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名月荘 Ryokan Meigetsuso

Ryokan Meigetsuso  / Yamagata Yamagata・Zao・Tendo・Kaminoyama 35


"Meigetsusou" stands on the highlands that look out to the Zao mountain range in Kaminoyama-city, Yamagata. The Ryokan is situated on the premises of approximately 13000㎡
 and is surrounded by vegetation. The scenery may not seem like a Ryokan. 
However, it is well known as a first class Ryokan and well highly supported by those people who love Ryokans and know all of the charms of the Ryokan. 

Although there are many splendid points about Ryokan Meigetsusou, the best part is the hospitality that will make you feel comfortable as if you're at home.
When you arrive to the Ryokan, the owner and the staff will welcome you in Yamagata dialect. It is as if you're back at your parent's home. 

The concept of this Ryokan is "A Ryokan where you can find and feel Yamagata (Japan)".
A lot of people come to Yamagata in order to stay at this Ryokan, and enjoy the time during their stay in the Ryokan more than the sightseeing nearby. 

This Ryokan is a place that will make you feel as if you're relaxing at home although it is in a Ryokan. You can read a book, look out at the green vegetation and flowers or even sleep in a little. 

The first impression from outside is just a normal Japanese plain building, but as soon as you walk into the Ryokan an Asian Resort space should welcome you.      
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Accommodations that represent Japan and Japanese culture and that you need to visit in your lifetime.

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Other Facilities4.6/5

Mr./Ms. M.L(63)

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Type E1 Guest Room with Half Open-air Bath

Emu and Miki are friendly, welcoming and attentive! Their service were excellent! The dinner and breakfast were delici... Read more Emu and Miki are friendly, welcoming and attentive! Their service were excellent! The dinner and breakfast were delicious! And our room is very nice and clean, we enjoyed our stay very much!

Emu and Miki are friendly, welcoming and attentive! Their service were excellent! The dinner and breakfast were delicious! And our room is very nice and clean, we enjoyed our stay very much!

Mr./Ms. T.Y(61)

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Type E2 Guest Room with Outdoor Bath

お世話になりました。紅葉が始まり少し肌寒かったせいか、温泉がとても良かったです。3カ所の貸切風呂・大浴場・お部屋のお風呂すべてに入れて大満足です。湯上り所にある、玉こんにゃく煮やかりんとうのサービスは嬉しいですね。また夕朝食とも季節感があり... Read more お世話になりました。紅葉が始まり少し肌寒かったせいか、温泉がとても良かったです。3カ所の貸切風呂・大浴場・お部屋のお風呂すべてに入れて大満足です。湯上り所にある、玉こんにゃく煮やかりんとうのサービスは嬉しいですね。また夕朝食とも季節感があり美味しかったです。スタッフ皆さんは笑顔で接客も良かった。 季節を変えて是非また宿泊したいと思います。 一つ残念な事は、異常発生してる害虫が駆除仕切れて無くて、部屋に何匹か入っていました。注意書きがあったけど、ちょっとドキッとしてしまいました。

thank you for helping me. The hot springs were very good because the autumn leaves started and it was a little chilly. We are satisfied with all three private baths, large public baths, and baths in the room. I'm happy with the service of the konjac boiled and carinto in the hot spring area. The evening breakfast was also delicious with a seasonal feeling. The staff were all smiling and welcoming. I would like to stay again by changing the season. One unfortunate thing was that there were no pests that had been abnormally removed, and some were in the room. There was a cautionary note, but it was a bit shocking.

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Mr./Ms. K.S(42)

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Type E2 Guest Room with Outdoor Bath

