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草津温泉 Hotel KURBIO(ホテルクアビオ) Kusatsu Onsen Hotel Kurbio

Kusatsu Onsen Hotel Kurbio / Gunma Kusatsu・Shiriyaki・Hanashiki 5

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"Kur" which means recovery in German and "Bios" which means life in Greek, from the combination of the two was born the name Hotel Kurbio.

We wish for you to feel the sensation of having your body and mind be reborn and bring you back to health. This fresh type of healthy resort was born from that thought.

The provided meals are filled only with the specialty vegetable ingredients. Morning includes organic carrot juice while the afternoon provides a lunch with soup and salad with organic vegetables and whole-wheat strawberry bread. Dinner offers a macrobiotic full course that can add organic beer and wine for an additional charge.

On top of that, we also offer a complete health program that includes nature walks and personal training. We hope you choose your preference that fits with your condition and style.

Alternatively at this hotel located near Kusatsu Onsen is one of Japan's three most famous hot springs, one may experience the all-natural hot springs and detox & refresh oneself to one's heart's content.

A healthy day wrapped in a hush that can't be experienced anywhere but Kusatsu. At this hotel that realizes this dream, why not try to meet a whole new you?      
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Other Facilities4.6/5

Mr./Ms. S.S(43)

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Standard 1st floor

宿泊時は大変お世話になりました。スタッフの皆様の温かなお心遣いと笑顔に、そして素晴らしい環境に癒やされました。静寂の中、空の移り変わりを眺め、風の音を聴きながら、独りの時間を存分に味わえる贅沢。身体だけではなく、心まで磨くことができるのは、... Read more 宿泊時は大変お世話になりました。スタッフの皆様の温かなお心遣いと笑顔に、そして素晴らしい環境に癒やされました。静寂の中、空の移り変わりを眺め、風の音を聴きながら、独りの時間を存分に味わえる贅沢。身体だけではなく、心まで磨くことができるのは、全てが本当に良いものであるからこそと実感。次は連泊させていただき、もう一度、有意義な時間を過ごさせていただこうと思います。

During the stay was very helpful. I was healed by the warmth of the staff, the smiles, and the wonderful environment. A luxury where you can enjoy the time alone while watching the changing sky and listening to the sound of the wind in silence. I feel that not only the body but also the mind can be polished because everything is really good. Next time I will stay for a long time and I will spend a meaningful time again.

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Mr./Ms. Y.U(46)

Total points

Stayed in

Room type


Suite Room 2nd floor

こちらのホテルのお食事と温泉がお気に入りで何度か宿泊しています。 マクロビの食事は、毎回お腹いっぱいになります。 前回の時は、この食事にはこういう物が入っているなど色々細かく説明して頂きましたが、 今回は殆どお料理の名前しがおっしゃっ... Read more こちらのホテルのお食事と温泉がお気に入りで何度か宿泊しています。 マクロビの食事は、毎回お腹いっぱいになります。 前回の時は、この食事にはこういう物が入っているなど色々細かく説明して頂きましたが、 今回は殆どお料理の名前しがおっしゃってくれなかったのが少し残念な気がしました。 朝のお雑煮に、よもぎのお餅が入っていたと思いますがもっと素材のアピールしても良いかと・・。 また、夜の食事が終わって最後の飲み物を飲んでいる時に、明日のチェックアウトの時間も聞かれましたが、 朝の食事の時間の都合で確認されてたと思いますが、そちらについてはチェックインの時に聞かれた方が良いのでは?と思いました。 毎年、年末に宿泊した際は、カウントダウンをされて宿泊者の皆さんでシャンパンなどでお祝いされるところはとても良いと思います。 夜はマイナスになるため部屋の暖房が必須ですが、加湿器を置いて頂いても凄く乾燥するためか毎回夜中に喉が痛くなるのでマスクして寝るのが必須になりますが、とても良いホテルだと思います。

