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旅亭 松葉屋-月ノ想-
Ryotei Matsubaya

  • Oita > Beppu


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Other Facilities4.3/5

Mr./Ms. K.Y(45)

Select Date:2018-06-04

very comfortable, very high privacy! The view is fantastic! Love the hotel!

very comfortable, very high privacy! The view is fantastic! Love the hotel!

Mr./Ms. I.K(62)

Select Date:2019-05-27


I used it with my mother, my daughter and three generations. The food was delicious and the bath was great. I regret that I only put half in the private bath. I am grateful to the staff for their excellent service. Both my mother and my daughter were happy. It was a good trip. Thank you very much.

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Mr./Ms. Z.Y(29)

Select Date:2019-02-08

酒店设施比较新,温泉挺舒服的。 但是服务不是很到位,相较于传统温泉酒店少了温馨和舒适感。 早晚餐很一般,没有体现出怀石料理的感觉,菜品菜色都很普通。 酒店交通不是很方便,出入基本靠打出租车,可以让前台提前预约。

The hotel facilities are relatively new and the hot springs are very comfortable. But the service is not in place, and it is less warm and comfortable than the traditional hot spring hotel. The breakfast and dinner are very general and do not reflect the feeling of Kaiseki cuisine. The dishes are very common. Hotel transportation is not very convenient, the basics rely on taxis, you can let the front desk make an appointment in advance.

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Mr./Ms. M.L(Private)

Select Date:2019-02-11

묵었던 방의 개인 노천탕이 정말 너--무 뜨거워서 한번도 이용하지 못했어요. 야외 노천탕이라 일부러 뜨겁게 해두신 것인지 ㅠㅠ..일부러 개별 노천탕이 있는 별관에 예약한 것인데 이용하지 못해 슬펐습니다. 다른 전세탕... Read more 묵었던 방의 개인 노천탕이 정말 너--무 뜨거워서 한번도 이용하지 못했어요. 야외 노천탕이라 일부러 뜨겁게 해두신 것인지 ㅠㅠ..일부러 개별 노천탕이 있는 별관에 예약한 것인데 이용하지 못해 슬펐습니다. 다른 전세탕들은 잘 이용했고, 전체적으로 너무 친절하게 대해주셔서 감사드립니다. 부모님과 좋은 시간을 보냈어요.

The private open-air bath in the room I stayed in was really you - I was not able to use it because it was hot. It is open air hot spring because it is open hotly .. ㅠ ㅠ .. I reserved it in an annex with the private open-air bath purposefully and was sad because I could not use it. I have used other charcoal hot springs very well and thank you all for being so kind. I had a good time with my parents.

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Mr./Ms. T.H(Private)

Select Date:2019-01-14

너무 조용한것은 좋았으나 복도에서 다른 투숙객도 만나는 시간이 없으니 한가하다 못해 을시년 스럽고 야외 노천 4개 온천이 아무도 없어 좀 으스스한 기분이었고 종업원들의 친절함이 친절을 넘어 비굴하게 느껴지는것은 ... Read more 너무 조용한것은 좋았으나 복도에서 다른 투숙객도 만나는 시간이 없으니 한가하다 못해 을시년 스럽고 야외 노천 4개 온천이 아무도 없어 좀 으스스한 기분이었고 종업원들의 친절함이 친절을 넘어 비굴하게 느껴지는것은 민족성의 차이 일까? 아침 조식은 알맞게 간단하여 너무 배부르지 않게 먹을수가 있었고 저녁은 정말 아기자기하게 여러가지 일본 특유의 ㅇㅁ식을 소개하는데 모든 정성을 쏟은듯한 ㅂㄴ위기를 몸으로 혀로 마음껏 즐길수 있었다 단지 주위에 목욕 외에는 너무 할일없는 산속이어서 여가를 지내기가 약간 불편했다

