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NIPPONIA HOTEL 竹原 製塩町 Nipponia Hotel Seien Machi

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  • Hiroshima > Mihara・Takehara・Higashi Hiroshima
Nipponia Hotel Seien Machi / Hiroshima Mihara・Takehara・Higashi Hiroshima・Wu 53

Countermeasures for COVID-19

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    Hand sanitizer provided
  • Disinfection
  • Ventilation
  • Ensure Social Distancing
    Ensure Social Distancing
  • Guidelines for employees
    Guidelines for employees
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    Guidelines for guests

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Nipponia Hotel Seien Machi is located in a preservation area in the town of Takehara, allowing our guests to enjoy a slip through time to the Edo Period. The area was well known for producing salt and sake, and many relics of this period remain, including residences and temples.

The area is also referred to as 'The Little Kyoto of Aki,' due to its historic atmosphere and bounty of cultural treasures, much like the actual Kyoto.

While here, guests should indulge in dishes comprised of locally sourced ingredients, including bounties of the sea and land. In particular, Shage beef is a local delicacy not to be missed.

From the nearby port, guests may also enjoy the majestic view of the Seto Inland Sea and the historic Murakami Naval Base. Also in the area, one may find the origins of Saijo and Ginjo Sake, great for travelers looking for a local flavor to quench his or her thirst. 

One does not need to venture very far to find yourself surrounded by the touch of history.

We are also happy to act as a concierge for you while on your trip, making sure you get the best out of your stay.

We look forward to serving you and hope you enjoy a trip back to the Edo Period here in Takehara.
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お部屋は「エグゼクティブ」で案内では1番良いお部屋という事でしたが、正直なところガッカリです。 まず部屋には蟻が沢山おり、寝ている時に体にはってきます。 部屋で食事をとっていても、テーブルに上がってきて気持ち悪いです。 それも含めて古... Read more お部屋は「エグゼクティブ」で案内では1番良いお部屋という事でしたが、正直なところガッカリです。 まず部屋には蟻が沢山おり、寝ている時に体にはってきます。 部屋で食事をとっていても、テーブルに上がってきて気持ち悪いです。 それも含めて古民家ホテルならちょっと問題ですね。 そして、庭付きのお部屋なんですが、全く手入れも行き届かず、見ていて不愉快なお庭です。 「離れ」の部屋もあると案内されましたが、エアコンもない部屋で、ここでいったい何をするんだろう?という感じです。 お風呂も檜風呂にみせかけたお風呂で、床だけは本物の檜だったかも知れないですが、外から見える作りで浴室も狭く、景色も手入れの行き届いていない庭を見ながらです。 お部屋でゆっくりと寛ぐ物が一切ありません。 たとえばゆったりと座れるチェアやソファとかもありません。畳のと座布団のみです。 これらを含めてお部屋の料金になっているなら、かなり価格設定は高いです。 お料理は至って普通の印象でした。 とくに美味しいわけでも、不味いわけでもありませんが、例えれば結婚式に出てくる料理です。 シェフがこだわりを持った料理とは感じません。 もしシェフのこだわりがあるならスタッフの説明が足りなかったのかも知れません。 接客は良かったと思います。 常に子供に気を配ってくれて、子供にも良く話しかけて下さりました。 人手が足りない中、皆さんで業務をこなしている事も感じますので、会社としての取り組みで改善される内容ばかりだと思います。 クレーム内容をメッセージに載せるのは気がすすみませんでしたが、コロナの時期にトラベルキャンペーンで来られるお客様を、今の時期より落ち着いた世の中になった際に、リピート客でご予約を埋めれるように、今の時期を乗り越えられた方が良いと思い、大変偉そうで申し訳ございませんがメッセージとして送らせていただきます。 また機会がこざいましたらご利用させていただきます。

