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旅荘 海の蝶 Ryoso Umi no Cho

  • Mie > Ise・Futami
Ryoso Umi no Cho / Mie Ise・Futami 6


The name “ Umi no Cho (A butterfly in the ocean)” is based on a butterfly figure flying away after resting on Oku Island on its way to the east over the ocean. We named this place with the thought that we would like to be a relaxing and a healing resting place for our guests.

In spring you can enjoy the sight of 1,000 cherry trees which grow thick despite the fact that they are near the sea.
In summer you can enjoy sunbathing in private. It is close to the world famous Ise-Jingu Shrine and Kurioji Shrine and you will be fulfilled with various activities.
All guest rooms have an ocean view. You will see the carefully selected decoration by the landlady. All the spacious rooms have their own style and you can literally “rest” your wings there like a butterfly. 

Enjoy the Kaiseki style dinner prepared by our chef with seasonal ingredients. All ingredients are acquired locally and you will be flourished with gems of the season.

Soak yourself in soothing hot springs and your body and soul will be refreshed with the sea breeze. 

The carefully provided hospitality will promise you to enjoy the hotel as a refreshing and indulging place to rest your wings and make you feel privileged. 
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Superior room with outdoor spa

The dinner was okay but i have upgareded my dinner course for ¥3,000 each person but the sashimi was jnpleasant the ise ... Read more The dinner was okay but i have upgareded my dinner course for ¥3,000 each person but the sashimi was jnpleasant the ise ebi was not good sashimi the head of the ise ebi i thought was put in the miso soup in the morning breakfast was not of the head but just a piece of crack of it the soup did not even taste ise ebi dashi. Evering is oky except for the food

The dinner was okay but i have upgareded my dinner course for ¥3,000 each person but the sashimi was jnpleasant the ise ebi was not good sashimi the head of the ise ebi i thought was put in the miso soup in the morning breakfast was not of the head but just a piece of crack of it the soup did not even taste ise ebi dashi. Evering is oky except for the food

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Superior room with outdoor spa

今回露天付きスイートルームをreluxさんで二部屋、公式HPで貴賓室を一部屋取らせて頂きました。 貴賓室の予約がreluxで出来たら嬉しかったです。 今回総合点を低く取ったのには理由がいくつかあります。 まず、15時チェックイン予... Read more 今回露天付きスイートルームをreluxさんで二部屋、公式HPで貴賓室を一部屋取らせて頂きました。 貴賓室の予約がreluxで出来たら嬉しかったです。 今回総合点を低く取ったのには理由がいくつかあります。 まず、15時チェックイン予定で14時45分に到着しましたが その際他のチェックインの方達も重なった為か、出迎えは基本的になく、駐車場の停める位置を指定されただけでした。 幼児を合わせて9人の宿泊ということもあり荷物はそこそこの量になっていたのですが、誰一人スタッフの方は運んでくださりませんでした。 足の悪い祖母の為に車椅子も用意していただいたのですが、祖母の車椅子も言えば持ってきてくださるという形でその時にも荷物などを運んでくださるような様子はなかったです。 結局何回かに分けて荷物を運び終えたのですが、何人ものスタッフがその姿を見ているのに一切手伝うような素振りを見せないのは正直どうなのかと。 今まで色々な旅館やホテルに宿泊させていただきましたが全て荷物を運んでもらっていた為驚きました。 そこのサービスがあるかないかでまた印象は変わると思います。 部屋ですが、小綺麗にされているかと思います。 脱衣所はこの時期はだいぶ冷え込みますのでもう少し配慮があると良いと思います。 せっかく部屋の露天で暖まってもすぐに冷えてしまいますからね。 露天は広さもあり満足いたしました。 食事は素材は良いのでもう少し工夫があると嬉しいです。 せっかくの海の幸、もっと生かせば更に高評価に繋がると思います。 帰りに関してもやはり荷物を運んでくださるなどのサービスはなく、他の方が荷物を運んでもらっているのをみて驚きました。 タイミングなのでしょうか? タイミングだとしたら、出来れば事前に荷物はお運びしますので暫くお待ちくださいの一言が欲しかったです。 そしてお見送りはなくなんとも言えない気持ちにさせられました。 部屋付きの中居さんたちは良かっただけに、他のスタッフとの接客の差が際立ち総合点が低くなりましたが 全体的に言えばフロントスタッフ等の接客が出来ていないだけで他はそこそこの評価であると思います。 先日二つ星の旅館に泊まったこともあり、一つ星と二つ星の差というのはこういうところに現れるのだなと感じさせられた今回の旅行でした。

