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奈良町家 和鹿彩 別邸
Hotel Wakasa Annex Nara

  • Nara > Nara ・Yamatokoriyama


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Mr./Ms. A.T(44)

Select Date:2016-12-01

Excellent place!! The hotel is near とうだいじ. I reserved Wakasa to celebrate my daughter's ten years birthday. My... Read more Excellent place!! The hotel is near とうだいじ. I reserved Wakasa to celebrate my daughter's ten years birthday. My daughter is very happy and treated as the princess.

Excellent place!! The hotel is near とうだいじ. I reserved Wakasa to celebrate my daughter's ten years birthday. My daughter is very happy and treated as the princess.

Mr./Ms. N.S(55)

Select Date:2019-06-23

この度はお世話になりました。 スタッフの方々のおもてなしに感謝します。 露天風呂の説明が最初になかったので操作を間違えました。 夕食、朝食共に満足でしたが私的には量が多かったです。残してしまいスミマセンでした。 冷蔵庫の飲み物もあり... Read more この度はお世話になりました。 スタッフの方々のおもてなしに感謝します。 露天風呂の説明が最初になかったので操作を間違えました。 夕食、朝食共に満足でしたが私的には量が多かったです。残してしまいスミマセンでした。 冷蔵庫の飲み物もありがたかったです。 お部屋のサービスは良かった。 旅宿帳をお願いしまして帰宅後開いてみたら今までの中でも上位な素敵な書き込みがしてあり感動しました。 お世話かけましたが良い記念になりましたし夕食後に2人で写して頂いた写真はリビングに飾ってあります。 めったに写真は写さないので良かったと思いました。 良い旅になりました。 ありがとうございました。

I appreciate your kindness at this time. Thank you for the hospitality of the staff. I didn't explain the open-air bath first, so I made a mistake. Both dinner and breakfast were satisfactory but privately there was a large amount. I left it and I was Sumimasen. The drinks from the refrigerator were also appreciated. The service in the room was good. I asked for a travel book and opened it after returning home, and I was impressed by the wonderful writing on the top even before. I took care of it, but it is a good memorial, and the photos taken by two people after dinner are displayed in the living room. I thought it was good because I rarely took photos. It was a good trip. Thank you very much.

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Mr./Ms. S.I(41)

Select Date:2018-11-07

チェックインよりもかなり早めに車を停めさせて頂けて助かりました。 また、観光ルートも丁寧に教えて頂き奈良を楽しむことが出来ました。 チェックイン時のゆず茶がほんのり甘く歩き疲れた身体にピッタリでした。 お食事も見た目が本当に綺麗で食べ... Read more チェックインよりもかなり早めに車を停めさせて頂けて助かりました。 また、観光ルートも丁寧に教えて頂き奈良を楽しむことが出来ました。 チェックイン時のゆず茶がほんのり甘く歩き疲れた身体にピッタリでした。 お食事も見た目が本当に綺麗で食べるのが勿体ないと思いつつ、美味しかったので残さず食べさせて頂きました。 奈良に行くときはまた利用させて頂きます!

I was saved because I could stop the car considerably earlier than check in. In addition, we were able to enjoy Nara by carefully taught the sightseeing route. Yuzu tea at check-in was perfect for the slightly sweetly walking body. While thinking that meal was really beautiful and eatable, it was tasty, so I let you eat without leaving. When I go to Nara I will use it again!

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Mr./Ms. R.F(58)

Select Date:2018-05-20


It was nice that the hinoki bath in the room was incense. In addition, it was delicious with dinner and breakfast volume.

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Mr./Ms. K.Y(47)

Select Date:2018-04-21

The room was not clean and we saw dust everywhere. There's hair left in the bathroom. The taste of food was d... Read more The room was not clean and we saw dust everywhere. There's hair left in the bathroom. The taste of food was disappointing as well. This is the worst experience I have ever had with Relux recommended hotel. It doesn't live up to the one star Relux grade.

The room was not clean and we saw dust everywhere. There's hair left in the bathroom. The taste of food was disappointing as well. This is the worst experience I have ever had with Relux recommended hotel. It doesn't live up to the one. Star Relux grade.

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Mr./Ms. B.S(60)

Select Date:2018-02-10

我々の記念日であったのでこの宿に泊まってよかったと思います。 和風旅館の問題は 就寝時に読書灯の用意がないところがまだまだあるということです。 普段もバタンキューで寝る客は少ないのでは?また朝早く起きてTVつけるわけにもいかず、といったこと... Read more 我々の記念日であったのでこの宿に泊まってよかったと思います。 和風旅館の問題は 就寝時に読書灯の用意がないところがまだまだあるということです。 普段もバタンキューで寝る客は少ないのでは?また朝早く起きてTVつけるわけにもいかず、といったことがあります。部屋にをっシュレットがついていましたが、作動しませんでした。 食事のサービスはよかったと思います。

Because it was our anniversary, I think that it was nice to stay at this inn. The problem with Japanese-style ryokan is that there are still places where reading lights are not ready at bedtime. Are not we few people who usually sleep in the Batancheque? Also I got up early in the morning and could not afford to put TV on. I was shrugged in my room, but it did not work. I think that the service of meals was good.

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Mr./Ms. M.Y(61)

Select Date:2017-10-28

4Fのお風呂のお湯が少なかった。 10時チェックアウト早い。

There was not much hot water in the 4F bath. Check out early at 10 o'clock.