I have stayed at this hotel several times with my favorite meals and hot springs. Macrobi meals are always full. In the last time, I explained in detail that this meal contains such things, but this time I felt a little disappointed that the name of the dish was hardly mentioned. I think that the moromi zoni contained yomogi mochi, but I wonder if I could appeal more of the ingredients. Also, when I was drinking the last drink after the evening meal, I was asked about the check-out time tomorrow, but I think that it was confirmed because of the morning meal time, but check it there Should I be asked at the Inn? I thought. Every year, when I stay at the end of the year, I think it is very good to count down and celebrate with the guests with champagne. It is necessary to heat the room because it becomes negative at night, but even if you put a humidifier, it will be necessary to mask and sleep because it will hurt your throat every night because it will be very dry, but it is a very good hotel I think.

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Mr./Ms. R.H(Private)

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Room type


Standard 1st floor

本格的なファスティングは初めてでしたし、これまで食事は旅の楽しみでしたので不安でしたが、結果的には大変満足でした。人参ジュースメインで、かなり空腹でしたので、途中ではもうリピートはないなと思いましたが、温泉や読書でリラックスして過ごしていた... Read more 本格的なファスティングは初めてでしたし、これまで食事は旅の楽しみでしたので不安でしたが、結果的には大変満足でした。人参ジュースメインで、かなり空腹でしたので、途中ではもうリピートはないなと思いましたが、温泉や読書でリラックスして過ごしていたら、なんとか乗り切れました。でも、帰宅翌日によく行くサロンでマッサージを受けていたら、肩や背中などがいつもは凝り固まっているのに、すっかりやわらかくなっていて、私だけでなくサロンの方も驚いていました。 元の多忙な生活に戻ったため、身体もすっかり元どおりですが、今後も定期的に通いたいと思います。ただ、かなり本を読むので、どんどん健康関連の本が充実していけば、さらに嬉しいです。今回は体質がこんなに短期間で変わると分かり、今後の生活を見直すいいきっかけになりました。ありがとうございました。

It was my first time to fast-forward, and I was worried that eating was a pleasure to travel, but I was very satisfied with the result. I was really hungry with carrot juice, so I thought that there was no repeat on the way, but I managed to get over it if I was relaxing in a hot spring or reading. However, if I had a massage at a salon I often visit the next day after returning home, my shoulders and back were always tight, but I was completely soft and surprised not only me but also the salon. I have returned to my busy life, so my body is completely back, but I would like to go back regularly. However, I read a lot of books, and I'm even more happy if more and more health-related books become available. This time, I realized that my constitution would change in such a short period of time, and this gave me an opportunity to review my future life. Thank you very much.

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Kusatsu Onsen Hotel Kurbio


226-63 Kusatsu, Kusatsu-machi, Agatsuma-gun, Gunma-ken [View map]

check-in / check-out time

15:00 / 11:00

CI/CO time may be different depending on plan.

Credit card


Number of guest rooms

11 room(s)


Please contact the hotels/ryokans directly for more details.
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One of Japan's three famous hot springs, Kusatsu Onsen has seven streams, one of which is the "Bandaiko Stream" from which Hotel Kurbio pulls its water. At this 100% natural hot spring, the front part contains an open semi-outdoor spa. Rare for Kusatsu Onsen is the spacious and open view from the bath. The scenery of Mt. Asama through the trees extends outward. At the semi-outdoor spa (either male or female), Finnish sauna (either male or female), and indoor bath/Jacuzzi (either male or female), why not try detoxing and refreshing both body and mind?
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Other facility information

Please contact the hotels/ryokans directly for more details.
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We have prepared an array of programs for guests aiming for health and beauty (reservation required).

◆Nature walking (estimated time: 2 hours/¥3,500)
The staff of Krubio will take you around the lush nature of Kusatsu. The forest can be traversed in Nordic walking style. Nordic walking is a walking style that utilizes 2 poles. Our guides will support you through your choice of "enjoying the forest at a slow pace" or "experiencing exercise at a high pace". Additionally there is a plaza in the middle of the forest filled with bark chips where one may take a break and stretch: where one can still brush shoulders with the trees for a relaxing effect. While enjoying the snowy winter landscape, one may exercise in snow shoes. (shoes used to walk on top of snow. 2 hours/¥4,500~).

