019. This time, I was staying with five families for my father's 60th anniversary and retirement commemorative trip, but spent a very comfortable time. The view from the room was good, and all the dishes were delicious. In particular, I was most impressed by the bath towel that came out for dinner. Also, I am really grateful to Mr. Nakai's Tomoko, who took charge of our room, for his warmth and kindness. At dinner time, I will wait for the toast, the greetings of my father, etc. and I will be at a good timing, and I will take care of the eating place and time because I was sick during pregnancy, and I will keep the futon covered It helped me a lot. If there is another opportunity, I would like to use it. Thank you very much.

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Yukei No Yado Heijo


728 Kawakami-cho, Nara-shi, Nara-ken [View map]

check-in / check-out time

15:00 / 10:00

CI/CO time may be different depending on plan.

Credit card


Number of guest rooms

21 room(s)


Please contact the hotels/ryokans directly for more details.
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Grand bath hall (spring water)

Bath hall Ichi (15:00 - 23:00) (06:30 - 09:00)
Bath hall Ni (15:00 - 23:00) (06:30 - 09:00)
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Other facility information

Commissary (07:30 - 21:30)
Cafe (07:30 - 21:30)
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Each room has a rock spa for feet, which is the signature of the hotel. Please recover your travel fatigue of the feet.
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Dinner 17:30 - 19:00 Start
Breakfast 07:30 - 08:30 Start

Dinner and breakfast are prepared in the dining room.
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  • Bath tax
  • Children allowed
  • Room service
  • Transportation service
  • Parking area
  • Hot spring
  • Fresh hot spring
  • Room with outdoor spa
  • Public spa
  • Private spa
  • Indoor pool
  • Outdoor pool
  • Esthe/Spa facility
  • Fitness facility
  • Barrier free
  • 5 min walk from station
  • Pets allowed
  • Breakfast in room
  • Dinner in room
  • Open air bath
  • Night view
  • Ocean view
  • Cottage
  • Coupon

The accommodation features are general descriptions of the facility. The amenities and breadth of service will differ between each accommodation. For details, please confirm directly with the accommodation.


Access by public transportation.

10 minutes drive from Kintetsu・JR Nara station
Free welcome and send-off service available (Please contact in advance)

728 Kawakami-cho, Nara-shi, Nara-ken

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