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5 point(s) K.T(53歳)

This time, we stayed as a family of 5. With the excellent location on the beach, delicious meals, and bath, we were able to enjoy a very nice getaway. Thank you for the wonderful memories. As our children are getting a little bit older, perhaps they were able to get a little taste of an "adult vacation".

5 point(s) I.B(42歳)

We came here for my wife's birthday celebration. My wife and daughter, both onsen lovers, were in awe of the foot bath and private rental bath. Dinner includes a delicious red bream shabu shabu. Nakai-san and staff's hospitality was excellent and we were able to enjoy a luxurious time. This is the most satisfied we have ever been at a ryokan and it was a wonderful birthday gift for my wife. Thank you very much.

5 point(s) Y.K(25歳)

We stayed here so that I could propose and was extremely satisfied. It was a very successful trip. From the flower bouquet they prepared to the check-in and check-out process, and the in-room dining, all of the staff were amazing. We definitely made some memories here and would love to return.