◆Personal training (estimated time: 1 hour/¥6,000 one person/¥8,000 pair lesson)
A private lesson with a trainer that molds exercises and stretches with the guest's condition.

◆Esthetic treatment starting with face & body

◆Bowel therapy for heightened fasting effects   etc.

【Famous hot spring+Macrobiotic+Fasting: "3 nights 4 day care plan" overview】
Along with the popular macrobiotics, the other famous characteristic of Kurbio is fasting and is also in the full care plan. If you spend the 3 nights and 4 days entrusting your body to the forest and hot springs of Kusatsu, you too can experience all the stress contained in your body and mind "completely clearing up". Guests who wish to schedule an appointment should contact relux concierge desk (03-6432-4962/Weekdays・Saturday 10:00am〜7:00pm).

〜Contents of Plan〜
■Day 1: One may eat a macrobiotic meal that has the delicious tastes of specialty ingredients.
■Day 2, 3: After a lunch of vegetable-packed soup, the fasting program begins. 。※While fasting, other than the organic carrot juice, lemon, and umeboshi provided in the morning, noon, and night, we have also prepared ginger tea, brown sugar, and a thick sweet ginger beverage called Kuzuyu for you to enjoy at any time.
■Day 4:We prepare a meal that will be gentle on your relaxed colon.

〜What is fasting?~
Fasting is a detox method that rests the digestive system that usually continues working throughout the day by removing meals burdensome to the body, burning fat and removing harmful materials from the body. It is not the same as eating nothing; instead, nutrients necessary to the body are absorbed through juice. To increase by resetting your digestive function, through detoxing, one may hope to effectively diet and decrease weight and body fat.

~Kurbio+α Detox & Relax~
◎Submerge yourself in the natural hot spring while viewing the imposing Mt. Asama
◎Relax in the lounge next to the warm blaze of the hearth (wild goat have also been spotted outside the window)
◎Unwind your body at the fitness room, open for free
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・The bath entrance fee (¥150) is included in the lodging expenses.
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  • Bath tax
  • Children allowed
  • Room service
  • Transportation service
  • Parking area
  • Hot spring
  • Fresh hot spring
  • Room with outdoor spa
  • Public spa
  • Private spa
  • Indoor pool
  • Outdoor pool
  • Esthe/Spa facility
  • Fitness facility
  • Barrier free
  • 5 min walk from station
  • Pets allowed
  • Breakfast in room
  • Dinner in room
  • Open air bath
  • Night view
  • Ocean view
  • Cottage
  • Coupon

The accommodation features are general descriptions of the facility. The amenities and breadth of service will differ between each accommodation. For details, please confirm directly with the accommodation.


Access by public transportation.

【By train】
・Ueno Station -(Kusatsu Limited Express, approx. 2 hours 30 minutes)- Naganohara-Kusatsuguchi -(JR bus, approx. 25 minutes)- Kusatsu Onsen bus terminal
・Tokyo Station -(Joetsu Shinkansen, approx. 50 minutes)- Takasaki -(JR Agatsuma Line, approx. 1 hour 20 minutes)- Naganohara-Kusatsuguchi -(JR bus, approx. 25 minutes)- Kusatsu Onsen bus terminal
・Tokyo Station -(Nagano Shinkansen, approx. 1 hour 10 minutes)- Karuizawa -(Kusatsu traffic bus, approx. 1 hour 10 minutes)- Kusatsu Onsen bus terminal

【By bus】
・Through JR Jyoshu Yumegurigo
Shinjuku Station new south gate - Nerima Station -(through 9 other stations) - Kusatsu Onsen bus terminal

※From Kusatsu Onsen bus terminal, 13 minutes walking or 5 minutes by taxi.
※There is a courtesy service to and from Kusatsu Onsen bus terminal.

226-63 Kusatsu, Kusatsu-machi, Agatsuma-gun, Gunma-ken

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