It was nice to be so quiet, but I did not have time to meet other guests in the corridor, so I could not do it at all. I could not do it at all. It was a year old and open-aired 4 open air baths were nasty. The breakfast was moderately simple, so I could not eat too much, and the evening was really cute. I was able to enjoy all kinds of Japanese special ㅇ Klitschka. I was able to enjoy the fullness of my heart with my tongue. It was a little inconvenient to spend leisure time

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Mr./Ms. J.M(43)

Select Date:2018-11-17

接客の素晴らしさに感動しました。忙しい中、子供の話し相手にもなってくださり子供も大変喜んでいました。 帰りは車を移動してもらった際車の窓ガラスもきれいに拭いて下さって感動して帰りました。 いい旅になりました。本当にありがとうございまし... Read more 接客の素晴らしさに感動しました。忙しい中、子供の話し相手にもなってくださり子供も大変喜んでいました。 帰りは車を移動してもらった際車の窓ガラスもきれいに拭いて下さって感動して帰りました。 いい旅になりました。本当にありがとうございました。

I was moved by the wonderfulness of the customer service. In the midst of busy, it was also a pleasure to talk to children, and the child was very pleased. On the way back when I got the car moved, I wiped the windowpane of the car cleanly and moved and moved home. It was a nice trip. I'm really thankful to you.

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Mr./Ms. S.S(52)

Select Date:2018-11-09


The accommodation facilities and services are very good, but the drinks in the refrigerator are too small to be charged. For two nights, the price of 110,000 yen should be compared with a few bottles of drinks.

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Mr./Ms. H.K(55)

Select Date:2018-11-09


It was a pity that the outdoor bath in the public bathhouse was closed.

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Mr./Ms. T.M(53)

Select Date:2018-11-06

先日は、お世話になりました。到着した時に走ってお迎えに出て来てくださり、うれしかったです。 食事の時に接客してくれた、仲居さんの笑顔がとてもステキでした。食事の内容も大満足でしたが、心のこもったおもてなしに癒されました。 いろんなお風呂... Read more 先日は、お世話になりました。到着した時に走ってお迎えに出て来てくださり、うれしかったです。 食事の時に接客してくれた、仲居さんの笑顔がとてもステキでした。食事の内容も大満足でしたが、心のこもったおもてなしに癒されました。 いろんなお風呂もあって、楽しめました。 ただ脱衣場のタオルの綿ボコリがひどくて、髪の毛や体について困りました。それから、着替えを置くロッカーにカギがあれば、安心して入浴できたと思います。 夫婦二人でゆっくりできて、ステキなお宿でした。またお邪魔しますね!ありがとうございました。

You were very helpful the other day. I ran into picking up when I arrived and I was happy. The smile of Mr. Nakai who came in at the time of meal was very wonderful. The content of the meal was also satisfying but I was healed by my heartfelt hospitality. There were various baths, and I enjoyed it. However, the cotton cloth of the towel of the clothing room was so bad that I was in trouble about my hair and body. Then, I think that if I got a lock on a locker putting on my clothes, I could have bathed in peace. It was a wonderful lodging that we could relax slowly with two couples. I will bother you again! Thank you very much.

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Mr./Ms. H.S(Private)

Select Date:2018-10-20

娘の1歳誕生日記念で利用させていただきました。 子連れでも過ごしやすく、とても良くしていただきありがとうございました。 また機会があれば、利用させていただきたいです。

I used it for my 1 year old birthday memorial. It was easy to spend even with a child, and thank you very much for making it. If there is another chance, I would like to use it.

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Mr./Ms. H.T(38)

Select Date:2018-04-05

服務很好、環境舒適、清幽。 房間內有私人溫泉很方便,很適合有小朋友家庭。 離開後遺留了衣物在房間,員工親自致電通知取回,很細心。

The service is very good, the environment is comfortable and quiet. The private hot spring in the room is very convenient and it is suitable for families with children. After leaving, left the clothes in the room, and the staff personally called for a phone call and was very careful.

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Mr./Ms. K.M(60)

Select Date:2018-04-13

金曜日ということもあり、人が少なかったのでしょうが大変静かでゆっくり過ごしました。 ありがとうございました。

Sometimes it was Friday, I spent very quiet and slow though there were few people. Thank you very much.

