Rendaiji Onsen

A well-known historic hot spring related to Shoin Yoshida, who lived in the closing days of the Tokugawa Shogunate

Introduction of Hot Springs (Onsen)

Rendaiji Onsen is a hot spring located in a peaceful place among mountains in the southern part of Izu Peninsula, in Shimoda City, Shizuoka Prefecture. In this spa village commanding a view of Osawa River, which is a tributary of Inouzawa River, there still remain streets with Japanese-style two-story houses, where you can feel a nostalgic atmosphere. This hot spring is famous as a place where Shoin Yoshida cured his skin disease in the closing days of the Tokugawa Shogunate. It is also known as a place where Okichi, who was the lover of Harris, the first United States Consul General to Japan, committed suicide by drowning. Thus, this spa area has a deep connection to the tempestuous last stage of the Tokugawa Shogunate.

Effects and characteristics of Hot Springs

Rendaiji Onsen is a famous, historic hot spring of Izu. The legend says that Gyoki, a Buddhist priest, had a revelation of Tengu in a dream and opened this spa about 1300 years ago. In the spa village, there is Shimonoyu Gongen, where a picture of Tengu is idolized. The spring quality is simple spring, and the water has effects on neuralgia, rheumatism, muscle pain, fatigue recovery and so on.
  • Spring Qualities

    Standard hot-spring
  • Efficacy

    Autonomic instability Depression Insomnia


Access by public transportation.

About 10-minute walk from Rendaiji station

Access by car

About 100-minute drive from Nagaizumi-Numazu Interchange

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