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Seven Colors 石垣島 Seven Colors Ishigakijima

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  • Okinawa > Ishigakijima
Seven Colors Ishigakijima / Okinawa Okinawa (Ishigaki・Obama・Iriomote・Taketomi) 69

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Welcome to Seven Colors Ishigakijima, a resort of seven colors where you will be impressed by the beautiful sunset and the blueness of the sea and the ocean.

If you drive the car to the opposite direction of the city from the Ishigaki airport, the Auberge will stand at a location looking over the ocean.

There are 4 types of rooms, which are twin, condominium and family room.
For dinner enjoy the homey cuisine which is also delightful to the eyes, perfect for an auberge in the southern islands.

Please spend a luxurious time such as a time in the jacuzzi viewing the sunset and the Chura stars.        
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Mr./Ms. K.I(24)

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Ocean Front Twin Room

今回は石垣島新婚旅行で1泊利用させていただきました。 急なアーリーチェックインにも快く対応していただきありがとうございました。 最初に案内していただいたお兄さんには島の情報を細かく丁寧に教えていただき旅行の参考になりました。実際に教えて... Read more 今回は石垣島新婚旅行で1泊利用させていただきました。 急なアーリーチェックインにも快く対応していただきありがとうございました。 最初に案内していただいたお兄さんには島の情報を細かく丁寧に教えていただき旅行の参考になりました。実際に教えていただいた『珈琲亭』に軟骨ソーキそばを食べに行きましたがとても美味しかったです!ネットとかでは知り得ることのできない情報だったので良かったです。 また、朝食の時に釣りに行けなかったことを聞いていただけたのは、びっくりしました。電話で一言お伝えしただけだったので、まさかその話があるとは思わず、スタッフの方の心遣いが嬉しかったです。 夫婦2人で最も感動したのは、星空でした。まるでプラネタリウムのような夜空に圧倒されました。天気が悪い日が続いているからと聞いてましたが、晴れてくれて良かったです。 他にも、美味しい朝食、綺麗なプライベートビーチ、平久保崎灯台の朝日…1泊だけでしたが、大満足でした。 市街地から少し離れていましたが、ホテルの方の接客、ありのままの自然、ホテルの設備・サービス等が素晴らしく大変価値があると感じました。 次に石垣島に来た時も泊まりたいなと思います。 その時はよろしくお願いします!! 大変な時期がまだ続きますが、どうかお身体に気をつけて頑張ってください。 今回は本当にありがとうございました。

This time, I used it for one night on my Ishigaki Island honeymoon. Thank you for your willingness to respond to sudden early check-in. The older brother who guided me first gave me detailed and detailed information about the island, which was helpful for my trip. I went to "Coffee Tei" where I was actually taught to eat cartilage soki soba, but it was very delicious! I'm glad that it was information that I couldn't get on the internet. Also, I was surprised to hear that I couldn't go fishing at breakfast. I just said a word over the phone, so I didn't think there was a story about it, and I was happy with the kindness of the staff. The most impressed of the two couples was the starry sky. I was overwhelmed by the night sky like a planetarium. I heard that the bad weather continues, but I'm glad it was sunny. Besides, delicious breakfast, beautiful private beach, Asahi of Hirakubozaki Lighthouse ... It was only one night, but I was very satisfied. Although it was a little far from the city, I felt that the customer service of the hotel, the nature as it was, the facilities and services of the hotel were wonderful and very valuable. I would like to stay the next time I come to Ishigaki Island. At that time, thank you! !! It's still a difficult time, but please take care of yourself and do your best. Thank you very much for this time.

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Mr./Ms. A.S(63)

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Room type


Ocean Front Twin Room

こんにちは!先日はお世話になりました(^^) 中年過ぎた私達がとてもリラックスできる素晴らしいホテルでした。お部屋から、そしてバスルームから見えるキラキラ輝く海の景色は絶景でした。お部屋はテレビがない事で今日のツアーの話、明日のツアー... Read more こんにちは!先日はお世話になりました(^^) 中年過ぎた私達がとてもリラックスできる素晴らしいホテルでした。お部屋から、そしてバスルームから見えるキラキラ輝く海の景色は絶景でした。お部屋はテレビがない事で今日のツアーの話、明日のツアーの話で会話が弾み 早く寝て快適に早朝目が覚め近くの灯台まで2日続けて日の出を見に出かけたりととてもアクティブに活動できました。 ホテルのお食事もフレンチ苦手な私達にもどこか和の味わいがあって彩りも素敵で大変美味しくいただきました。 スタッフの方々の心配り(シークレットビーチへのアドバイスなど)もとても丁寧でした。 若いスタッフの方々も あの若さで言葉遣いやマナー、配慮が素晴らしく 思わず帰りがけに呼び止めてお話をお聞きしてしまいました(^^) 一番素晴らしかったのはオーナーさんを始めシェフの方スタッフさん皆さんの笑顔です! 1番のおもてなしは笑顔と 私は思っています。 本当に素晴らしい旅になりました

Hello! Thank you for the other day (^^) It was a wonderful hotel where we were able to relax after the middle age. The sparkling sea view from the room and from the bathroom was superb. There is no TV in the room, and the conversation of today's tour, the conversation of tomorrow's tour bounces up. I did it. We, who are not good at hotel meals and French, had a Japanese taste and the colors were wonderful and very delicious. The worries of the staff (advice to secret beach etc.) were very polite. The young staff members were so young that their language, manners, and consideration were wonderful. The most wonderful thing was the smiles of the owners and chef staff! I think that the first hospitality is a smile. It was a really wonderful trip

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Mr./Ms. H.I(46)

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Room type


Ocean Front Twin Room

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Seven Colors Ishigakijima


226-523 Hirakubo, Ishigaki-city, Okinawa [View map]

check-in / check-out time

15:00 / 10:00

CI/CO time may be different depending on plan.

