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汀渚 ばさら邸 Teisho Basaratei

Teisho Basaratei / Mie Shima 3


Wake and see the sky, the clouds slowly spreading across the horizon.

The view of Agowan Bay from here is somehow nostalgic.

Take your time to savor the flowers.

Enjoy and appreciate the four seasons with the benefits of nature.

Leave your daily life behind you.

Teisho Basaratei is a hideout for adults with an area of ​​4,000 tsubo, standing on a hill overlooking the Gulf of Gong dyed in the setting sun.

Explore the grounds of the 18 rooms and the private baths and gardens, and find your own special times and locations.

This word written "Kara" in kanji was a buzzword of the Muromachi period.
In the way of interpretation, it has the meaning of liberty that is not caught in the established concept.

We named it "Teisho Basaratei" from the thought that "we want customers to spend there time as they please."

The lodging is a structure that incorporates innovative and bold ideas.

Even if you take one piece of earth, there are fine ideas there, and the inside of the house gives the healing effect by skillfully expressing the lightness and darkness.

The cuisine is made with fresh seasonal vegetables and ingredients to truly reflect the passage of the seasons. 

You can also walk to Ise Jingu from the hotel!      
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Accommodations that represent their respective local regions and that are worth visiting despite the distance.

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Migiwa no Ni

The best hotel! fantasic foods, service, onsen and room Thank You!

The best hotel! fantasic foods, service, onsen and room Thank You!

Mr./Ms. Y.W(43)

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Sora no Tou

年末の利用だったため、空の棟しか予約できませんでした。それでも、大人3人で利用しましたが、部屋は十分な広さでした。 琉球畳が素敵でしたが、所々シミがあり、少し残念。 また、部屋にあったコーヒーを飲む際にフレッシュを開けると、いつのもの?... Read more 年末の利用だったため、空の棟しか予約できませんでした。それでも、大人3人で利用しましたが、部屋は十分な広さでした。 琉球畳が素敵でしたが、所々シミがあり、少し残念。 また、部屋にあったコーヒーを飲む際にフレッシュを開けると、いつのもの?と思えるほど中身が固まっており、電話をして新しいものを持ってきていただきました。これも残念。 貸切風呂は2カ所利用しましたが、あまり温泉っぽいお湯ではありませんでしたが、雰囲気は良かったですし、タオルも持って行かなくてもよく、便利でした。 お食事も苦手な食材を予め伝えておりましたが、ご対応いただけましたが、そのせいか分かりませんが、メニューとは異なっていたメニューがありましたが、詳しい理由など説明がなかったのでもやっとしました。 ラウンジではフリードリンクがあり、活用させていただく機会が多く、気軽に利用ができて良かったです。 食事の後は皆さん利用したのか、飲みたかったドリンクがなく、少し残念でした。 接客は皆様かしこまった感じではなく、笑顔でフレンドリーでした。すごいです。 総合的には満足しています。 また利用したいと思いました。 次はぜひ離れの部屋に泊まってみたいです。 期待値が高すぎたのか、欠点に目がいき過ぎてしまいましたが、ゆっくり過ごせていい旅行になりました。 ありがとうございました。

Because it was the end of the year, we could reserve only empty buildings. Still, we used with three adults, but room was large enough. The Ryukyu tatami was nice, but there were spots in some places, which is a bit disappointing. Also, when you open a fresh cup of coffee in your room, what is it? The contents were solidified as if I thought, and I called and brought a new one. This is also disappointing. I used two private baths, but it wasn't very hot, but the atmosphere was good and I didn't need to bring a towel, so it was convenient. I told you the ingredients that I was not good at, but I was able to respond, but I do not know because of that, but there was a menu that was different from the menu, but there was no explanation about the detailed reason etc. But I did it. There were free drinks in the lounge, and there were many opportunities to utilize them, and it was good that we could use them casually. I was a little disappointed that there was no drink I wanted to drink after meals. The service wasn't so elaborate, but smiled and friendly. it's great. We are satisfied generally. I wanted to use it again. Next time I'd love to stay in a separate room. Although the expectations were too high, the eyes were overlooked on the drawbacks, but it was a good trip to spend slowly. Thank you very much.

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Kaze no Tou with outdoor and indoor spas

