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NIPPONIA HOTEL 八女福島 商家町 Nipponia Hotel Yame Fukushima Shoka Machi

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  • Fukuoka > Yanagawa ・ Yame ・ Chikugo
Nipponia Hotel Yame Fukushima Shoka Machi / Fukuoka Yanagawa・Yame・Chikugo 48

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[Time to blend into the historical atmosphere and touch the essence of tea]

The tea culture has always taken shape and has taken root as an indispensable thing in modern times.

We will deliver a trip to experience the essence of Yame, the origin of famous tea.

In the center of Yame city, Yame Fukushima is a nationally preserved traditional building preservation district.

This site, which has evolved from a castle town to a merchant town, still has 130 historical buildings from the late Edo period to the early Showa period.

Many traditional craft shops, traditional tea pavement unique to Yame, and many breweries remain, and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery.

NIPPONIA HOTEL Yame Fukushima The guest rooms of the merchant town have been renovated from "Otsubo Tea Pave", which has supported Yame's development, and "Fukushima Sake Brewing," which has delighted the town's people with carefully brewed sake.

It retains its traditional appearance and design but has modern comfort.

New discoveries and richness from arrival to return, such as welcoming sencha and sweets, creative food and tea pairing with Yame tea in various forms, tea bath in the room, and awakening ochazuke It will continue for a long time.

Immerse yourself in the new possibilities of tea culture in a space that has nurtured Yame Fukushima's culture and enjoy its history.

We offer a unique experience that can only be obtained here.      
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残念ながら、もう伺うことはないです。 まず部屋は、たまたまでしょうが通りに面した1階の部屋だったため、前に停めた車がドアを閉めるたびに窓ガラスが地震のように音を響かせて揺れ、人の声も車の音も夜中まで響き、よく眠れませんでした。 唯一お風... Read more 残念ながら、もう伺うことはないです。 まず部屋は、たまたまでしょうが通りに面した1階の部屋だったため、前に停めた車がドアを閉めるたびに窓ガラスが地震のように音を響かせて揺れ、人の声も車の音も夜中まで響き、よく眠れませんでした。 唯一お風呂だけは檜とお茶の香りがよく、とても気持ち良かったです。 そして食事ですが、フレンチのフルコースなのは理解しています。ですが、あんなに高圧的な態度で接客されたことはないです。私たちのテーブルマナーが足りなかったことは認めますが、そもそもフレンチのフルコースを食べるために八女を訪れたわけではないです。酒蔵を改装したお宿で、お茶づくしの宿泊を楽しみに訪れたに過ぎません。 他のお客さんに迷惑をかけてもいなければ、接客してくださる方に高圧的な態度をとったわけでもない。マナーはよくわからないけれど、作ってくださった方、接客してくださる方に感謝しながら食事していたつもりです。 すぐに対応してくださる方が変わったのは、その方の態度が悪かったことを理解してのことではないのでしょうか?態度に対する謝罪もなければ、その後もミスの連続。私たちが若いためか、軽んじられているとしか思えませんでした。 チェックインの際に対応してくださった方が、ずっと対応してくれていれば、こんなにガッカリすることもなかったと思います。 とにかく私とは相性の悪いお宿でした。

Unfortunately, I don't ask anymore. First of all, the room happened to be on the first floor facing Gyoga-dori, so every time the car parked in front closed the door, the window glass shook like an earthquake, and people's voices and car sounds It echoed until midnight and I couldn't sleep well. Only the bath had a nice scent of cypress and tea, which was very pleasant. And for meals, I understand that it's a full-course French meal. However, I have never been served with such a high-pressure attitude. We admit that we didn't have enough table manners, but we didn't visit Yame to eat a full-course French meal in the first place. This inn is a renovated brewery, and I just came to enjoy a tea-making stay. I didn't bother other customers, and I didn't take a high-handed attitude toward those who served me. I don't know the etiquette, but I thought I was eating with gratitude to those who made it and those who served customers. Isn't it because he understood that his attitude was bad that the person who responded immediately changed? There was no apology for his attitude, and he made a series of mistakes after that. I could only think that we were being neglected, probably because we were young. I think I wouldn't have been so disappointed if the person who responded at the time of check-in responded for a long time. Anyway, it was an inn that didn't go well with me.

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Nipponia Hotel Yame Fukushima Shoka Machi


204 Honcho, Fukuoka [View map]

check-in / check-out time

15:00 / 12:00

CI/CO time may be different depending on plan.

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Number of guest rooms

7 room(s)


(Knowing and feeling Yame through food, Restaurant Luang)
The important thing is to use the seasonal ingredients that are unique to Yame and to adopt the cooking style that is unique to Yame.
In addition to the delicious taste you can feel with your tongue, we will deliver a delicious gastronomic experience that you can feel the background of Yame's food culture and the connection between nature and people.