Credit card


Number of guest rooms

7 room(s)


The hotel is an auberge of the southern island.
A new luxury is born in Ishigakijima!
Seven Colors Ishigakijima is a private auberge which is limited to 7 groups per day.
It is of a private feeling that does not exist in large facilities, and we value the homey experience.
You may view the wonderful landscape of the ocean front in the dining space. From the large panoramic windows, you may enjoy the luxurious scenery of 7 colors.
Please enjoy the land of Ishigakijima, seasonal hospitality, delicious food, and great scenery.

Information on the dinner of Seven Colors Ishigakijima

 At Ishigakijima there is the sea and the mountains where you may obtain various foods. There is the fresh seafood which the diver catches and the island vegetables, herbs and the aromatic fruits of the southern island which the farmers have grown. And such blessings of the sea and land are cooked by the chef, Kajiwara. He says that Ishigakijima is a "treasure house of attractive foods". He produces a creative French cuisine with his senses and techniques. The seasonal food produced in Ishigaki and Okinawa is selected bringing out the best of the ingredients. Enjoy with your five senses the season of Ishigakjima which shines on the plate.  This is the new luxury of Ishigakijima. Please enjoy the grand nature of the southern island and the Ishigaki French cuisine of the local food, here at the Auberge of Seven Colors Ishigakijima.      
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All rooms facilitate an observatory jacuzzi and are ocean view

All rooms have a view bath where there is a jacuzzi on the seaside of the room.
You may enjoy the emerald green sea during the day and the red sun that sinks into the sea during the evening. You may view the starry sky such as the Milky Way and the shooting stars during the night.
You may enjoy bath time with your family in the large sized bath tub.
Reset your mind and body in the bubble bath which has a relaxing and massage effect.
Enjoy a blissful resort bath time in the jacuzzi which as if it connects to the sea.

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Other facility information

Information of the guestrooms
The guestrooms 7 in total are spacious and are of ocean view enveloped by the radiant light of the paradise.
There is a comfortable bed of SIMMONS and interior of Yaeyama design fit to the ladies taste and is a comfortable special room.
The room without a television will fill the room with the sound of waves and 7 colors of the landscape that spread from the windows.
You will feel the luxury of the grand nature of Ishigakijima even in the room.
Escape from every day, forget time and enjoy the moment of your dreams.
You may enjoy the special vacation of doing nothing. 
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A hideaway resort where there are only 7 rooms has been born!
At Hirakubo of Ishigaki island, there is rich nature still left untouched.
Seven Colors Ishigakijima which was born in 2017 is a natural style luxury resort, proud of the sea, sunset and night sky full of stars.
Ishigakijima has been chosen as the No.1 place by astronomers as the place of the most beautiful starry sky. Our hotel is located where the light of the city does not reach and it can be said to be the best spot to observe the stars. You may savor the southern island resort where numerous and falling stars such as the Milky Way may be seen.
The concept is a Churaumi resort where you may play with your five senses.
Seven Colors is a relaxing resort where you may play with your five senses to the fullest.
Free your five senses and experience the joy of being in touch with great nature.
Seven Colors Ishigakijima has been born from the will to make a paradise where people will become happy and energized.
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About the reservations of dinner
The hotel is on Ishigaki island where there is the most nature, therefore there is no convenience store nor a restaurant nearby.
Due to the condition of the location, booking of a plan where there are 2 meals included (dinner, breakfast included) is recommended for a comfortable stay.
Please book the plan with 2 meals or reserve meals by phone beforehand.
*For the reservation of meals, due to the condition of purchase, please reserve 2 days before your stay.
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  • Bath tax
  • Children allowed
  • Room service
  • Transportation service
  • Parking area
  • Hot spring
  • Fresh hot spring
  • Room with outdoor spa
  • Public spa
  • Private spa
  • Indoor pool
  • Outdoor pool
  • Esthe/Spa facility
  • Fitness facility
  • Barrier free
  • 5 min walk from station
  • Pets allowed
  • Breakfast in room
  • Dinner in room
  • Open air bath
  • Night view
  • Ocean view
  • Cottage
  • Coupon

The accommodation features are general descriptions of the facility. The amenities and breadth of service will differ between each accommodation. For details, please confirm directly with the accommodation.


Access by public transportation.

1) Taxi  Approx.30 minutes
2) Public transportation
Public bus from the Ishigaki airport Painu island (Azama bus) Approx.50 minutes
*You get on and get off the bus freely, therefore when you get on, please tell the driver that you will get off at "Seven Colors which is at ahead of Hirakubo bus stop".
*There are only 2-3 services a day of the public bus. Please confirm the operation schedule beforehand.

226-523 Hirakubo, Ishigaki-city, Okinawa

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