この度はお世話になりました。au三太郎での50%割引を活用し訪問しました。駐車場に車を止めて、宿の門を叩く。この時点でとてつもない雰囲気をかもちだす佇まい。部屋に向かう途中にはかき氷イベントやら、書斎やらもー。工夫凝らした物事が山のように。... Read more この度はお世話になりました。au三太郎での50%割引を活用し訪問しました。駐車場に車を止めて、宿の門を叩く。この時点でとてつもない雰囲気をかもちだす佇まい。部屋に向かう途中にはかき氷イベントやら、書斎やらもー。工夫凝らした物事が山のように。。そして。お部屋。二階にロフトの大きい部屋、その階段がちょっと急だったのは、マイナス点かな。でも、それ以外。よいところばかり。部屋の貸しきり風呂が露天室内でうまくできていて、足湯も。なかなか素晴らしい作りですね。トイレも男性用、洋式の一緒の部屋。贅沢な作りでした。お風呂のタオルは各お風呂場に用意されていて使う度に新品。清潔感が保たれてます。とにかく広い、部屋、旅館、外。夕食の食事は決まったプランで正直不安でお品書きを見ても少ない?を第一に感じましたが、来る料理来る料理がとにかく目で楽しめて、味は出汁が全面に出た味付け。最後はお腹一杯。。朝は朝で大きい釜で2つのお米。ご飯のお供達がうまいうまい。鯨のお味噌汁これがまたうまかった。凄い。こんなに旅行で朝食を楽しくたくさん贅沢に食べたの久々かな?。それと、お酒。お酒好きの人には酒蔵がありのみたいお酒をチェック出来る。また、お酒の無い方で、コーヒー好きの方は、どこかしこでコーヒーが飲める。うまい、これはうまかったですわ。いやー、結局、書きまくりましたが1度の訪問では時間が足りない。何度か足を運ぶともっとよいところやらやらが見えてくるのかなと。最後にうちは小さい子供ずれでしたが、パズルがあったり、お絵描きできたり、宿の外を走りまわれたり、そして、離れの建物にはブランコ、わなげ、そして、ロシナンテ?ロバ。ロバ、ろば!!。うちの子はこれにはまりました。、わたし自身その動きを見て爆笑。、面白すぎます、反則!こんな遊具あるんですねぇ。最後の最後、足が不自由な方からするとバリアフリー化があまりされていないので、ちょっと、移動が大変かもです。あちこちと階段が沢山あります。家族用の石風呂、外の立ち風呂がなど、サポートが必要かなと。色々こいてしまいすいません。また行きたい宿ですが、お値段がそこそこするのでしっかり仕事して、家族への自分へのご褒美お宿としようかな。過去相当数の旅行をしておりますがまたひとつ、再訪必須の場所ができました。色々とありがとうございました。

I appreciate your kindness at this time. I visited with a 50% discount at au Santaro. Stop the car in the parking lot and hit the hotel gate. At this point in time, it creates an extraordinary atmosphere. On the way to the room, I have a shaved ice event, a study, and so on. Like devious things like mountains. . And. The room. It is a negative point that the loft's large room on the second floor and its stairs were a bit steep. But other than that. Only good places. The private bathroom of the room is well done in the open-air room, and footbath is also. It is a wonderful creation. The toilet is also for men and the room of the Western style. It was a luxury. Bath towels are prepared in each bath and are new each time they are used. A sense of cleanliness is maintained. Anyway, room, inn, outside. The dinner meal is a fixed plan, honest uneasy and there is little even looking at your bill. The first thing I felt was that the food I'm going to enjoy is coming with the food anyway, the taste is the seasoning with the whole soup. The last is full. . In the morning, two rice in a large pot in the morning. The rice companions are delicious. Miso soup with salmon was also delicious. great. It's been a long time since I had a lot of fun and enjoy breakfast a lot on my trip. . And, alcohol. People who like to drink can check for drinks like a storehouse. Also, if you do not have alcohol, and you like coffee, you can drink coffee somewhere. Good, this was good. No, I ended up writing, but there is not enough time for one visit. If you travel several times, you may see better places and things. Lastly, I was a small kid, but there were puzzles, I could draw, I could run out of the lodging, and, in the distant buildings, swings, snares, and rosinante? Donkey. Donkey, donkey! ! . My child got stuck in this. , I laugh at seeing the movement myself. Too funny, foul! There is such a play equipment. Last but not least, because there are not many barriers for people with disabilities, it may be difficult to move. There are many stairs here and there. I need support such as a family bath and a bath outside. I'm sorry to hear in various ways. I would like to go there again, but I will work hard because there is a price so I can try to make a rewarding accommodation for myself to my family. I have traveled a considerable number of past, but once again I have a mandatory place to revisit. Thank you for everything.

