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Benefits of referring friends

1Friends only coupon

We will provide you with a friends only travel coupon

2Campaign information

We will send you the latest campaign offers

3Latest travel information

We will send the latest information about Relux accommodations or travel.

Scene utilization

1Find an accommodation that you like

You can search for an accommodation from the Relux recommended list of accommodations organized by theme.

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2Get help regarding a ryokan or hotel

The Relux concierge can offer suggestions with just a simple request including information such as your desired area or the total number of guests.

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3Get help arranging your trip

The concierge can also help you in a timely manner with special requests such as "I want to plan a surprise".

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How to add friends

1On smartphones, please add by clicking on the button below


2Add by searching for Relux's ID


3Add by using the QR code on your smartphone

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