Shimoda Onsen

Hot springs from Five Sources, blessed with the Beautiful Beaches in Shizuoka

Introduction of Hot Springs (Onsen)

Shimoda City is located in the south of Shizuoka. Shimoda Onsen is the generic name that covers Rendaiji Onsen, Kouchi Onsen, Shirahama Onsen, Kannon Onsen, and Aitama Onsen.

Shimoda is a place where you can savor a warm climate and tropical atmosphere.

Shimoda is also a place that took an important role in Japanese history.

In the end of Edo period, Shimoda was the one of two first ports that opened simultaneously with Hakodate Port for foreign trade in 1854 (which ended Japan’s long country closure) where important historical sites and archives have remained.

Effects and characteristics of Hot Springs

Shimoda Onsen has five sources.

Rendaiji Onsen, Kouchi Onsen and Shirahama Onsen are simple spring, Aima Onsen is alkaline simple spring and Kannon Onsen is high-alkaline simple spring.

Many hotels are located around Shirahama Onsen where you can enjoy its vibrant atmosphere; while Kannon Onsen and Aima Onsen offer peaceful atmosphere.

Kanaya Ryokan (inn) in Kouch Onsen is famous for Japan's largest wooden bath called “Sennin Buro (a large capacity bath for one thousand people)” which was now made of Hinoki cypress.
  • Spring Qualities

    Standard hot-spring
  • Efficacy

    Rheumatoid arthritis Osteoarthritis Frozen shoulder Muscle stiffness Coldness Cuts


Access by public transportation.

Approx. 10 min from Izukyuu Shimoda Station by Tokai Bus bound for Itado Isshiki

Access by car

Approx. 130 min from MiifuneIC or Matsubashi IC

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