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ホテル カルティア 太宰府 Hotel Cultia Dazaifu

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  • Fukuoka > Dazaifu・Futsukaichi
Hotel Cultia Dazaifu / Fukuoka Dazaifu・Munakata 20

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Dazaifu attracts attention as a place where the new year's issue originated from Reiwa, and tourists from all over the country visit.

Hotel Cartia Dazaifu is located in the center of the city with many cultural properties and offers rooms renovated from a famous family from the end of the Edo period.

By not only seeing cultural assets but actually using them as lodging facilities, you can experience and experience the culture and lifestyle as if you were in the city of Dazaifu.

The trip is colored with exquisite French ingredients that are carefully selected with a focus on Dazaifu's special products.

You can enjoy a time full of surprises and excitement, where you can meet a new side of Dazaifu through food.

The VMG Concierge will propose a trip tailored to the customer's request so that the stay will be wrapped in the new charm of Dazaifu, such as a special experience plan for guests only.

Enjoy the quality of the hotel as well as the special moments of Cartia Dazaifu.      
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出身が地元の者なので、家族に喜んで欲しくこの宿を選びました。接客は丁寧ですが、適度な距離感で心地よくいられました。お部屋は綺麗で写真の通り。お食事も、夜つければよかったと思うクオリティ(太宰府は夜が早いので)。5歳の子供にはどうかと思いまし... Read more 出身が地元の者なので、家族に喜んで欲しくこの宿を選びました。接客は丁寧ですが、適度な距離感で心地よくいられました。お部屋は綺麗で写真の通り。お食事も、夜つければよかったと思うクオリティ(太宰府は夜が早いので)。5歳の子供にはどうかと思いましたが、寛げたようです。ありがとうございました。

I'm from a local, so I chose this inn because my family was happy. The customer service was polite, but I felt comfortable with a proper sense of distance. The room is clean and as shown in the picture. The quality of food I think I should have had at night (because Dazaifu is early in the night). I was wondering about a 5-year-old child, but he seemed to have relaxed. Thank you very much.

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Mr./Ms. S.T(28)

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2020年2月2日〜3日 女一人旅です。 お部屋は写真のままで何もいうことはないです。 2月の宿泊、「断熱性や気密性はありません」との注意にドキドキしながら向かいましたが、エアコンが3台もついており(ツインのお部屋です)、快適に過ごせました... Read more 2020年2月2日〜3日 女一人旅です。 お部屋は写真のままで何もいうことはないです。 2月の宿泊、「断熱性や気密性はありません」との注意にドキドキしながら向かいましたが、エアコンが3台もついており(ツインのお部屋です)、快適に過ごせました。 梅ヶ枝餅が好きで、コンシェルジュの方におすすめの店舗を教えてもらうなどして楽しく太宰府を散策。 近場の温泉へのシャトルバスなども調べていただきました。 正直、ハコだけ立派に作って食事はそれなりだろうと思っていたのですが…(失礼しました) これで元取れるのか??とつい思ってしまうほどのお食事をいただきました。 当日たまたま空いていたようで、個室を貸していただき、付かず離れずのサービスも心地よく、コース料理に不慣れな人間一人でも楽しめました。 (「このデザートにこのお酒は合いますか?」という素人丸出しの質問も、わざわざ料理長さんに聞きに行っていただいて…本当に何から何までお世話になった、という記憶です) 明けて2/3、太宰府天満宮で節分の豆まきがあるということで、荷物を預けて初参加。 ホテルから30秒は地の利ですね。 最後には手書きでメモをいただき、最後まで気持ちよく過ごせました。 最近では竈門神社が某マンガ作品の聖地ということで賑わっているらしく、私の好きな土地が盛り上がるのは嬉しいことだなぁと思ってみております。 時節柄、大変かとは思いますが、いつかまた伺いますので、どうか頑張ってください、としか言えないのが心苦しいです。 私もこちらで友だちに宣伝して回りますので(笑)、皆さまお身体にはお気をつけて、またお邪魔した時にはよろしくお願いいたします。

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Hotel Cultia Dazaifu


3-3-33 Saifu, Dazaifu-shi, Fukuoka Prefecture [View map]

check-in / check-out time

15:00 / 12:00

CI/CO time may be different depending on plan.

Credit card


Number of guest rooms

4 room(s)


(Restaurant Luang, where you can taste locally produced and consumed food)
Dazaifu is a treasure trove of food where various special products arrive from all over Kyushu, where agriculture and animal husbandry are easy.
Hotel Cartia Daufu's restaurant, Luang, offers fusion cuisine with gorgeous French techniques that carefully select the blessings of the sea and mountains of Fukuoka, with the goal of tasting the best ingredients from the region in the most delicious way. We provide.
As one of the elements of a journey to talk about the culture of Dazaifu, please enjoy the powerful taste and seasons unique to this area.

