Nishiura Onsen

A picturesque hot spring called “Atami of Tokai” that attracted the poets of Manyoshu

Introduction of Hot Springs (Onsen)

Nishiura Onsen is a hot spring located in Nishiura Peninsula jutting out into Mikawa Bay between Atsumi and Chita Peninsulas.
This is a really scenic spot where there are several small islands in the calm bay, that changes its aspect every minute from the sunrise over Atsumi Peninsula to the sunset into Chita Peninsula.
It has been well-known as a place of scenic beauty since ancient times, and in Manyoshu, there are several poems in praise of this place.
There are many tourist hotels on a commanding height, so it has become popular with a nickname ““Atami of Tokai”.

Effects and characteristics of Hot Springs

In 1953, the hot spring came out in this scenic place, which has attracted a lot of people for more than 1000 years since the period of Manyo.
The spring has different qualities: simple spring and ferruginous spring. The water has effects on neuralgia, muscle pain, arthralgia and so on.
  • Spring Qualities

    Standard hot-spring Iron hot-spring
  • Efficacy

    Autonomic instability Depression Insomnia


Access by public transportation.

About 10-minute drive from Nishiura station (free shuttle bus services of the hotels etc.)

Access by car

About 30-minute drive from Otowa-Gamagori Interchange

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