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Ryokan Meigetsuso


5-50 Hayama‎, Kaminoyama-shi, Yamagata-ken, Japan [View map]

check-in / check-out time

15:00 / 11:00

CI/CO time may be different depending on plan.

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Number of guest rooms

20 room(s)


Counter Dining "Yu"
The dishes served are made with the seasonal ingredients from Yamagata.
The top chef goes to the market himself in order to pick out the delicious ingredients that can only be eaten in a particular season, and cooks them.
At "Counter Dining Yu" the top chef will cook your meals right in front of you.
You can enjoy some small talk with the chef about the ingredients that are used, about their recommendations about sake or anything.

※Prior reservations are required. 
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Enjoy the various types of spa at our Ryokan, like the big public bath, the outdoor spa and the private spa as well. Look at the scenery of Zao Mountain Range and the moon that shines in the night sky in the superior quality onsen that runs endlessly. 

〇Public Bath, Outdoor Spa, Family bath, Private Outdoor Spa 

【Private Bath】
Private Outdoor Spa, Private Family Bath, Private Standing Bath
Our hotel guests are free of charge.
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Other facility information

Facilities: Private Spa, Lounge, Lobby Lounge, Library, Wine Cellar, Body Salon, Yoga Room, Warehouse gallery, Meeting room, Banquet Hall

■Relaxation Spaces■
〇Luxurious guestroom where you would want to relax forever
〇Wine Cellar with high quality sake
〇Library that will promises a elegant time.
〇Yoga room that will bring back a healthy body and mind while feeling the power of nature. 
〇Body salon that will give one's treatment depending on their physical condition, with herbs and rock salt lamps. 
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This Ryokan that has a scenery of Zao Mountain Rage is located on a site that is sized approximately 13000㎡. This is a resort Ryokan where you can relax in the private space in the guestrooms that are far apart from each other on premises. 
Enjoy some splendid time at the Onsen Ryokan with a unique Resort-like space with a little taste of Western in the original Japanese style. 

The size of the guest rooms, the design and all of the spaces are well thought out, 
and in addition, the luxurious lobby that stands in the middle of 
the site, the private outdoor spas, the dining area etc. are all thought out as well.
Enjoy your dinner at the dining table in your guestroom. 

※The Ryokan is approximately 5 minutes by taxi from Kainoyama Onsen Station
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Please contact the hotels/ryokans directly for more details.
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  • Bath tax
  • Children allowed
  • Room service
  • Transportation service
  • Parking area
  • Hot spring
  • Fresh hot spring
  • Room with outdoor spa
  • Public spa
  • Private spa
  • Indoor pool
  • Outdoor pool
  • Esthe/Spa facility
  • Fitness facility
  • Barrier free
  • 5 min walk from station
  • Pets allowed
  • Breakfast in room
  • Dinner in room
  • Open air bath
  • Night view
  • Ocean view
  • Cottage
  • Coupon

The accommodation features are general descriptions of the facility. The amenities and breadth of service will differ between each accommodation. For details, please confirm directly with the accommodation.


Access by public transportation.

Tokyo Yamagata Shinkansen (2 hours 30 minutes) - Kaminoyama Onsen
Sendai - Senzan Line (60 minutes) - Yamagata - Ou Main Line (14 minutes) - Kaminoyama Onsen

Tokyo ~ JAL (55 minutes) - Yamagata - National Highway Route 13 (50 minutes) - Kaminoyama Onsen
Osaka ~ JAL (75 minutes) - Yamagata - National Highway Route 13 (50 minutes) - Kaminoyama Onsen
Nagoya ~ JAL (60 minutes) - Yamagata - National Highway Route 13 (50 minutes) - Kaminoyama Onsen
Sapporo ~ JAL (50 minutes) - Yamagata - National Highway Route 13 (50 minutes) - Kaminoyama Onsen

※ We do not have tany shuttle services. The Ryokan is approximately 5 minutes by taxi from Kaminoyama-Onsen Station

5-50 Hayama‎, Kaminoyama-shi, Yamagata-ken, Japan

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