部屋にも残しましたが今回3度目の利用 2度目に伺った時は「おかえりなさい」と言ってもらえ感動したんですが、今回は車種とナンバーも伝えていたにも関わらず一切なし。 更に、事前にネギアレルギーを伝えたが、全く考慮されずお料理が出た後こちらから伝... Read more 部屋にも残しましたが今回3度目の利用 2度目に伺った時は「おかえりなさい」と言ってもらえ感動したんですが、今回は車種とナンバーも伝えていたにも関わらず一切なし。 更に、事前にネギアレルギーを伝えたが、全く考慮されずお料理が出た後こちらから伝えないと対応しない。その後謝罪があったが、朝食のポーチドエッグにも入っていた。全く話にならない。人の命を何だと考えているのか??実際体が受け付けずトイレに駆け込む始末。 また貸し切り風呂は3度予約が出来ると案内されたが、予約が一杯だと言われ結局2回しか入れない。 連れは前回の接客に感動し、何度も何度もまた訪問したいと言い続けていたが、中々タイミングが合わず今回自身の誕生日であった為利用させてもらったが、「おめでとうございます」の一言もなく、ただただ時間を過ごしただけ。そんなあまりのサービス内容低下に涙ながら部屋にあった感想に記入をしていた。1泊利用で最低でも1人3万円獲る(今回は5万)なら、もう少しサービスを改善するか、出来れば以前の様な接客に戻していただきたいが、次回利用は恐らくない。

I left it in my room, but when I visited it for the third time this time, I was impressed to say "return home", but this time there was nothing even though I told the model and number. In addition, we reported onion allergy in advance, but it is not considered at all and will not respond unless it is reported from here after cooking. Later, there was an apology, but he was also in the poached egg for breakfast. Not at all. What do you think of human life? ? In fact, the body is not accepted and runs into the toilet. The private bath was also told that it could be reserved 3 times, but it was said that the reservation was full and eventually it could only be entered twice. The companion was impressed by the previous customer service and continued to say that he wanted to visit again and again, but because the timing was not right and it was his own birthday this time, he used it, but `` Congratulations "I just spent time. I was filling in the impression that was in the room while tearing in such a drop in service content. If you can use at least 30,000 yen per person per night (50,000 in this case), you may want to improve the service a little more, or if possible, return to the previous customer service, but the next time you use it is not afraid.

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Teisho Basaratei


3618-74 Ago-chō Ugata, Shima-shi, Mie-ken, Japan [View map]

check-in / check-out time

15:00 / 11:00

CI/CO time may be different depending on plan.

Credit card


Number of guest rooms

18 room(s)


Renewed July of 2019!

From the dining room, you can see the garden. We have installed the latest equipment in our kitchen.

You can hear the sound of water while looking at the two-step waterfall that flows down from the small mountain.

Shima area which is rich in seafood throughout the year and is called a treasure trove of food.

The sea near people's lives brings grace to the earth and brings up mineral-rich Shima vegetables.

Please enjoy "Shima cuisine" which feels the sea and feels the earth.
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In addition to the open-air baths in all rooms, there are 3 private open-air baths in the hotel.

In the open-air bath, each with a different theme, you can have a moment of poise and reflection.

The spring quality of its own source, Ise Shimaken Onsen, is a sodium-calcium-chloride cold spring that is gentle on the skin and has excellent heat retention and moisturizing effects.
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Other facility information

A blissful treatment offered by the spa brand 'SUNDARI'
The independent SPA wing is located among the rich trees.
The ultimate healing that softens the mind and body.
Get both inner peace and appearance beauty.
You can enjoy the treatment slowly in the private room. This is also possible for two people at the same time.

House of the Day aoi
A symbolic pillar rises in the center and spreads in an octagon
"Tokei House aoi" is a free guest lounge for guests.

Zen garden
The garden on the side of the alley leading to "the foliage of the nautical mile" is a vague garden that quietly brings what you see into the world of Yugen.
How to catch the figure of the garden which changes according to time is each person.
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Please contact the hotels/ryokans directly for more details.
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・This plan DOES NOT include Bath House Tax (150yen).

・Guests' must be 12 years old and above. All equal rates.
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  • Bath tax
  • Children allowed
  • Room service
  • Transportation service
  • Parking area
  • Hot spring
  • Fresh hot spring
  • Room with outdoor spa
  • Public spa
  • Private spa
  • Indoor pool
  • Outdoor pool
  • Esthe/Spa facility
  • Fitness facility
  • Barrier free
  • 5 min walk from station
  • Pets allowed
  • Breakfast in room
  • Dinner in room
  • Open air bath
  • Night view
  • Ocean view
  • Cottage
  • Coupon

The accommodation features are general descriptions of the facility. The amenities and breadth of service will differ between each accommodation. For details, please confirm directly with the accommodation.


Access by public transportation.

[From Tokyo area]
Tokyo Sta. -(Shinkansen)- Nagoya Sta. -(Kintetsu Limited Express)- Kintetsu Kashikojima Sta.*: approx. 3 h 40 min.

[From Osaka area]
Osaka Sta. -(Kintetsu Limited Express)- Kintetsu Kashikojima Sta.*: approx. 2 h 20 min.

* Free shuttle bus service available between Kintetsu Kashikojima Sta. and Basaratei. Please call the reception on your arrival to Kashikojima Sta. and wait for the shuttle bus at the taxi stop (at the right side after the ticket gate). Bus will pick you up in about 5 minutes.

Taxis are about 3 minutes ride.

3618-74 Ago-chō Ugata, Shima-shi, Mie-ken, Japan

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