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三木屋 Mikiya

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Mikiya / Hyogo Kinosaki・Takeno・Toyooka 8


The ryokan with long history has introduced the charm of Kinosaki-onsen gushing out at Tajima for 300 years.
The traditional ryokan surrounding 1000㎡ of Japanese garden inspired the famous short story "At Kinosaki"  by Naoya Shiga, who was known as the "God of novel-writing."

The inn was renovated on a large scale in 2013 to harmonize the history of Mikiya and modern comfort.
At the newly established lounge, there is a library with a relaxing atmosphere and you will unconsciously reach out for books.

The guest room is Japanese-style and filled with wooden warmth and Japanese emotion.
If you see the sunlight coming between the trees through an opening of a fusuma, you may find the same emotion that inspired great writers who saw the same sight.
The meal features ingredients toughened by the harsh environment of Tajima.
Adding to  local specialties such as Matsuba-gani crab and Tajima-gyu beef, you can taste seasonal ingredients that reflect the feature of the nature surround Kinosaki-onsen.
Enjoy dishes of traditional techniques and pride with local sake to your heart content.

At the end of day, the famous hot spring of Kinisaki-onsen, with its 1400 years history, is the only worthy place to spend time in.
If you go around the outdoor hot springs while wearing a yukata and a geta, Japanese robe and sandals, you will directly feel the charm and history of Kinosaki-onsen.

The inn has offered hospitality to guests with local cultural customs
and preserved the essence of a Japanese ryokan for future generations.
Spend a luxurious time at the inn filled with pride of a ryokan that has served and satisfied many over it's long history.

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Accommodations that have achieved high customer satisfaction and that can be enjoyed casually.

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Mr./Ms. M.S(52)

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VIP Room

ずっと三木屋さんに宿泊したいと思っていました。機会ができやっと伺えました。贅沢なお部屋の予約叶い 快適でした。が、お食事の際、テーブル横の棚⁇に 真っ黒の埃がたまっており、せっかくのお食事が台無しとなりました。とても残念な思いで帰ってまい... Read more ずっと三木屋さんに宿泊したいと思っていました。機会ができやっと伺えました。贅沢なお部屋の予約叶い 快適でした。が、お食事の際、テーブル横の棚⁇に 真っ黒の埃がたまっており、せっかくのお食事が台無しとなりました。とても残念な思いで帰ってまいりました。あとお庭が見えるお部屋だったのに お庭には枯葉がたまっていたり、、 城崎といえば三木屋さんという代名詞が 私の中で 色褪せてしまいました。 スタッフの方々は皆さん丁寧で 良かったです。

I always wanted to stay at Mikiya. I finally got a chance. Reservation of luxury room was comfortable. However, during the meal, black dust accumulated in the shelf next to the table, and the meal was spoiled. I came back with a very disappointing thought. And even though it was a room with a view of the garden, there were dead leaves in the garden. The staff were all polite and nice.

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Mr./Ms. K.K(57)

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Room type


Japanese-Western Style Room

志賀直哉にゆかりのある三木屋さんにぜひ宿泊してみたいという父の希望をかなえられました。すべてに満足の贅沢な旅行ができ両親に親孝行ができました。おかみさんの丁寧なわかりやすいお話にも感動しました。また両親とともに訪れたいと思います。ありがとう... Read more 志賀直哉にゆかりのある三木屋さんにぜひ宿泊してみたいという父の希望をかなえられました。すべてに満足の贅沢な旅行ができ両親に親孝行ができました。おかみさんの丁寧なわかりやすいお話にも感動しました。また両親とともに訪れたいと思います。ありがとうございました。

I could fulfill my father's hope that I would like to stay at Mikiya, a famous shogaki Naoya. I could travel satisfying luxuriously to everything and my parents could have filial piety. I was touched also by the woman's polite and easy-to-understand story. I also want to visit with my parents. Thank you very much.

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Mr./Ms. A.F(62)

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Room type


Japanese room on the side of garden

城崎温泉には年に何度か行きます(^^)/~~~ 今回は温泉街を端から端まで散策しました。 というのも、今回は家を早くに出て13時頃着きましたがチェックインできずに 2時間ほどあちこち歩きました。 三木屋さんは木造の老舗旅館という事で... Read more 城崎温泉には年に何度か行きます(^^)/~~~ 今回は温泉街を端から端まで散策しました。 というのも、今回は家を早くに出て13時頃着きましたがチェックインできずに 2時間ほどあちこち歩きました。 三木屋さんは木造の老舗旅館という事で 文豪・志賀直哉が滞在した部屋の見学をチェックアウト後にさせて頂きました。 2013年に大規模リニューアルとの事で浴場が1カ所から2カ所になったとの事で 奥のお部屋を新しく浴場にされこちらは綺麗でした。 お食事処も新設された様で綺麗でしたし、お料理も美味しく頂きました。 私共はリラックスさんからの予約だった為でしょうか? 食事は個室に近い場所でしてゆっくり出来ました。 夕朝食接客担当の「宮崎あおい」さん似の綺麗な方が親切丁寧にして下さいました。 お世話になり有り難うございました。

