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OOE VALLEY STAY / Tottori Tottori・Iwami 21


Having fun and good rest in Tottori  OOE VALLEY STAY

It is located 30 minutes by car from Tottori city.
A landscape of Yazu village-vicinity mountain that has not changed for hundreds of years spreads in front of you.

In the natural environment, you will have adventure and activities that can only be experienced here, learning in the natural ranch, getting healed by the scenery of lush mountains and the starry sky, and abundant food blessed with the goodness of the mountain by the sea.

Your experience of Tottori starts from here!      
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Other Facilities3.8/5

Mr./Ms. R.O(Private)

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廃校を利用した施設で、懐かしさを感じさせながらも、とても綺麗で入った瞬間感動しました。 部屋の作りもベッドスペースがお部屋の高い天井よりもくぼみに作られていて、隠れ家のようになっていて、子どもたちも大喜びでした。 シャワー室は予約時にガラス... Read more 廃校を利用した施設で、懐かしさを感じさせながらも、とても綺麗で入った瞬間感動しました。 部屋の作りもベッドスペースがお部屋の高い天井よりもくぼみに作られていて、隠れ家のようになっていて、子どもたちも大喜びでした。 シャワー室は予約時にガラス張りと教えてくださりましたし、家と違った雰囲気を味わえて良かったと思います。オーガニックのシャンプーや、某ブランドメーカーのドライヤーで髪の毛もサラサラになりました。 朝食は、子ども達の分まで作っていただき、かわいいにわとりさんのデコお弁当でした。 大人用と魚から一品一品手をかけて作ってくださっており、お味もたいへん美味しくいただきました。卵かけごはんが濃厚でした。 コインランドリーもついており、とても助かりました。 廃校を利用しているので、体育館で遊べたり、芝生のグラウンドにグランピングのテントが張っていたりと、気になるものがたくさんありましたが、 残念ながら滞在時間の関係で利用できませんでした。 またぜひ泊まりたいです。 ありがとうございました。

I was impressed at the moment when I entered the building because it was nostalgic while using a closed school. As for the room, the bed space was more hollow than the high ceiling of the room, and it looked like a retreat, and the children were delighted. I told you that the shower room was fitted with glass at the time of reservation, and I think it was good to be able to taste the atmosphere different from the house. Organic shampoo and Dyson's hair dryer helped to smooth hair. Breakfast was cooked for children, and it was a deco lunch for a cute chicken. Each dish was made from fish for adults and fish, and the taste was very delicious. The rice for the egg was rich. There was a coin laundry and it was very helpful. Since we used the closed school, there were many things to worry about, such as playing in the gymnasium and setting up a glamping tent on the lawn ground, Unfortunately it was not available due to the length of stay. I want to stay again. Thank you very much.

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Mr./Ms. N.A(51)

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とても素敵な滞在になりました。ありがとうございました。今後のご参考になればと思い、感想を記入いたします。 ホテル内の内装は部屋を含み全て楽しめました。ケトル(バルミューダ)やドライヤー(ダイソン)もデザインが良く、スタイリッシュなのにリラ... Read more とても素敵な滞在になりました。ありがとうございました。今後のご参考になればと思い、感想を記入いたします。 ホテル内の内装は部屋を含み全て楽しめました。ケトル(バルミューダ)やドライヤー(ダイソン)もデザインが良く、スタイリッシュなのにリラックスできる部屋でした。アメニティも良かったですし、オーガニックコーヒーやボディソープ類もオーガニック等にはパートナーが喜んでいました。ボディソープの香りも良かったです。 タオルは厚みがあり柔らかく、スタンダードの部屋の価格からするとお値打ち感がありました。 部屋の天井や照明も素敵で、ベッドは快適でした。 今回この部屋にしたのはダブルベッドが、このタイプの部屋しか無かったからなので、もう少し広い部屋でもダブルベッドの部屋があれば嬉しいです。 食事も素朴の味を生かし上手く調理されていると思いました。パートナーは外食で濃い目の味付けを好みますが、薄めのお味噌汁に驚きながらも美味しいと感じたようで、私は今回は特にあのお汁物を出されていることに感銘を受けました。 また土鍋のご飯は本当に美味で卵かけご飯も最高でした。 サービスを3にしたのはスタッフの方々の対応が悪いわけでは無く、まだ慣れていない印象が全体にあるのと(レストランで簡単な質問にも確認しないと答えられない) ホテルとして、宿泊客に解りやすい説明の仕組みがなされてないように感じたからです。 (チェックイン時のホテル施設の説明が無く、解りやすい案内の紙も無い) レセプションで説明が無くても、アリーナやテントの使い方等をもっと解りやすい案内の紙等が部屋にあれば、 限られた宿泊時間をより快適に楽しめたと感じました。 アリーナのボルダリングやトランポリンについてインストラクター的な方がいたら(時間を限定してでも良いので)充実すると感じました。見学した際に利用者の方々を見ていたら、自己流でちょっと手をつける程度だから遊び方が解らず、すぐに飽きてしまい、なんとなくやってみた…で終わるように見えました。それを見て私達は利用しなかったので。せっかくのアリーナが活かされてないように感じます。都会に居る人間から見ると、星空が素晴らしいので、宿泊客が楽しめるように何か作られてはと感じました。今回は部屋のデザインと快適さとファシリティ、料理、星空のおかげで非常に愉しい滞在になりました

