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唐津 網元の宿 汐湯凪の音
Ryokan Shioyu Naginoto

casual Ryokan/Inn
  • Saga > Karatsu・ Yobiko・Genkai


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Mr./Ms. H.T(38)

Select Date:2019-01-01

Wi-Fiが部屋で全然使えないのは、どうかなと。廊下なら繋がるとフロントの方に言われたが、廊下でWi-Fi使わないですよね。普通は。あと、主人が先に大浴場を使ったが、「なんか汚かった」と言われたので、結局私は使いませんでした。かわりに部屋の... Read more Wi-Fiが部屋で全然使えないのは、どうかなと。廊下なら繋がるとフロントの方に言われたが、廊下でWi-Fi使わないですよね。普通は。あと、主人が先に大浴場を使ったが、「なんか汚かった」と言われたので、結局私は使いませんでした。かわりに部屋の風呂を使ったのですが、シャンプーの泡立ちがなくて、薄めてるのかなと思いました。大浴場は、宿泊客以外も入れるという事に、チェックインしてから知ったので、がっかりでした。大人の癒しみたいなイメージがあったのですが、宿泊客以外も入れるなら町のスーパー銭湯と同じかなと。食事に関しては、夜ご飯はかなり満足でした。コースの他にアラカルトも注文できて、さらに地元の物だったので、2品注文して、両方美味しかったです。なので、朝ご飯もかなり期待したのですが、正月だったから普段と違うのか、一口サイズの物がいっぱいあったが、あんまり美味しくなかったです。スタッフの方は皆さん優しく丁寧に対応して頂きました。

I wonder how Wi - Fi can not be used at all in the room. If it is connected to the corridor, it was said to the front desk, but we do not use Wi - Fi in the hallway. normally. Also, my husband first used the public bath, but I was told that "something was dirty", so I did not use it after all. Instead, I used a bath in the room, but I thought that it was not bubbling in the shampoo and it was thinning. It was disappointing because I knew after entering the check-in that big baths were to enter non-guests. There was an image like an adult healing, but if you enter anything other than guests, it is the same as the super public bath in the town. Regarding meals, the dinner was quite satisfying. Besides the course, I was able to order a la carte and was also local, so I ordered 2 items and both were delicious. So, I expected a lot of breakfast, but because it was New Year's Day, there were plenty of bite size items, but it was not very tasty. The staff responded kindly and carefully to everyone.

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Mr./Ms. J.E(45)

Select Date:2018-12-05

생각보다 이동거리가 길어서 밤늦게 도착했는데 친절하게 응대해주시고 늦어서 취소됐을줄 알았던 가이세키정식도 먹을수 있었는데 정말이지 고급 그 자체였습니다. 무엇보다도 인터넷으로 본거보다 훨씬 큰 사이즈의 오징어가 나와... Read more 생각보다 이동거리가 길어서 밤늦게 도착했는데 친절하게 응대해주시고 늦어서 취소됐을줄 알았던 가이세키정식도 먹을수 있었는데 정말이지 고급 그 자체였습니다. 무엇보다도 인터넷으로 본거보다 훨씬 큰 사이즈의 오징어가 나와서 좋았습니다

I arrived late at night because it was longer than expected. I was able to eat Kaiseki ceremony, which I thought was canceled late, but it was really high quality. Best of all, it was nice to have a squid that was much larger than I had seen on the internet.

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Mr./Ms. S.Y(54)

Select Date:2018-10-31

대체적으로는 만족을 하였읍니다. 굳이 아쉬운 점이 있다면 저녁 가이세키 정식에 일본의 자랑인 와규가 있었으면 했읍니다. 조식도 제공되는 음식의 가짓수 보다는 내용에 충실 하면 어떨까 합니다. 순전히 개인적인 생... Read more 대체적으로는 만족을 하였읍니다. 굳이 아쉬운 점이 있다면 저녁 가이세키 정식에 일본의 자랑인 와규가 있었으면 했읍니다. 조식도 제공되는 음식의 가짓수 보다는 내용에 충실 하면 어떨까 합니다. 순전히 개인적인 생각이었읍니다.

In general, I was satisfied. If there is anything that I do not like about it, I would like to have the Japanese pride of Wagyu in the evening Kaiseki ceremony. We would like to enjoy the contents of the breakfast rather than the food. It was purely personal.

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Mr./Ms. T.M(49)

Select Date:2018-02-11

食事は、とても美味しかったです。 接客についてスタッフにより差がありすぎる。 とてもよく対応して頂いたスタッフもいれば、???のスタッフもいた。

The meal was very delicious. There are differences among the staff about customer service. Some staff who corresponded very well, are you? What? What? There was also a staff member.

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Mr./Ms. K.H(41)

Select Date:2018-01-25

海の幸が食べたくて、初佐賀旅行 烏賊と伊勢海老のお造りが美味しくて、全体的にボリュームもあり、満足しました。 貸しきりの家族風呂はのんびりできて良かったです。 大浴場は良かったんですが、外国人の方でマナーが気になる方がいたり、男湯の騒... Read more 海の幸が食べたくて、初佐賀旅行 烏賊と伊勢海老のお造りが美味しくて、全体的にボリュームもあり、満足しました。 貸しきりの家族風呂はのんびりできて良かったです。 大浴場は良かったんですが、外国人の方でマナーが気になる方がいたり、男湯の騒がしい団体の声が聞こえたりと、宿の不備ではないのですが、ちょっと気になりました。 観光予定を変更して、急にチェックアウトの時間を変えたりしたにもかかわらず、柔軟に対応して頂いて助かりました。 景色や眺めも良くて、癒されました、 お世話になりました。 館内も色んな生花がいけてあり、良かったです。 寒くてあまり散策できなかったので、暖かくなったら、また行きたいかも