I go to Kinosaki Onsen several times a year (^ ^) / ~ ~ ~ This time I took a walk from the edge of the hot spring town. Because, this time I left home early and arrived around 13 o'clock but I walked around here for about two hours without being able to check in. Mr. Mikiya was allowed to check the room tour of the room where Bungo and Shiga Naoya stayed as a wooden long-established inn. In 2013 the bathroom was changed from 1 place to 2 places due to large renewal and the room in the back was newly made a bath and it was beautiful. It seemed like the restaurant was newly established, and the food was delicious as well. Is it because we were a reservation from relax? The meal was a place close to the private room and it was able to be done slowly. A beautiful person who resembles "Aoi Miyazaki" who is in charge of the evening breakfast service person kindly kindly did. Thank you for being indebted.

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487 Kinosakichō Yushima, Toyooka-shi, Hyōgo-ken [View map]

check-in / check-out time

15:00 / 11:00

CI/CO time may be different depending on plan.

Credit card


Number of guest rooms

16 room(s)


Dinner and breakfast will be served in the new dining room.
* You can not choose the seat of the dining room.
* For the convenience of the dining area, reservations can not be made for groups of 11 or more.
Thank you for your understanding.

* The final start time of the meal is 18: 30 ~.
Please note that meals may not be available if check-in is past 18:30.
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Enjoy the charm of Kinosaki-onsen that has healed people since 1400 years ago.

[Hours] Women 3:00pm-9:00pm/Men 9:00pm-12:00am, 6:00am-10:00am
This bath is renovated while keeping the mud walls and the ceiling intact, bringing a grand scenery in the interior and a liberating atmosphere overall.
*The hours for men and women swap with "Tsutsuji-no-yu."

[Hours] Men 3:00pm-9:00pm/Women 9:00pm-12:00am, 6:00am-10:00am
This bath features retro style tiles. From the window, you can see three kinds of a Tsutsuji flower. Enjoy a relaxing time while feeling the seasons change around you.
*The hours for men and women swap with "Hiiragi-no-yu."
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Other facility information

◆A tour of hot springs
There are 7 hot springs along Ohtani-gawa river. Enjoy a tour of outdoor hot springs while wearing a yukata and a hearing the sound of the geta.
*Guests who stay in the inn can use the 7 external hot springs as much as they want from check-in to check-out.

*There is no elevator at this hotel. Please contact us if you require a room on the first floor to accommodate mobility challenges.
Loco Partners Relux Concierge Desk
050-3066-0628 (10:00 to 19:00)
We accept consultation at LINE @
LINE @ ID: @ Relux
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・There are parking spaces for 16 cars. Prior reservations not required.
・We have set up a library lounge in the hotel. Relaxing sofas, calm lights, and books will help you enjoy a relaxing time.
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・ The hot spring taxes, 350 yen for adults and 100 yen for children (6 to 12 years old), are not included.

~For Guests with Children~
We do not accommodate children age under 6 at this hotel.
Rates vary according to age. Please refer below.

◆Age 10~12: 70% of adult's fee
Service: dinner (same as adult), Yukata, bedding, breakfast

◆Year 7~9: 50% of adult's charge
Service: dinner (kid's set), Yukata, bed, breakfast
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  • Bath tax
  • Children allowed
  • Room service
  • Transportation service
  • Parking area
  • Hot spring
  • Fresh hot spring
  • Room with outdoor spa
  • Public spa
  • Private spa
  • Indoor pool
  • Outdoor pool
  • Esthe/Spa facility
  • Fitness facility
  • Barrier free
  • 5 min walk from station
  • Pets allowed
  • Breakfast in room
  • Dinner in room
  • Open air bath
  • Night view
  • Ocean view
  • Cottage
  • Coupon

The accommodation features are general descriptions of the facility. The amenities and breadth of service will differ between each accommodation. For details, please confirm directly with the accommodation.


Access by public transportation.

For those arriving by train:
For those arriving from Himeji Station
-2h via Hamakaze Express to Shirosaki Onsen Station
-2h 45m via Kitakinki Express to Shirosaki Onsen Station
-2h 30m via Kinosaki Express to Shirosaki Onsen Station

For thsoe arriving from Sannomiya Station
-2h 30m via Hamakaze Express to Shirosaki Onsen Station

Roughly 30 minutes from Tajima Airport by bus or taxi.
Two round-trip flights operate from Osaka Airport (Itami Airport) to Tajima Airport (Departing Osaka 9:05am/ 5:00pm Departing Tajima 10:15am/6:05pm)
Flights may be canceled due to poor weather. Please check flight information in advance.
(Tajima Airport homepage:

Access once reaching Shirosaki Onsen Station:
Walking to the hotel takes about 15 minutes.
You may want to check your bags at the Hotel Guide in front of the station for 50 yen and a staff from the hotel will come pick it up.

Riding a shuttle bus to hotel is free for guests.
Please inform us what time you will be arriving.
Please tell the bus staff your name and the name of hotel in order to board.

487 Kinosakichō Yushima, Toyooka-shi, Hyōgo-ken

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