It was a very nice stay. Thank you very much. I would like to see you in the future and write your impressions. We enjoyed the interior of the hotel including the room. The kettle (balmuda) and the dryer (Dyson) are well designed and stylish, yet relaxing. The amenity was good and the partners were pleased with organic coffee and body soaps. The scent of body soap was also good. The towels were thick and soft, and there was a sense of value from the standard room price. The ceiling and lighting in the room were nice and the bed was comfortable. This room was made this time because there was only a double bed, but it would be nice if there was a double bed room. I thought that the meal was cooked well by taking advantage of its simple taste. My partner likes to taste dark eyes in the restaurant, but I was surprised by the thin miso soup, but I was particularly impressed that the soup was served this time. Also, the rice in the clay pot was really delicious and the rice with eggs was the best. The reason why the service was set to 3 is not that the staff members do not respond well, and that there is an overall impression that they are not used to it (you can not answer unless you check even a simple question at the restaurant) This is because the hotel felt that there was no easy-to-understand explanation mechanism for guests. (There is no explanation of hotel facilities at check-in, and there is no easy-to-understand information paper) Even if there is no explanation at the reception, if there is paper in the room that makes it easier to understand how to use the arena and tent, I felt that I was able to enjoy the limited stay more comfortably. I felt that if there were instructor-like people about the bouldering and trampolines in the arena (because it may be limited in time). When I was watching the user, I couldn't understand how to play because it was just a bit of a self-hand, so I got bored immediately, and it seemed like it ended with somehow. Because we didn't use it to see it. I feel that my favorite arena is not being used. From the viewpoint of the people in the city, the starry sky was wonderful, so I felt something was made to make it enjoyable for guests. This time it was a very enjoyable stay thanks to the design of the room, comfort and facilities, food and starry sky

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Mr./Ms. Y.M(48)

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The waiters are very good people, and they know how to be good, but if they smoke, they will have troubles because of smoking.

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331 Shimozuke, Yazu, Yazu District, Tottori [View map]

check-in / check-out time

15:00 / 10:00

CI/CO time may be different depending on plan.

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Number of guest rooms

33 room(s)


Dining Restaurant IRORI offers carefully prepared dishes using Tottori local ingredients, such as locally harvested mountain food and river fish caught in the clear stream. In addition, you can have local sake, craft beer, wine and other alcohols from Tottori Prefecture along with your meal. The hearth is a place for people to chat relaxingly. Please spend a leisure time away from everyday life surrounding the hearth. Maybe it will remind you of past experience in mountains.

Seasonal taste of Tottori to eat in the hearth
In addition to the counter seats, there are table seats and parlors. You can enjoy the hearth food at any seat. For dinner, there are course meals with the main dish of Tottori Wagyu beef grilled over charcoal fire, Shikano chicken rice topped with Tottori wagyu or Shikano chicken. Enjoy the local gourmet food with your family and friends.

Hearth course (dinner only)
Course meals are available for dinner. The main Tottori Wagyu beef and Shikano chicken can be cooked on your own in your own way. Charcoal aroma gives meat an exceptional accent. There are three course including appetizer from dessert for you to choose from.
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There is no public bath, so please use the bathroom or shower in your own room.
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Other facility information

An all-weather playground where you can move your body without worrying about the season or the weather.

You can enjoy local sake, wine and shochu collected from sake breweries in Tottori Prefecture.

A feeling of liberation that makes you want to run all over the lawn. Enjoy the starry sky at night.
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Facilities Nearby 

Garden cafe / Coco Garden (sweets atelier in the forest)
A cafe in the middle of nature with a sweet scent of pancakes.
A special moment where time flows slowly in a healing space.

Oeno Village(Natural resort of food and farm)
Located in the wonderful nature of Tottori in the background, it is a resort space where you can enjoy a variety of gourmet food. You will be guided to watch craftsman making things by hand. It is an exciting performance!

Experience studio where the kids can experience Baumkuchen making
Oenosato experience studio where children and adults can enjoy learning thing happily together.
Create a delightful memorable experience in the nature of Oenosato.

* Oenosato Terrace Restaurant & Banquet
It is an open space feels like a terrace surrounded by green mountains and high blue sky where you can enjoy the splendor of Tottori's nature.
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Free parking

All rooms are non-smoking
* There is a smoking room.

No TV in room
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  • Bath tax
  • Children allowed
  • Room service
  • Transportation service
  • Parking area
  • Hot spring
  • Fresh hot spring
  • Room with outdoor spa
  • Public spa
  • Private spa
  • Indoor pool
  • Outdoor pool
  • Esthe/Spa facility
  • Fitness facility
  • Barrier free
  • 5 min walk from station
  • Pets allowed
  • Breakfast in room
  • Dinner in room
  • Open air bath
  • Night view
  • Ocean view
  • Cottage
  • Coupon

The accommodation features are general descriptions of the facility. The amenities and breadth of service will differ between each accommodation. For details, please confirm directly with the accommodation.


Access by public transportation.

By Bus / Train from Tottori Conan Airport

Tottori Conan Airport Bus for Tottori Station
10-20min * Varies depending on flight
To Tottori Station by JR Inbi Line (for Ohara or Chizu)
About 15min
To Gunke Station Sansan Bus (bound for Oe)
About 20min
To Former Oe Elementary School

From Tottori Station
To Tottori Station  by JR Inbi Line (for Ohara or Chizu)
About 15min
To Gunke Station Sansan Bus (bound for Oe)
About 20min
To Former Oe Elementary School

331 Shimozuke, Yazu, Yazu District, Tottori

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