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Relux concierges

What is the Relux concierge?

Our Relux concierge is a free custom travel service.
We will suggest a prestigious Japanese hotel and ryokan accommodation plan upon quest.

For example, use in instances such as this.

"I want to spend my anniversary in a place where I can see the ocean".
"I want to stay in a place where I can have a unique experience on my own".
"I want to eat delicious fish cuisine while spending quality time with my family".
"I want to go to a reputable hotel with a meeting room 2 hours from tokyo for director training."
"I want to enjoy a fulfilling solo trip for 1-2 nights as I transition between jobs".

The Relux concierge will offer suggestions based on your interests and needs.
We only introduce hotels and ryokans across Japan that are hard to reserve as well as passed Relux committee's strict criteria.

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