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about Relux

About Relux

Upgrade your travel experience

Thank you for your interest in Relux.

Relux is a prestigious Japanese hotel and ryokan reservation service. We only introduce facilities that have passed Relux committee's strict criteria and we can recommend from the bottom of our heart.

Not only we provide you with a curated list of accommodations, also we are able to offer limited reasonable plans for Relux members.

Enjoy a wonderful trip through Relux. We guarantee that you will be satisfied.

Our Three Promises

To ensure your satisfaction, we make the following three promises.

1. High Quality Accommodations

Our carefully curated list of accommodations includes only those properties that have met an exhaustive list of 100 criteria and that we can wholeheartedly recommend to you.
With Relux grades, you can easily compare each accommodation and decide which one is best for you. (For more details clickhere

2. Best Prices Guaranteed (You can get a refund on the price difference)

With Relux's room plans, you can enjoy the lowest rates across all online booking sites. If you find a lower price for the same plan on another site, we will refund you the difference.(Refund policy

3. First-rate Omotenashi Hospitality

If you make a reservation through Relux, you will recieve a 5% rebate Relux point. With 1 point = 1yen, you will be able to use the points on your next reservation. You will also be able to use the Relux concierge to consult about special trips or special accommodation plans. Experience all of our various services to help you book a wonderful trip. (For more details clickhere

Member Benefits

  1. Earn 5% Relux points that can be used on your next booking.
  2. Stay for a special price. (low price guarantee)
  3. If our Relux price is not the lowest, we will refund you the price difference.
  4. Book a room plan with special offers.
  5. Receive member only special offers and invitations for special campaigns.

Selection of Accommodations Curated by Relux

We offer selected prestigious hotels and ryokans by the Relux committee. All customers can search and reserve such great accommodations.

Our grading system further categorizes the accommodations into five grades based on criteria such as amenities, rooms, cuisine, baths, and omotenashi hospitality. Our hope is that this system helps you choose the accommodation that is right for you.
(For more details clickhere


Relux's brand logo

In July 2016, in order to provide a special experience throughout each moment during one's travel, we decided to take a step to renew our brand's logo

The new logo incorporates a new color called named「Relux Japan Blue」and includes 7 lines that represents various images that evoke travel. We have injected our thoughts about travel into these images. Relux will continue moving forward to ensure that each person's travel is filled with unforgettable moments.

Mobile app


Reserve on Relux's mobile App

Search for and book a high-end ryokan or hotel from anywhere using our convenient mobile app. You can search by area, your desired dates of travel, or even search for a particular ryokan or hotel that you've always been interested in. You can add your top choices to your Favorites and even share the ryokan or hotel with your family or friends.

iOS : Luxury ryokan and hotel booking service Relux iOS app
Android : Luxury ryokan and hotel booking service Relux Android app

Relux recommendations

Recommended accommodations and seasonal information is delivered through our e-magazine (distributed to members only), Facebook, Twitter, and LINE. This communication is especially recommended for those who feel overwhelmed by the number of accommodation options. Please check out our latest news.

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Q1. What is Relux?
Relux is a prestigious Japanese hotel and ryokan reservation service.
Our list of accommodations only includes top quality ryokans and hotels that have been tested by our expert staff and that we can wholeheartedly recommend to you.
Q2. Can I trust Relux's hotels and ryokans?
We only introduce Japanese hotels and ryokans that have passed Relux committee's 100+ criteria in 'meals', 'baths', 'rooms', 'hospitality/service', 'atmosphere', etc. (View details
Q3. Is signing up free?
There are no annual fees or sign up costs at any time.
Q4. What if Relux does not offer the lowest price?
If you find a lower rate for the same plan on a different site, we will refund you the difference. In the case you find a lower rate, please contact us with the accommodation name, dates of travel, plan details, and URL for the other site.
Q5. What is a Relux coupon?
Use your Relux coupon during booking and receive a discount on the total cost equivalent to the designated amount.
Relux coupon is only offered through Relux promotional events and magazine advertisements, and is not sold by Relux. Each coupon’s expiration date, discount value, target accommodation, etc may be different.
Q6. What are Relux points?
The Relux point program allows you to accumulate points on each stay or when you refer a friend. The points can be used to discount future stays at a rate of 1 point = ¥1. (View details
Q7. What is the Relux concierge?
The Relux concierge is well-versed in the world of travel and accommodations and exists to support you in your search for the best accommodation and/or plan. Just let the concierge know what you are looking for, such as area or cuisine, and the concierge will provide you with recommendations. In addition to accommodation plans, you can also discuss special requests with the concierge such as planning for a surprise birthday cake during your stay, planning a proposal with a beautiful backdrop, or celebrating your parents 60th birthday. (View details

For other questions clickhere

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