I wanted to eat seafood for the first time, the first Saga travel squid and the shrimp of Ise shrimp were delicious, there was overall volume, I was satisfied. It was nice to have a relaxing family family bath. Although the public bath was good, although there are people who are concerned about manners by foreigners, I hear the voice of a noisy group of men's bath, it is not a lack of accommodation, but I was a little worried. Despite having changed the sightseeing schedule and suddenly changed the checkout time, I was saved because we respond flexibly. The view and the view were good, I was healed, I became indebted. There were various flowers in the hall, so it was good. It was cold so I could not take a walk so much, so when it gets warmer, I might like to go again.

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Mr./Ms. K.H(57)

Select Date:2017-09-28


I wanted a Japanese representative to explain a more neat explanation at the reception. All meals were too lacking information and I could not enjoy it.

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Mr./Ms. K.F(51)

Select Date:2017-06-10

初めての唐津への旅でした。 お風呂、お部屋、お布団、夕食、朝食。 もうすべてにおいて感激を超えて感動しました。 夕食の上品で優しい味。美味しいお酒。 また朝食の女性ならば絶対に喜ぶであろう品数とこれまた優しい味。 突然思い立って... Read more 初めての唐津への旅でした。 お風呂、お部屋、お布団、夕食、朝食。 もうすべてにおいて感激を超えて感動しました。 夕食の上品で優しい味。美味しいお酒。 また朝食の女性ならば絶対に喜ぶであろう品数とこれまた優しい味。 突然思い立って唐津に初めて来たのでノープランでしたのでどこに行こうかと思っていたところにスタッフさんから七つ釜を教えて頂き翌日行きました。 とても神秘的で感激しました。 素晴らしく幸せなひとときをありがとうございました。 またぜひ伺いたいです。

It was my first trip to Karatsu. Bath, room, futon, dinner, breakfast. I was touched beyond inspiration all by now. Elegant and gentle taste of dinner. Delicious sake. Also the number of goods that will absolutely be delighted if it is a breakfast woman and this is also a gentle taste. Suddenly thoughtfully came to Karatsu for the first time so it was a no plan so I asked where I should go where I went and taught seven kettles from the staff and went to the next day. It was very mysterious and I was deeply moved. Thank you for a wonderful and happy moment. I would like to ask you again.

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Mr./Ms. S.T(45)

Select Date:2017-06-03


Dinner was very delicious and thank you. Parking lot from the lobby is far and heavy luggage is serious, so I thought it would be nice to have a carriage.

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Mr./Ms. T.N(37)

Select Date:2017-02-10

長女の誕生日祝いで宿泊しました。 旅館の方々がとても良くしてくださり、長女も大変喜んでいました。 下の子も楽しかったようでずっとご機嫌でした。 子連れだったのでバーの利用ができなかったのが残念ですが、また親も誘って利用したいと思います... Read more 長女の誕生日祝いで宿泊しました。 旅館の方々がとても良くしてくださり、長女も大変喜んでいました。 下の子も楽しかったようでずっとご機嫌でした。 子連れだったのでバーの利用ができなかったのが残念ですが、また親も誘って利用したいと思います。 当日は雪が降り、露天風呂は寒かったですが、汐湯のお風呂、家族風呂もとても良かったです。 一点だけ、強いて言うなら、部屋の鍵が少し閉めにくかったです。

We stayed at the eldest daughter's birthday celebration. The people of the inn was very nice and the eldest daughter was very pleased. It seemed like the fun child was happy and I was always in a good mood. I regret that I could not use the bar because I was a child, but I also want parents to invite and use it. It was snowing on the day and the outdoor bath was cold, but the baths of Shiodome and the family bath were also very good. For one thing, to forcibly say, the key of the room was a bit hard to close.

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Mr./Ms. G(49)

Select Date:2016-12-10


Both facility and service were able to warm heart. I am expecting that the public bath and shared toilet will be renewed. If there is opportunity, we will certainly use it. thank you very much.

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Mr./Ms. R.U(46)

Select Date:2016-03-05

夕食で、息子が小さな木の船が欲しいと言った時、快く対応していただき、ありがとうございました。食事はどれも美味しかったのですが、特に呼子の烏賊は絶品でした。朝食時にフルーツジュースがあると嬉しかったです。家族風呂が工事中だったので、同じお風呂... Read more 夕食で、息子が小さな木の船が欲しいと言った時、快く対応していただき、ありがとうございました。食事はどれも美味しかったのですが、特に呼子の烏賊は絶品でした。朝食時にフルーツジュースがあると嬉しかったです。家族風呂が工事中だったので、同じお風呂に3回入ると少し飽きてしまいました。でも、館内の至るところにお花が飾られ、総合的にとても満足のいく施設でした。

At dinner, when my son wanted a small wooden ship, thank you very much for your kind response. All the meals were delicious, but Yoshiko's squid was particularly good. I was happy that there was fruit juice at breakfast. A family bath was under construction, so I got tired of it a bit when I entered the same bath three times. However, flowers were decorated everywhere in the hall, and it was comprehensively a very satisfying facility.

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Mr./Ms. C.S(54)

Select Date:2018-09-08

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Mr./Ms. K.I(51)

Select Date:2017-12-29

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Mr./Ms. K.Y(47)

Select Date:2017-09-10

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