The room was "Executive" and the guide said that it was the best room, but to be honest, I was disappointed. First of all, there are many ants in the room, and they come to your body when you are sleeping. Even if I have a meal in my room, it feels bad to come up to the table. Including that, it's a bit of a problem for an old private house hotel. And although it's a room with a garden, it's an unpleasant garden to look at because it's not well maintained. I was informed that there are some rooms that are "away from home", but what do I do here without air conditioning? I feel that. The bath looks like a cypress bath, and the floor may have been a real cypress, but the bathroom is small because it is visible from the outside, and the scenery is looking at the unmaintained garden. There is nothing to relax in your room. For example, it may not be a chair or sofa where you can sit comfortably. Only tatami mat and cushion. If it is the price of the room including these, the price setting is quite high. The food was very ordinary. It's not particularly tasty or bad, but it's a dish that comes out at a wedding. I don't feel that the chef is particular about cooking. If the chef is particular about it, maybe the staff didn't provide enough explanation. I think the customer service was good. He always looked after his children and spoke well to them. I feel that everyone is doing their jobs while there are not enough people, so I think that the only things that can be improved by the efforts of the company. I was sorry to put the complaint content in the message, but I hope that the customers who come in the travel campaign at the time of corona can fill up the reservation with repeat customers when it becomes a more calm world than this time In addition, I think that it would be better if you could get over this time, and I am sorry that it seems to be great, but I will send it as a message. In addition, we will use it if there are many opportunities.

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Moso Whole Building Rental

チェックイン時からチェックアウトまで 終始気持ちの良い接客でした。 お料理もとても美味しく頂きました。 特に夕食は趣向を凝らしたもので楽しくそして薄味なのに物足りなさを感じないお料理でした 塩田さんありがとうございました

From check-in to check-out It was a pleasant customer service from start to finish. The food was also very delicious. In particular, dinner was an elaborate, fun and light-tasting dish that didn't feel unsatisfactory Thank you Shioda

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Nipponia Hotel Seien Machi


1-4-16, Honmachi, Takehara, Hiroshima [View map]

check-in / check-out time

15:00 / 12:00

CI/CO time may be different depending on plan.

Credit card


Number of guest rooms

10 room(s)


(Treasure house of ingredients / Restaurant Luang to enjoy the feast of Setouchi)
Salt made by the revival of salt, seafood such as oysters that are famous all over the country, local beef gems, etc.
We fully expressed the deliciousness of the ingredients in Setouchi with course dishes.
A blissful dish made with sophisticated techniques and originality and a marriage of Takehara's sake.
Enjoy the salt, sake, and setouchi that are still sprinkled carefully.

The Grand Chef is Noriyuki Ishii, a heavyweight who is active in the Grand Maison in Switzerland and who has won many awards after returning to Japan, leading the next generation of Kansai French.
In addition to a brilliant career and its exceptional skill and sense, we offer a variety of menus that incorporate seasonal local ingredients with a constant passion.

For breakfast, we offer a healthy and nutritious Japanese breakfast made from fresh local ingredients.
Start your day with a relaxing body and mind by leaving yourself to the gradual flow of time.

The dining space that left the image of the original restaurant,
A private space with a tatami mat and a table for a relaxing and relaxing time.
If you wish, you can use the sliding doors as a private room.
You can enjoy the view in different atmospheres in the morning and day.
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(Room bath)
In the front room, we have prepared a cypress bath made carefully by craftsmen.
The scent of a hint of cypress sighs.
Please heal the tired body slowly in the busy days.
Although it is a renovation of a historic building, it retains the artistic construction techniques and design, while the bath and water are equipped with modern comfort.
Please spend a relaxing time in a colored yukata after taking a bath.

(Bath amenities)
The French skincare brand CODAGE series, which first landed in Japan in 2018.
Taking advantage of the power of natural and organic, it continues to be selected by 5-star spas/salons in the world.
Through your stay, it will lead to healthy skin and hair.
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Other facility information

(VMG concierge familiar with the town)

NIPPONIA HOTEL Takehara Shiomachi is operated by VMG HOTELS & UNIQUE VENUES.

