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相鉄グランドフレッサ 品川シーサイド(旧ホテルサンルート品川シーサイド)
Sotetsu Grand Fresa Shinagawa Seaside

casual City-centered Hotel
  • Tokyo > Shinagawa・Takanawa ・Tennosu


Relux grade


Accommodations that have achieved high customer satisfaction and that can be enjoyed casually.

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Other Facilities4.0/5

Mr./Ms. K.O(68)

Select Date:2019-07-05


Both the room and the bed were comfortable. I also had a delicious breakfast fo. As it was the first time for the Rinkai Line, I was surprised at the depth of the underground. I need some time to spare. Cospa was good. I will be using this again.

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Mr./Ms. J.A(46)

Select Date:2019-04-27

喫煙ルームではありましたが、余りにもタバコの匂いがきつすぎました。禁煙ルームに空きがなく、サンルートの頃は喫煙ルームでもあそこまで酷い染み込み臭はしなかったので選んだのですが、バスルームのタオルまで匂いました。別のホテルにも空きが無ければ仕... Read more 喫煙ルームではありましたが、余りにもタバコの匂いがきつすぎました。禁煙ルームに空きがなく、サンルートの頃は喫煙ルームでもあそこまで酷い染み込み臭はしなかったので選んだのですが、バスルームのタオルまで匂いました。別のホテルにも空きが無ければ仕方ありませんが、次は考えてしまいます。 またチェックイン時にセルフでコーヒーなどを頂けましたが、補充がされておらず。頼んだ方がいて台の下から出した時に少し補充していっても良いと思うのですが、その方に渡しただけで台は空のままでした。

It was a smoking room, but the smell of tobacco was too tight. There was no room in the non-smoking room, so I chose it because I did not have a bad smell soaking even in the smoking room when I was at Sunroute, but I even smelled the towel in the bathroom. If there is no space in another hotel, it can not be helped, but I think next. I also got some coffee etc. by myself at the time of check-in, but it has not been replenished. I think it would be fine if the person who asked me to take it out from the bottom of the table, but it would have been empty just by handing it over to him.

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Mr./Ms. H.Y(36)

Select Date:2019-04-24

禁煙室でもいつ行ってもタバコ臭い 朝食は他のホテルより美味しくロビーの景色もいいだけに残念です

Even if you go to a non-smoking room anytime, you smell a cigarette Breakfast is disappointing as it is delicious than other hotels and the view of the lobby is good

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Mr./Ms. S.K(47)

Select Date:2019-04-12

空調の冷暖房の切り替えが出来なく部屋が日当たりか非常に良くて、暖房のみの空調だったために非常に暑くてキツかった。それ以外は非常に良かったために残念です 何か機会があればまた利用したいと思います ありがとうございました

It was very hot and hard because the room was very sunny and the room was very sunny, with no air conditioning heating and cooling switching. It is disappointing because it was very good other than that I would like to use it again if there is any opportunity Thank you very much

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Mr./Ms. S.N(42)

Select Date:2019-05-30

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