Friends referral campaign

Would you like to refer your friends to Relux?

After your friend checks out of his/her first Relux booking,
you will receive JPY5,000 Relux points (1 point = 1 yen).
Once your friend signs up for membership, you'll receive JPY5000coupon immediately.

Friends referral campaign is only eligible for members.

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Q1. What is the friend referral campaign?
Our friends referral campaign offers you and your friend ¥5,000 worth of coupons or travel points.

When your friend signs up for a Relux membership, he/she will receive a ¥5,000 worth of coupon that can be used toward his/her first reservation.
After your friend checks out from the hotel, you will receive ¥5,000 worth of travel points that can be used toward your next trip.
This is a great campaign that will benefit both you and your friend.
Q2. What are Relux coupons/Relux points?
Relux coupons and Relux points are part of a discount program that can be used at all Relux accommodations.
Just enter the code and amount of discount and book your room for the discounted rate.

※Relux coupons and points cannot be used together.
※Your Relux points can be used for all bookings.
※Relux coupons can only be used towards bookings that total at least ¥50,000 (including taxes).
Q3. How can I receive Relux coupons and Relux points?
The timing of coupon issuance is different for the person who sent the referral and the person who received the referral invitation. The Relux member who sent the referral: seven days after your friend has travelled and checked out. Person who received the referral: you will receive your coupon as soon as you enter the referral code or register through the referral link and can use the coupon on your first trip.
Q4. Can I sign up through the mobile app?
This campaign can only be accessed by entering the referral code on the mobile app. Your friend must register the referral code by copying and pasting the code into the mobile app rather than following the link included in the referral email.

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