You have received a present from a friend to use on Relux!

You have received a special 10% off coupon!

How to use the Coupon

  • Register to become a Relux member

    Complete member registration to receive your coupon. Members will receive their coupons upon loggin in.

  • Search for hotels

    You can plan your trip to Japan with Relux. There are hotels and traditional inns to meet any need!

  • Booking with a Coupon

    When you find an inn or hotel that suits you, go ahead and proceed with your reservation. Enjoy a great stay with a great rate with the coupon from your friend!


  • What is this coupon?
    You have received a coupon from a friend who is already a Relux Member. As part of the 'Invite a Friend' promotional campaign, you can receive a 10% off coupon to put toward your first booking through Relux! This way you can enjoy a great stay at a better rate.

    *Some facilities, all or in part, may not always be available. Please confirm such details with each facility and check with the terms and conditions of use.
  • When will I receive my coupon?
    You can receive your coupon upon completing registering as a Relux Member. From your new Relux 'My Page,' you can navigate to confirm the coupon and register it to your account so you can apply it to your reservation at the time of booking.
  • Can I sign up through the mobile app?
    New users can register with the invitation code through the Relux smartphone application and take advantage of this campaign. Please use the invitation code you received on the registration screen of the Relux application.

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