Since you've come all the way, I would like you to experience something you can only experience here.

Based on that feeling, VMG Concierge will propose various services of the town according to the purpose of your trip, such as activities to go out to the town and esthetics available in the facility.
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When you step outside the hotel, you will see the beautiful townscape created by Hama Husband.

A business that preserves and nurtures and spins culture and traditions that have remained unchanged even now.

As long as the buildings that are designated as cultural properties, the sake brewery that lasts for 300 years, and the stores that preserve the taste and tradition are preserved, their charm will not fade.

NIPPONIA HOTEL that blends in with the city Takehara Enjoy the rich time that you can feel the history/culture/nature and refresh yourself as it is spun in Shiomachi.

(Countermeasures against coronavirus infection-Proposals for safe/safe travel-)
At our facility, we will thoroughly prevent sporadic infection, contact infection, and avoidance of three secrets, and hygiene management as measures to complete coronavirus.
We will propose a trip that you can spend with peace of mind.

Points you can have peace of mind:

Unlike a city hotel, the number of guest rooms is small, and an environment where it is difficult for three to be dense

Since there are distributed hotels scattered around the town, there are few opportunities to contact other customers

Due to the characteristics of the wooden building, which is a collection of the essence of old craftsmen, it is thought to be airy and has good ventilation.

The style of meals is not for buffet but for dinner and breakfast separately.

Please check the official website for details.
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*Since it is a facility that is preserved as a historical building and preserves the atmosphere and atmosphere of the time as much as possible, its heat insulation and confidentiality are not high.

We have prepared heating and air conditioning equipment, but please understand in advance.

*To enjoy the atmosphere of a Japanese house, we do not provide TV, clock or clear lighting.
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  • Bath tax
  • Children allowed
  • Room service
  • Transportation service
  • Parking area
  • Hot spring
  • Fresh hot spring
  • Room with outdoor spa
  • Public spa
  • Private spa
  • Indoor pool
  • Outdoor pool
  • Esthe/Spa facility
  • Fitness facility
  • Barrier free
  • 5 min walk from station
  • Pets allowed
  • Breakfast in room
  • Dinner in room
  • Open air bath
  • Night view
  • Ocean view
  • Cottage
  • Coupon

The accommodation features are general descriptions of the facility. The amenities and breadth of service will differ between each accommodation. For details, please confirm directly with the accommodation.


Access by public transportation.

By plane

(Narita Airport) (about 90 minutes)-Hiroshima Airport-Limousine Bus (about 25 minutes)-Takehara Station (about 10 minutes walk)

(Haneda Airport) (about 85 minutes)-Hiroshima Airport-Limousine Bus (about 25 minutes)-Takehara Station (about 10 minutes walk)

(New Chitose Airport) (about 120 minutes)-Hiroshima Airport-Limousine Bus (about 25 minutes)-Takehara Station (about 10 minutes walk)

(Naha Airport) (about 110 minutes)-Hiroshima Airport-Limousine Bus (about 25 minutes)-Takehara Station (about 10 minutes walk)


(Osaka/Nagoya area) Shin-Osaka Station (about 60 minutes)-JR Fukuyama Station (about 80 minutes)-Takehara Station

(Kyushu area) Hakata Station (about 90 minutes)-JR Fukuyama Station (about 80 minutes)-Takehara Station

(For Shikoku) Takamatsu Station (about 50 minutes)-JR Okayama Station (about 15 minutes)-JR Fukuyama Station (about 80 minutes)-Takehara Station

Direct bus from Hiroshima Station

Geiyo Bus
For Hiroshima -> Takehara
Hiroshima Station (about 60 minutes)-Get off at Takehara Chuo Bus Stop (about 5 minutes on foot)

*The time required will vary depending on the time of day and transit, so please check as a guide.

1-4-16, Honmachi, Takehara, Hiroshima

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