Child-Friendly Accommodations

When traveling as a family it is always important to keep in mind the needs of your smallest family members. For this reason, there are many accommodations that offer meals and other needs of child guests. Perfect for families with young children, you can choose the accommodation plan and facilities that fit exactly what you are looking for.

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Hotels near Popular Destinations for Children

Tokyo Disney Resort


Tokyo Disney Resort is popular with both children and adults. There are seasonal parades that always attract many children. Many people choose to make it a two-day outing, visiting both Disneyland and Disney Sea.

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Yokohama · Hakkeijima Sea Paradise


At Hakkeijima Sea Paradise you can see large creatures such as seals and dolphins, and even small sea creatures such as Chin Anago and jellyfish - not only the aquarium but also an amusement park that you can enjoy all day.

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Tokyo Dome City Attractions


There are many attractions such as roller coasters and Viking ships, the likes of which you might not expect to find in Tokyo. When you would like a bite, there are plenty of dining options available too. For smaller children that might not be ready for larger rides, we recommend the indoor attraction center "Asobo."

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Universal Studios Japan / Kaiyukan


USJ and Kaiyukan are within a short distance to each other so you can enjoy both. At USJ, you can enjoy many character parades and attractions, and at Kaiyukan you can enjoy sea life such as sea lions, penguins, and jellyfish that shines beautifully in the dark.

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Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium


The aquarium reproduces the sea around Okinawa, you can see many marine creatures swimming live, right in front of you. Whale sharks and manta rays swimming in large aquariums are popular spots for adults and children to enjoy. Furthermore, there is an athletic zone called “Chibikkori” in the area surrounding the aquarium, making it more fun for children.

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Useful Goods for Traveling with Infants and Children

When traveling with your infant, or small child, there are a lot of things that you can take with you in addition to your everyday items such as a change of clothes, diapers, and wipes. Here are some useful items to take with you when traveling with children.

  • 便利グッズ

    Baby Food

    It is a good idea to choose a kind of baby food that does not need to be heated so that you can feed your child at any time.

  • 便利グッズ

    Noodle Cutter

    Noodle cutters can make a challenging meal a breeze!

  • 便利グッズ

    Small spoons and forks

    Not all establisments may have these readily available, so bringing your own will just make sure you're always ready.

  • 便利グッズ

    Bath towel

    Not just useful for making things dry but can also be a good impromptu blanket.

  • 便利グッズ

    Baby soap

    It is still rare for many places to keep stock of baby soap. It may be convenient to bring some from home in a smaller dispenser.

  • 便利グッズ

    Wipe cloths

    Great for cleaning, such as after meals or in case of a surprise. Easy to clean and dry too!

  • 便利グッズ

    Insect repelant

    Especially in the summer this can really save the day!

  • 便利グッズ

    Wet wipes

    Great for keeping your hands germ free wherever you go.

  • 便利グッズ


    In case of a sudden fever this can be a great inidcator as to whether or not you might want to interupt your trip to check in with a doctor.

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