The Grand Chef is Noriyuki Ishii, a heavyweight who is active in the Grand Maison in Switzerland and who has won many awards after returning to Japan, leading the next generation of Kansai French. In addition to a brilliant career and its exceptional skill and sense, we offer a variety of menus that incorporate seasonal local ingredients with a constant passion.

Start your day with a healthy Japanese breakfast prepared with fresh, local ingredients.

The restaurant has a spacious space with a view of the inner courtyard, and it is an open space.
You can enjoy the view in different atmospheres in the morning and day.

Cafetime offers sweets using local ingredients and special drinks. Please spend a relaxing time while looking at the Japanese garden.
Afternoon tea is also available at the cafe. Savory and sweets with delicious discoveries, traditional-style scones, and carefully selected teas and coffees. Have a good time in the afternoon. Fukuoka is famous for Amaou, but depending on the season, Amaoutsushi afternoon tea is also available. (Advance reservation system)
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[Room bath]
We offer a special cypress bath made by craftsmen in Dazaifu.
Wrapped in the gentle scent of wood, Bath Time will heal your daily fatigue.

[Bath amenities]
Amenity is installed with high quality selected carefully.
Enjoy luxurious bath time with CODAGE bath products, a French skin care brand that has been selected by 5 star spa salons around the world.
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Other facility information

[VMG concierge]

Hotel Cartia Dazaifu wants you to experience the story of Dazaifu, the intersection of history and culture, through the experience of staying at the hotel.
VMG Concierge proposes a high-quality experience that will come true in a unique place at the foot of Dazaifu Tenmangu.

In addition to sightseeing spots and scenic spots that can be accessed on foot from the accommodation building, you can also remember the charm of Dazaifu so that your trip will be a wonderful memory you will never forget. Serge fully supports.

By making proposals that meet the needs of our customers, we promise that you can spend more thoughtful and deeper time.
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Hakata prospered as Kyushu's number one commercial town.
On the other hand, Dazaifu has served as the gateway to Kyushu, and many new cultures from the continent have flowed in, contributing greatly to the development of Japanese culture.
As a tourist city, more than 7 million tourists visit every year.

There are still many cultural assets and historic sites left in the town, and the famous symbol of it is Dazaifu Tenmangu, which is the headquarters of 12,000 Tenmangu shrines.

Hotel Cartia Dazaifu is a renovation of the residence of the Yoshitsuya family, who served as the priest of the Dazaifu Tenmangu shrine for three generations, and has guest rooms with modern features and historical atmosphere.
As a high-quality decentralized boutique hotel with 4 rooms, we will deliver an extraordinary space and experience in a space that retains the story of Dazaifu.

[Regarding measures against the new coronavirus]
In this facility, by preventing "spray infection" and "contact infection" in the measures to complete coronavirus, avoiding "three denseness", and thoroughly managing hygiene,
We will propose a trip that you can spend with peace of mind.
<Points you can feel at ease>
 Unlike a city hotel, the number of guest rooms is small, and an environment where it is difficult for three to be dense
 Since there are distributed hotels scattered around the town, there are few opportunities to contact other customers
  Due to the characteristics of the wooden building, which is a collection of the essence of old craftsmen, it is thought to be airy and has good ventilation.
 The style of meals is not for buffet but for dinner and breakfast separately.
For details, please check the website of each venue.
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(Request for preservation of historic buildings)

Some facilities are valuable tangible cultural properties of the prefecture. Please use it carefully so that you can preserve the history/culture of Dazaifu in the future.

(Thank you in advance)

No TV/clock is provided in the room for a non-daily experience.

The building retains the taste of the building as much as possible, so there are some parts that are inferior to modern buildings in terms of heat insulation and sound insulation.
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  • Bath tax
  • Children allowed
  • Room service
  • Transportation service
  • Parking area
  • Hot spring
  • Fresh hot spring
  • Room with outdoor spa
  • Public spa
  • Private spa
  • Indoor pool
  • Outdoor pool
  • Esthe/Spa facility
  • Fitness facility
  • Barrier free
  • 5 min walk from station
  • Pets allowed
  • Breakfast in room
  • Dinner in room
  • Open air bath
  • Night view
  • Ocean view
  • Cottage
  • Coupon

The accommodation features are general descriptions of the facility. The amenities and breadth of service will differ between each accommodation. For details, please confirm directly with the accommodation.


Access by public transportation.

[Fukuoka Airport] Dazaifu Liner "Traveler" (about 25 minutes) – Dazaifu Station (5 minutes walk)

[Hakata Station] Dazaifu Liner "Traveler" (about 40 minutes) – Dazaifu Station (5 minutes on foot)

3-3-33 Saifu, Dazaifu-shi, Fukuoka Prefecture

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