Yame Cuisine, which incorporates plenty of locally produced ingredients from Chikugo centered around Yame.
We are pursuing the potential of Yame's specialty product, tea leaves, as a food ingredient by extracting the umami and combining it with various soup stocks.
Enjoy fusion cuisine created with local ingredients and French techniques.

First of all, we recommend Matcha to wake you up.
Theanine contained in Matcha is a relaxing ingredient and reduces fatigue and drowsiness when you wake up, so your body will wake up comfortably.
We also recommend that you make your own matcha and have it on the terrace when the weather is nice.
For breakfast, we prepare Yamecha Ochazuke and side dishes of delicious local ingredients.

~A stay where the enjoyment of tea spreads~
We have a selection of tea-based drinks to suit your meal.
Please meet and enjoy the taste of tea you never knew.

Tea cocktail
We have a large line-up of original cocktails using Yamecha and local sake, as well as tea cocktails designed by Mr. Nagumo, a famous bar in Tokyo and Mixology Group.

Tea pairing
At dinner, we will serve Yame's gyokuro, which is the finest enjoyment of tea, as a "dinner cup".
We will propose tea shapes that can be enjoyed with cooking, whether you drink alcohol or not, according to your meal and taste.
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(Hinoki bath)
There is a spacious cypress bath made by craftsmen in the guest room. Please spend a relaxing bath time surrounded by the gentle scent of cypress.

(Tea bath)
A linen bag with tea leaves is available. If you soak it in hot water and squeeze out the bag for a while, the ingredients of green tea will gradually exude, giving you a soft, aromatic water.
Also, due to the antibacterial action of flavonoids and catechins contained in tea, and the effects of amino acids, vitamins/minerals, and other ingredients, it is effective in improving skin tone such as whitening, spot freckles, and pimples.

(Bath amenities)
The French skincare brand CODAGE series, which first landed in Japan in 2018. Taking advantage of the power of natural and organic, it continues to be selected by 5 star spas/salons in the world. Through staying, it will lead to healthy skin and hair.
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Other facility information

(VMG concierge familiar with the town)

NIPPONIA HOTEL Yame Fukushima VMG HOTELS & UNIQUE VENUES, including the merchant town, is developing a decentralized hotel with the town as one hotel.

Each of our staff, who blends into the town and respects history and spins, is a concierge of the town.

As a VMG concierge, I would like to propose a way of spending that you can only experience here.

In addition, please do not hesitate to contact us for celebrations such as anniversaries and surprises for your companions.
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(View from tea garden)
About 10 minutes by car from the hotel, Yame Chuo Grand Tea Garden has beautiful stars in the evening, and in the early morning you can enjoy a spectacular view of the vast tea garden from the observation deck.
Please spend the time to unwind and refresh with the clear air.

(Regarding measures against the new coronavirus)
At our facility, we will propose a trip that you can feel at ease by thoroughly preventing sporadic infections, contact infections, and 3 hygiene measures as a countermeasure against coronavirus completion, and hygiene management.

Points that you can have peace of mind
Unlike a city hotel, the number of guest rooms is small, and an environment where it is difficult for three to be dense
Since there are distributed hotels scattered around the town, there are few opportunities to contact other customers
 Due to the characteristics of the wooden building, which is a collection of the essence of old craftsmen, it is thought to be airy and has good ventilation.
The style of meals is not for buffet but for dinner and breakfast separately.
Please check the official website for details.
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To enjoy the extraordinary, we do not have a TV clock in the room.
The building retains the taste of the building as much as possible, so there are some parts that are inferior to modern buildings in terms of heat insulation and sound insulation.
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  • Bath tax
  • Children allowed
  • Room service
  • Transportation service
  • Parking area
  • Hot spring
  • Fresh hot spring
  • Room with outdoor spa
  • Public spa
  • Private spa
  • Indoor pool
  • Outdoor pool
  • Esthe/Spa facility
  • Fitness facility
  • Barrier free
  • 5 min walk from station
  • Pets allowed
  • Breakfast in room
  • Dinner in room
  • Open air bath
  • Night view
  • Ocean view
  • Cottage
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The accommodation features are general descriptions of the facility. The amenities and breadth of service will differ between each accommodation. For details, please confirm directly with the accommodation.


Access by public transportation.

Passengers using public transportation
30 minutes by bus from Nishitetsu Nishitetsu Kurume Station
10 minutes on foot from Fukushima bus stop

25 minutes by bus from JR Hainuzuka Station
10 minutes on foot from Fukushima bus stop

Passengers using trains
17 minutes by car from Chikugo Funaya Station on the Kyushu Shinkansen

204 Honcho, Fukuoka

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