This time we have taken a suite room with open-air two rooms by relux, and one noble room in the official website. I'm glad I made a reservation for your room at relux. There are several reasons for taking the overall score low this time. First, I arrived at 14:45 with a check-in scheduled for 15:00. At that time, there was basically no meeting, as other check-ins also overlapped, and it was only specified that the parking lot should stop. There were nine children in total, so the luggage was at a reasonable level, but no one of the staff carried it. I prepared a wheelchair for my poor grandmother, but when I said my grandmother's wheelchair, I didn't seem to carry luggage etc. even at that time. After all, I finished carrying the package a few times, but it is honest that I do not show any sign of helping some of the staff looking at the figure at all. I have stayed at various ryokans and hotels until now, but I was surprised because I was carrying all the luggage. I think that the impression changes again with or without the service there. It is a room, but I think it has been scrupulous. The dressing room will be a bit cold at this time, so I think it would be nice to have some more consideration. Even if it gets warm in the open-air room, it gets cold immediately. I was satisfied with the size of the street. I'm glad that there is a little more ingenuity because the food is good. I think it will lead to further high evaluation if you make much of the sea seafood that you will enjoy. There was no service to carry the luggage after all on the way back, and I was surprised to see other people carrying the luggage. Is it the timing? If it was the timing, I will carry the package in advance if possible, so I wanted a word to wait for a while. And I was made to feel that I can not say anything because there is no cancellation. Nakai's with a room were good, but the difference in the customer service with other staff was outstanding and the overall score was lowered. Generally speaking, I think that the others are not so good evaluations, only the front staff etc. are not ready. The other day I stayed at a two-star inn, and the difference between one and two stars was the trip I felt this way.

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Suite room with outdoor spa

娘の就職(独立)のお祝いを兼ねて利用させていただきました。 働くスタッフ全ての方々が素晴らしい接客をされていました。 娘はサービス業に従事しますので、いろいろ勉強になったかと思います。 特に、写真を撮りましょうか?とお声かけしてくださ... Read more 娘の就職(独立)のお祝いを兼ねて利用させていただきました。 働くスタッフ全ての方々が素晴らしい接客をされていました。 娘はサービス業に従事しますので、いろいろ勉強になったかと思います。 特に、写真を撮りましょうか?とお声かけしてくださった送迎の方とお部屋担当の方…本当にありがとうございました。 また、柔らかい鮑、夕食時の炊きたてのご飯は絶品でした。 また機会がありましたら伺いたいと思います。

I used it as a celebration of my daughter's job (independence). All the working staff members were wonderfully served. My daughter is engaged in the service industry, so I think I was studying a lot. In particular, let's take a picture? Those who asked us for the transfer and room staff ... Thank you very much. Also, the soft chopsticks and freshly cooked rice for dinner were excellent. I would like to ask again if there is an opportunity.

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Ryoso Umi no Cho


1693 Futamichō Matsushita Ise-shi, Mie-ken, Japan ‎ [View map]

check-in / check-out time

15:00 / 10:00

CI/CO time may be different depending on plan.

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Number of guest rooms

57 room(s)


Please contact the hotels/ryokans directly for more details.
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From the large communal bath and open air bath, you will be able to the scenery of the seasonal plants and the ocean. The water is bakuhanseki'. Bakuhanseki has more minerals more than normal and is soft to the skin. Enjoy the hot water with the efficacy of purification and revitalization. 

◆Women's use
Open-air bath "Chidori no yu" / large communal bath

◆Men's use
Open-air bath "Isaribi no yu" / large communal bath
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Other facility information

Please contact the hotels/ryokans directly for more details.
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·It takes about 20 minutes by car to Ise Grand Shrine.

·Awamiko-jinja shrine is located within the hotel's premise.
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※ Children under 3 years may share beds for free. Please do not include it in the total number of people and write it down in the free comment section.
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  • Bath tax
  • Children allowed
  • Room service
  • Transportation service
  • Parking area
  • Hot spring
  • Fresh hot spring
  • Room with outdoor spa
  • Public spa
  • Private spa
  • Indoor pool
  • Outdoor pool
  • Esthe/Spa facility
  • Fitness facility
  • Barrier free
  • 5 min walk from station
  • Pets allowed
  • Breakfast in room
  • Dinner in room
  • Open air bath
  • Night view
  • Ocean view
  • Cottage
  • Coupon

The accommodation features are general descriptions of the facility. The amenities and breadth of service will differ between each accommodation. For details, please confirm directly with the accommodation.


Access by public transportation.

【Customers coming from Tokyo area】
From Tokyo station, Nagoya station by Tokaido Shinkansen. (About 1 hour 40 minutes)
Get off at Toba station by Kintetsu train from Nagoya station. (1 hour 40 minutes)

【Customers coming from Osaka area】
Get off at Toba station by Kintetsu train from Osaka station. (About 2 hours)

■Free Shuttle Bus service■
There is a shuttle bus from the tourist information office at thr descending 1st exit stairway of Kintetsu Toba station ticket gate.

【From Kintetsu Toba station】

【From the Umi no Cho】	 

※ Please contact us about the time of the shuttle bus even on that day.
※ Summer, year-end,and new year will have an increase. Please contact us.

1693 Futamichō Matsushita Ise-shi, Mie-ken, Japan ‎

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