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Mr./Ms. K.A(55)

Select Date:2016-10-29

2部屋をつなげて1部屋にしたお部屋で、とても広くて、内装も洗練されていて素敵でした。大仏殿と若草山の眺めも(町中からにしては)よかったです。設備やアメニティは十分でしたが、電気のスイッチがとても多くて、操作に戸惑いました。あと、ブラインドの... Read more 2部屋をつなげて1部屋にしたお部屋で、とても広くて、内装も洗練されていて素敵でした。大仏殿と若草山の眺めも(町中からにしては)よかったです。設備やアメニティは十分でしたが、電気のスイッチがとても多くて、操作に戸惑いました。あと、ブラインドの開閉の仕方も最初よくわかりませんでした。玄関脇のトイレは出てすぐのところに居室に上がる段差があるので、高齢者には危ないと思いました。ブラインドを開閉した時に、少し埃が立ちました。あと、洗面所の引き出しの中に、髪の毛が1本残っていました。細かいところですが、もう少し気を配ってお掃除していただきたいです。 大浴場は広くて清潔でしたが、温泉ではないので、ぽかぽかとは温まるというわけにはいきませんでした。(市内のホテルなので、やむを得ないと思います。)ですので、お部屋にせっかく露天風呂が2つも付いていたのですが、寒いのではないかと思って使いませんでした。(真冬だとどうなるんでしょうね。お部屋は実質バスなしでしょうか。まあ、すぐ隣に大浴場があるので、そんなに不都合はありませんが。) お食事は二食とも大変おいしくいただきました。盛り付けも美しくて、質量とも、満足です。高齢な両親も喜んでいただいていました。ただ、やはり、高齢者向きに、少しボリュームを押さえて上質な材料を使ったコースもあると良いように思います。また、ワインリストがもう少し充実していて、サービスする方もお勉強していただければ、もっと良いと思います。 スタッフの方は皆親切で温かみのあるサービスでした。全体的には快適で満足して過ごせました。ありがとうございました。

Room connecting two rooms and making it one room was very spacious, interior was refined, and it was lovely. The view of the Buddha statue and Wakakusa is also good (from the town). Facilities and amenities were satisfactory, but there were so many electric switches that I was puzzled by the operation. Also, I did not understand how to open and close the blind for the first time. The toilet next to the entrance had steps to go up to the living room just outside so I thought it was dangerous for the elderly. A little dust stood when opening and closing the blind. Also, one hair remained in the toilet drawer. It is a fine place, but I'd like you to clean it a little more carefully. The public bathhouse was large and clean, but it was not a hot spring so it was not warm to be warm. (I think that it is unavoidable because it is a hotel in the city.) So, although 2 outdoor baths were attached to every room, it was not used thought that it might be cold. (What happens when it is in the middle of winter, is there no real bus in the room, well, since there is a large public bath next to it, there is not such inconvenience.) Both meals were very delicious. The arrangement is also beautiful, the mass is satisfied. Older parents were also pleased. However, again, for the elderly, I think that it is good if there are courses that use high quality materials with a little volume suppression. Moreover, I think that it is better if wine list is fulfilling a little more, if you can study also those who service it. All of the staff were kind and warm service. Overall it was comfortable and I was able to spend satisfactory. Thank you very much.

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Mr./Ms. T.U(63)

Select Date:2016-10-21


The facility is not necessarily a fine facility but it is a clean and cozy inn. Both meal and mass were satisfied. Hospitality is very friendly and welcoming customer service. The location is also convenient, as the location is also 5 minutes to Todaiji Temple.

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Mr./Ms. H.M(48)

Select Date:2016-10-14


Customer service of staff is wonderful. It is a place to say location. It is regrettable that bathing time of the public bathhouse is early. Overall we want to stay again. Thank you very much. It made a great trip.

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Mr./Ms. H.H(34)

Select Date:2016-01-02


Thank you very much for taking care of our guests.

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Mr./Ms. T.S(57)

Select Date:2015-12-29


Anyway, service, meal quality, attention is a special mention. The landscape from the room was overestimated, but I was deeply moved by the high level of service awareness of the people who worked to cover it.

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Mr./Ms. T.S(59)

Select Date:2015-11-22

お部屋も食事も大変良かったです。食事は色々な材料を吟味いただきまして美味しかったですし、お部屋も奈良にあってゆっくり出来ました。特にお刺身は色々な種類があって美味しくいただけ、朝も温野菜など朝からほっこり出来ました。ありがとうございます。お... Read more お部屋も食事も大変良かったです。食事は色々な材料を吟味いただきまして美味しかったですし、お部屋も奈良にあってゆっくり出来ました。特にお刺身は色々な種類があって美味しくいただけ、朝も温野菜など朝からほっこり出来ました。ありがとうございます。お風呂は場所柄仕方ないですが最上階でも景色が気になりました。 またお水取りの時期にお伺いしたいです。 色々パンフレットもありがとうございました。明日香も小学生以来で楽しめました。

The rooms and meals were also very good. The meal was delicious when I reviewed various materials and the room was also in Nara and it was able to be relaxed. Especially, sashimi was various kinds and it was delicious, and in the morning I was able to smile from the morning such as warm vegetables. Thank you very much. The bathroom has no places to order, but I was concerned with the scenery even at the top floor. I also want to visit at the time of water removal. Thank you for all the pamphlets. Asuka was able to enjoy it since elementary school student.

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Mr./Ms. Y.R(39)

Select Date:2015-05-05


It was very nice in a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere. Even if the child said that she did not have the menu because she wanted white rice, she responded so well and it was truly wonderful. The staff's correspondence was very wonderful.

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Mr./Ms. S.I(54)

Select Date:2015-04-04


The scenery and meal was wonderful, I was satisfied. Also, we were able to spend good feeling with employees so very carefully. I am sorry that my staying time was short. It can not be helped because the arrival time was late. Thank you very much.

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Mr./Ms. R.F(39)

Select Date:2019-01-26

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Mr./Ms. Y.U(56)

Select Date:2018-07-29

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