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割烹旅館 若松
Kappo Ryokan Wakamatsu

  • Hokkaido > Hakodate・Yunokawa


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Other Facilities4.6/5

Mr./Ms. K.K(26)

Select Date:2019-04-17

接客、サービス、食事、設備、立地も全て良かったです。 友人、知人、家族に勧めたいです。

The customer service, service, food, facilities and location were all good. I would like to recommend it to friends, acquaintances and families.

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Mr./Ms. K.N(28)

Select Date:2019-03-16


I was able to spend it very comfortably. The food was very delicious and I also enjoyed the drinks in the lounge. In addition, I am very grateful for your concern such as commemorative photography and celebration of the anniversary. If you have a chance to go to Hakodate, I would like to use it.

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Mr./Ms. C.Y(Private)

Select Date:2019-01-03

수준 높은 유노카와 온천과 매우 훌륭한 식사를 즐길 수 있게 되어 너무 좋았습니다. 다만, 귀사의 홈페이지 및 소개 자료에 객실 및 시설 사진이 너무 적은 것이 조금은 안타깝습니다. 귀사의 시설 수준을 미루어볼 때,... Read more 수준 높은 유노카와 온천과 매우 훌륭한 식사를 즐길 수 있게 되어 너무 좋았습니다. 다만, 귀사의 홈페이지 및 소개 자료에 객실 및 시설 사진이 너무 적은 것이 조금은 안타깝습니다. 귀사의 시설 수준을 미루어볼 때, 더 많은 사진들을 공개한다고 해서 영업에 문제가 될 이유는 하나도 없다고 생각합니다. 더 많은 사람들에게 더 많은 자료를 공유해주세요.

We were able to enjoy high-quality Yunokawa hot spring and excellent meal very much. However, it is regrettable that there are too few photos of rooms and facilities on your homepage and introduction materials. Given the level of your facility, I do not think there is any reason for sales to be a problem if you release more photos. Please share more resources with more people.

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Mr./Ms. J.C(36)

Select Date:2018-12-24


All the service staff are very attentive and fully Japanese service. At dinner, I noticed that I was left-handed. I had breakfast the next day, and the chopsticks were placed in advance.

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Mr./Ms. K.C(Private)

Select Date:2018-09-23

心地よく、リラックスして過ごせました。 お部屋からの眺め、特に夜の漁火がとてもきれいでした。 それから、食事は絶品。 素材の美味しさそのものを丁寧に仕上げてあるので、どれをいただいても、とても美味しかったです。

I was able to spend comfortably and relaxing. The view from the room, especially the night fishing fires were very beautiful. Then, meals are exquisite. Even if you receive anything, it was very delicious, as it delicately polished the deliciousness of the material itself.

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Mr./Ms. K.U(62)

Select Date:2018-09-13

古くて趣きのある建物、眺めがよく居心地いい部屋、泉質のいい風呂、従業員の方たちのサービスなどには大いに満足しました。 しかし宿のアンケートにも書きましたが、料理は「函館の老舗割烹旅館」ということで期待した感動がなくとても残念でした。

We were very satisfied with the old and prestigious building, the room with good view and comfortable, the bath with good spring quality, the service of employees and so on. However, although I wrote also in the questionnaire of the inn, the dish was very disappointing because I did not feel like I was expecting "Hakodate's old-fashioned Kuri Ryokan."

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Mr./Ms. T.T(50)

Select Date:2018-05-25


It was very clean in all, and the bath was pleasant.

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Mr./Ms. H.U(66)

Select Date:2018-05-07


I think that it was a very good inn. I was concerned that while I was fine, I could not watch TV. And it seems that the dried sweet shrimp that I got in the room for tasting was hard and the teeth seemed to be chipped.

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Mr./Ms. K.C(48)

Select Date:2017-08-06

短い時間でしたが とてもココロから休めることのできるところでございました。 気持ちの良い旅を演出いただきありがとうございます。

It was a short time but it was a place where I could rest from my heart very much. Thank you for directing a pleasant trip.

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Mr./Ms. R.S(29)

Select Date:2017-05-20

この度は家族で宿泊させていただきました。お出迎えから礼儀や旅館の趣きが感じられ、とても気持ちよかったです。館内の施設も清掃が行き届いており快適でした。中居さんやフロントの方も凄く親切、丁寧で家族でゆっくり寛ぐ事ができました。ありがとうござい... Read more この度は家族で宿泊させていただきました。お出迎えから礼儀や旅館の趣きが感じられ、とても気持ちよかったです。館内の施設も清掃が行き届いており快適でした。中居さんやフロントの方も凄く親切、丁寧で家族でゆっくり寛ぐ事ができました。ありがとうございました。

I have stayed with my family this time. I felt courtesy and taste of the inn from welcoming, it was very comfortable. Facilities of the hotel were also clean and comfortable. Nakai and the front desk were also very kind, polite and able to relax slowly by the family. Thank you very much.

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Mr./Ms. C.F(49)

Select Date:2018-09-18

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Mr./Ms. C.L(52)

Select Date:2018-06-05

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Mr./Ms. J.Y(37)

Select Date:2018-05-06

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