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Mr./Ms. S.A(45)

Select Date:2018-04-05


Thank you very much for your kindness though I was with my kids. The rooms, the food and the bath were also very good.

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Mr./Ms. K.K(43)

Select Date:2018-03-25

夕食の運ばれてくるタイミングが遅く、食事に2時間近くかかりました。待ってる時間が長く途中でお腹がいっぱいになり少し残念でした。 もう少し女性向けのお酒の種類を増やして欲しいです。

The timing of dinner being delivered was delayed, it took me two hours to eat. I was sorry a little because my waiting time was long and my stomach became full on the way. I want you to increase the type of liquor for women a little more.

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Mr./Ms. M.Y(42)

Select Date:2018-03-05


I was able to experience "unusual" which is very comfortable with a fine care. It was good that I could spend my first Beppu in a crutches. Thank you very much.

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Mr./Ms. G.L(46)

Select Date:2018-02-28

沒試過一家那麼正嘅日式溫泉飯店 冇其他嘢講 兩個字 超正 下次一定會再去

Have not tried one so generous Japanese spa hotel no other 嘢 say two words super correct next time will go

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Mr./Ms. W.Y(45)

Select Date:2018-02-25


I used it with my friends couple and five people. The room was so spacious that I could see the illuminations of Suginoi (* '∇ `) Also the dinner was very good and it was very delicious.

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Mr./Ms. I,N(48)

Select Date:2017-12-20

大変満足しました。 来年も必ず行きたいと思います。

I was very satisfied. I would definitely go there again next year.

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Mr./Ms. T.A(46)

Select Date:2017-12-17


It was my first stay but it was the best I had stayed from the customer to the room, meal until now.

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Mr./Ms. Y.K(77)

Select Date:2017-10-29

施設の皆さん、とても感じよかったです。お蔭で楽しいひと時を過ごすことができました。 ご当地観海寺温泉の単純泉で体を癒すことができました。温泉はよく管理されていると思います。 食事については、夕食の肉料理は柔らかかったのですが脂肪分が寄与... Read more 施設の皆さん、とても感じよかったです。お蔭で楽しいひと時を過ごすことができました。 ご当地観海寺温泉の単純泉で体を癒すことができました。温泉はよく管理されていると思います。 食事については、夕食の肉料理は柔らかかったのですが脂肪分が寄与しているようで残念でした。 また、土瓶蒸しは汁に透明感があればよかったと感じました。朝食については満足でした。 やや細かいことを申し上げましたが、全体的には満足でした。

Everyone at the facility, I was very happy. I was able to spend a pleasant time with you. I was able to heal the body with a simple fountain of Kodaiji Onsen here. I think that hot springs are well managed. Regarding meals, meat dish at dinner was soft, but fat seemed to contribute, so regrettable. Also, I felt that it would have been good if juice had transparency for steaming the pot. I was satisfied with breakfast. I mentioned somewhat details, but overall I was satisfied.

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Mr./Ms. Y.H(47)

Select Date:2015-12-04

夕食時にシャンパングラスが汚れていたり割れていたりしたので、美味しい料理に対してとても残念でした。露天風呂の薬師の湯だけは予約制にして欲しいですね。4度チャレンジして結局入れませんでした。 とは言え、大満足のひと時でした。ありがとうござい... Read more 夕食時にシャンパングラスが汚れていたり割れていたりしたので、美味しい料理に対してとても残念でした。露天風呂の薬師の湯だけは予約制にして欲しいですね。4度チャレンジして結局入れませんでした。 とは言え、大満足のひと時でした。ありがとうございました。

As champagne glass was dirty or broken at dinner, it was very disappointing for delicious dishes. I would like you to make reservation system only for the hot water of the outdoor bath pharmacist. I challenged four times and it did not fit in after all. However, it was a very satisfying moment. Thank you very much.

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Mr./Ms. L.Y(37)

Select Date:2019-02-17

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